Hello, all! Thanks for the taking the time to give this a shot! I've spent the last several months re-writing and perfecting this story to my liking (I had previously posted it but decided to change it up a bit).

I haven't seen much vampire BDSM on here, so, if that's what you've been looking for you've come to the right place. However, it will progress slowly.

Also, this story doesn't follow any particular season. This is just something I've been playing around with. All completely stemmed from my own wild and perverted imagination.

Enjoy! And if you do, make sure you tell me so! :)



"You look a little out of your element." My best friend, Sookie, prodded.

"Understatement of the century. This place creeps me out." I glanced around the crowded room but quickly looked back down upon noticing that nearly half the room was staring at us. It was as if we were two mice in a room full of cats. I distracted myself by sipping on my drink and staring down at my nails, which I now noticed were in desperate need of a manicure. They look like shit.

"They look fine." Sookie reassured me. More often than not, I forget that she's a telepathic. I reminded myself to be careful about the things that I thought around her, but then I realized that she was probably listening in on me thinking that, too.

She giggled cutely, the corners of her pink lips turned into a pretty, gap-toothed smile. "Just relax. You know I don't usually pay attention."

Why the hell did I agree to come? Here, of all places? That same question resounded through my brain at least one thousand times in the thirty-three minutes I had been sitting at the bar of Fangtasia, Shreveport's creepiest place to hang out after dark. It was a vampire bar, and I don't mix well with vampires. Not that there's anything wrong with them, of course, but the whole, "I vant to suck your blood" spiel was enough to leave me shaking in my boots, itself. It's one thing to see them on movies, and another to actually be surrounded by them.

I took the time to remind myself why I had agreed to join Sookie for the evening. Her boyfriend, Bill (the most polite vampire I had yet to meet) came here often to discuss business with the owner, Eric. I felt worried for Sookie, after all of the stories she had shared with me about sitting alone in the bar and having to fend off all the creeps herself. I decided that I'd rather her be safe, and quite frankly, I also desperately needed a night out of the house. Therefore, I tagged along with them tonight.

"What do you think about that guy?" I watched as Sookie pointed to a tall man with wavy, dark hair, brooding alone in the corner.

"He's cute for a dead guy." I replied as I took another look.

"And me?" I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a cold hand brush against my exposed shoulder blade. Immediately, I turned to look. I saw a man, or vampire, rather, standing next to Bill. He was tall, very tall. He easily towered over my short, 5'3 frame even though I was sitting in a high bar-stool. And god he was pale! His skin looked nearly translucent it was so white. Not polite to stare, I reminded myself and immediately shook my head of all thoughts.


"Catherine, this is Eric Northman. He's the owner." Sookie introduced. "Eric, this is Catherine Cahill."

I nodded at him and patiently waited for him to shake my hand. He didn't. In fact, he completely ignored my existence. Prick.

"Sookie, pleasure to see you again."

"If only I could say the same." She quipped, taking a sip from her nearly empty glass of Sea Breeze.

"Bill, you've got yourself a charmer." Eric retorted sarcastically. He patted Bill on the back once before turning away and disappearing into the crowd.

"Bridget, do excuse him." Bill said, taking a seat next to Sookie. "He's so old he's forgotten his manners."

I smiled politely and finished off the rest of my drink. Suddenly, I realized that I needed to go relieve myself. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I nudged Sookie as I pulled myself off of the tall bar-stool.

"Want me to go with you?" She offered.

"No, no. Stay here and catch up with Bill. I'll be right back."

Maybe it was because I was on the brink of intoxication, but I'm almost positive it took less time to build The Great Wall of China than it did for me to find my way to the bathroom. While washing my hands, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and was horrified to notice that I had a huge smudge of mascara underneath my eye. I look like a fucking raccoon.

I spent a short moment vigorously touching up my appearance before finally heading out of the bathroom. Not many people were watching. For some reason they were all mainly focused on Sookie. Maybe her blood smells better than mine, I wondered. It was because I was focusing on everyone else in the room that I didn't see the puddle of spilled drink in front of me and slipped immediately. Without thinking, I grabbed onto the nearest thing next to me to keep myself from falling.

That thing just so happened to be Eric Northman.

"I'm sorry." I apologized sincerely. I felt myself blush with embarrassment.

He said nothing. Instead, he turned to walk away.

That really irked me. I followed closely behind him. "You know, you're incredibly impolite."

He continued walking, and soon we entered a long, dimly lit hallway. "This is coming from someone who just tripped in a puddle and tried taking me down with her."

"It's not like I did it intentionally. You were rude, intentionally."

He stopped to took look at me as we came upon the second door on the right. He snorted with laughter. "Do you really care that much for the manners of a complete stranger?" He asked. He was towering over me now. I might have been intimidated if I weren't so aggravated. He smells good, though. I inhaled deeply. Really good.

I shook my head, mentally. "No." I replied solemnly. "I don't care at all."

"Is that why you followed me across the bar?"

My, god. You are one arrogant asshole. I opened my mouth to speak but was unsure of what to say. The arrogant asshole has a point. Instead of being a smart ass, I rolled my eyes and walked off.

"It's very impolite to walk away in the middle of a conversation, Ms. Cahill."

I stopped shortly. By the time I turned to look at him, he was gone.