The hard, wood floor felt frigid and chilly against my bare skin but I had never felt so heated in my entire life. His hands were gripping me firmly; one cupping my breast and the other set snugly on the curve of my small waist and pear-shaped hips as he propped himself up on his elbows. I was writhing against him, eager for his touch like a cat in heat. I couldn't take it anymore.

I began to beg.

"Please, please touch me." I whimpered pathetically, grinding my bare hips against him. His stiff erection pressed into me exactly where it mattered the most and I thought I would explode if he didn't just fucking do it already!

"Touch you where, Rabbit?" His tone was lightly teasing; his words reverberating throughout my eardrum as he flicked the tip of his tongue around my outer ear. He suckled gently on my small lobe and I felt the sharp pain of desperation shoot down below to my aching, wet womanhood.

"Goddammit, please!" I darted my hand down until I grasped his impressive length. I gripped him firmly and stroked him in all of his thickened entirety. He moaned sensually into my ear, sending a sudden chill down my spine. Impatiently, I tugged him closer. I wanted him; needed him inside of me, thrusting slow, fast, hard, soft...I needed it all.

Finally he positioned himself perfectly between my legs and...

...Then I woke up.



You're a little confused, right?