This is the second installment in my "Untold Stories" series. Because this is the second, and because I make references to (as well as use) other characters from my first, I strongly suggest that you go read "An Arena of Stone: Untold Stories of the 49th HG". You'll be able to get a grasp on my writing style, meet new characters, and I've also been told that it actually has a pretty good story-line. You can find it on my profile, and if you're still not convinced that you should read it, here is the summary:

An Arena of Stone: Untold stories of the 49th Hunger Games

This is the story of the tributes of the 49th annual Hunger Games, a story that, until now, has remained untold. Follow the different stories of the 24 tributes forced into this arena of death and learn how 23 of them died and how one managed to survive long enough to be crowned victor. Learn about their lives, their struggles and their utmost will to survive. Maybe you'll take a liking to Capri, the quite, but witty, 17-year-old from District 7 who knows how to take care of herself. Or maybe Seni's more your style, the notorious playboy from District 1, hell bent on winning the Games. Maybe you'll be rooting for Evelyn who, against all odds, got reaped along with her childhood crush, Zach. Maybe you're captivated by Maddie's tragic past and are wondering just how this small 12-year-old is planning on getting her revenge on the family of her mother's killer. Maybe you want to know Lance's story, the story of an intelligent boy from District 4 who just wished that he could have found love before being sent to his death, or maybe you'd rather learn about his district partner Naomi, the girl who pretends to be a brainless blond but is actually a vicious killer. I'm sure Killian's story could amuse you, after all, the 13-year-old just wants a bit of fun, or maybe you'd rather have a more serious story, like Lara's, about a District 11 girl who will do anything to show the Capitol that she's not just a part of their games. Lexi is an interesting character to learn about; a tough street-fighter from District 6 who wants to lead a pack of tributes against the Careers, but maybe you'll rather want to support her district partner Vitz, the 18-year-old desperate to get home to his girlfriend and their unborn child. Lee's sexuality might fool you at first, but this District 9 boy is a force to be reckoned with, but if he's too fun loving for your taste, District 10's serious Braxton could be right up your street. Maybe 13-year-old Angela will be in your thoughts because I'm sure that you'll want to see her get home to the perfect family she nearly had. Seam born Vee could grab your attention or maybe your heart will go out to Shay, a sweet little girl completely terrified of the prospect of the Games. Or maybe it's Sierra you're hoping will win, the sadistic volunteer from District 2 who will do whatever it takes to become Victor. Even if it means killing her own brother.

But I understand if you don't feel like going to find that story. It does sound like quite a mission...seriously though, how interesting do those tributes sound? But anyways, here's the summary of this story you actually clicked on (thanks for that, by the way). If you're planning on reading my first story, DON'T READ THIS SUMMARY! It gives away who the victor is and would ruin the surprise. But if you don't like surprises, then go right ahead and read. Sorry I'm rambling...

An Arena of Glass: Now-told Stories of the 51st HG

Even though the Quarter Quell now behind them, the Capitol is bloodthirsty once again for an even more exciting Hunger Games and the Gamemakers are doing all they can to live up to the expectations set by the 49th and 50th. With respective wins from District 7's Capri Arello and District 12's Haymitch Abernathy, things are really looking up for out outer districts, but the Careers are desperate to bring the glory back home. Will ice-cold Damask Silver from District 1 be the one to take the crown, or will it instead go to his sister, Chiffon, whose obsessive purpose for entering the Games is to kill her insane brother herself in revenge for murdering their mother eight years ago. District 2's conceited Forster Bell and fierce Draco Vergis are also strong contenders, but then again, prim-and-proper Estelle di Mare and cheerful Keenan Pike from District 4 has a much of a chance at victory as they do. Maybe the victory will go back to District 7; to Regina Marks who volunteered for the Games for the sole purpose of getting away from an abusive boyfriend, or maybe her district partner, the gorgeous Parker Dubois, will win in her place? Storm Brown from District 10 hopes to win to bring his family out of poverty and District 5's shy Artemis Hues just wants to get home to the ones she loves, but maybe sharp Isaac Hartman from District 3 will win and get back to the best friend that he's completely in love with. Pink-haired Pensyla Martrina from District 11 hopes to follow in her father's footsteps, but does this tiny 13-year-old have a chance at winning? Goody-two-shoes Katy Brooks from District 8 hopes she doesn't, because this kind-hearted 16-year-old has a drive to win. Ray Cooper from District 9 and Padre Raymond from District 8 both volunteered to save their siblings, but could Ky Jacobs, the boy from District 6 who only asked for a sign that his life was going to change, beat them both instead? Rebecca Deryl's family is no stranger to the Hunger Games, but will she be able to make it home to District 6 where her cousin Lexi did not? Or will stubborn Sahara Bieza McFrinton from District 10 refuse to die and be the victor instead? Whatever the outcome, these Games will not be forgotten for a long, long time!

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