This is a Felicity/Oliver fanfic.

Felicity put on her overcoat and clutched some files in her hands as she made her way out of the warehouse. It had been five years since the day Malcom Merlin died. Everything had transformed, even the Team Arrow had changed. New faces joined the club, making the place crowded than ever.

It was Laurel, who would come whenever she got time, as if it were some pub and not a working place. She would go directly to Oliver, sit on his lap and smooch him. This was her contribution to the team!

And, then, Thea would come, mostly, to meet Roy, who was working as an assistant to Oliver. She behaved as if she owned everything.

But, both these ladies were always defended by their boyfriends.

Felicity felt neglected, lately. The old days had gone, when she truly felt happy to work for Oliver. It used to be the three of them- Diggle, Oliver and Felicity. She used to look forward to coming to the warehouse.

But now, even her presence was not acknowledged. She would come like a ghost and leave like one.

Sometimes, Diggle was kind enough to stop by her desk and offer her some doughnuts to which she would refuse.

With time, Felicity had also changed. She no longer used to babble. She would give straight answers and, then, shut up, especially, when Oliver asked something.

Lately, she found herself copying Laurel. The way she talked, walked, laughed and what she wore, what she ateā€¦

Felicity's sister would say that she had started behaving like Laurel to impress Oliver.

Her life had become depressing. There was no fun element left to it. She would go from home to her office, the, to the warehouse and finally be back at home.

There were rare occasions when Oliver would come to her desk, mostly, to assign her some work. She cherished those moments, trying to behave in her best.

Felicity stepped out of the warehouse, breathing in fresh air. She made her way to the taxi stand and hired one to get her home.

She found an envelope at her doorstep.

She opened the envelope and found an invitation card. There was a photograph of Oliver and Laurel in the middle. Below, in clear and beautiful handwriting, was the announcement of their wedding.

Felicity was disappointed and fuming by now. She had decided, if Oliver sent her a wedding invitation, the, she would give him her resignation letter.