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Warning: Swearing, M/M relationship, torture scenes later on, RW/HG/GW/AD/slight MW bashing, very small bashing of Snape in the beginning. Good! Malfoys, Voldemort
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Chapter 1

It had only been a week into Harry's summer break when he was sick of it all. He was sick of the Dursleys and he was sick of pretending to be someone he wasn't.


Yes I used your muggle name, what are you going to do about it? I don't know if you've figured this out yet but the wards on Privet Drive are null and void now. My blood runs in your veins, no thanks to that ritual, and you can enter the house. Was that ritual really necessary by the way? You couldn't have just asked me for some blood? I suppose not, I mean it was 'The blood of an enemy, forcibly taken'. But you couldn't have gotten a more respectable death eater to take my blood? How about Lucius Malfoy, he's a powerful pureblood? Having Wormtail take my blood was humiliating since he is weak and a coward. Sigh…I'm getting off track. The point is you can come to Number Four Privet Drive whenever you like. I believe that Dumbledore could have done something to get me out of the tournament or even figured out that Moody wasn't Moody. I also believe that Ron and Hermione are being paid to be my friends and that Ginny will feed me a love potion. Why do I think that you may ask? Well, they ditched me because they thought that I wanted the fame and glory from winning the tournament. You know I don't like the fame and I'm the heir of a noble line…I don't need money. Then they decide that we're friends again after I face a Hungarian Horntail. As for Ginny, well she's been bloody in love with me for the past I don't know how many years. I heard from Fred and George once that Mrs. Weasley would tell her stories about the 'great boy-who-lived'. Then I had to save her from that stupid basilisk, though that's not entirely my fault. Did you have to possess the one person who was close to my best friend at the time? I mean seriously. You could have chosen some Hufflepuff girl. Though I don't know why I'm blaming you, Lucius Malfoy was the one who planted the book. I'm getting off track again. I think you know my point though. Come to my house whenever, preferably when my 'relatives' are home so you can torture them. Now I don't exactly want to die, but if you try to I won't stop you.


Harry Potter aka A pain in your ass

Voldemort aka Tom Riddle was sitting in his office staring at the letter. When he first read it he was about to jump up, get Lucius and Severus-his most trusted-and go kill the boy. However he read the last line again and paused. The boy didn't want to die, yet he told him, Lord Voldemort that he could come to his house without being detected. It just didn't add up. Voldemort reread the letter again and realized that this was a discrete way of telling him that he'd join his side. Voldemort was now grinning. He had a certain person to visit. First he needed to get Lucius and Severus.

Back at Privet Drive Harry was lying on his crappy bed when he heard the doorbell, some screaming then a thump. Harry grinned and ran downstairs. When he got to the last step he saw Voldemort, who was in his should-have-been Twenty-year-old body, Lucius who looked as intimidating as ever and Severus who still had greasy hair.

"Took you long enough." Harry said casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Well I was planning on storming here immediately and killing you. You should be lucky I waited." Voldemort half sneered.

Harry gave a non-committal shrug. "You wouldn't have killed me right away."

"Are you positive about that?"

"Of course I am. Sure you would have gotten rid of your biggest threat but Dumbledore and his little army are still out there. They would just use my death as a reason to gain many more supporters. Besides, if you wanted to kill me you would have by now."

The three death eaters stood there looking at the teen cautiously. This isn't the Harry Potter they knew. Where was the brash Gryffindor they expected to find?

"Speaking of Dumbledore and his group…" Harry said while walking towards Severus. "Whom do you really work for?"

The three men were shocked into silence yet again. They knew that Severus was a double agent however they never thought to ask him of his true loyalties. Severus was more shocked. No one outside of the Order and Inner Circle were to know that he was a double agent. How could he tell the boy he was on whatever side he was on in front of the Dark Lord and his best friend?

Severus raised an eyebrow. "That depends, what side are you on?"

Harry chuckled. He expected a more Slytherin answer. However he got his answer. "He's safe."

Voldemort and Lucius were looking at Severus with questioning looks.

"Well come on. I don't want to stay here any longer." Harry said walking out of the house. He had grabbed his things while the men were all staring at each other. "Bring the useless people too." Harry called back making the men jump into action.

"I was not aware you were the boss of us." Voldemort said.

Harry chuckled. "If I am to join your side I expect to be your equal so I might as well get some practice in now. Now come on, I want to see Draco's reaction."

Lucius sighed; his son will no doubt throw a tantrum, even if he is seventeen years old. Severus sighed also; his godson would probably come to him to complain after his initial tantrum.

Voldemort grabbed Harry's shoulder while the other two took the Dursleys. When they landed at Riddle Manor Harry grinned. Let the fun begin.