Title: 50 Reasons (The Q-Branch Edition)

Warning: Fluff. (Because fluff is serious business!)

Disclaimer: I don't own or claim any rights. I don't get paid. I'm just playing around with the characters.

Reason 39 - Cargo Shorts

M clearly had not considered all the ramifications of banishing the MI6 Quartermaster to his childhood home in Sussex to recuperate after his recent kidnapping. If he had, he surely wouldn't have banned electronics from the premises. While an onsite physician was a good idea the fact that said physician came accompanied by a sociopathic genius with a penchant for explosive chemistry, a passion for bees and who happened to be the Quartermaster's older half-brother left something to be desired if the intent was to provide a calm and restful atmosphere. While the grounds were secure as was befitting the country home of the Quartermaster's other half-brother, a man who was half-jokingly referred to as The British Government, and before him the now deceased head of MI6, the interior of the house was a damned rabbit warren. When you combined that with the Quartermaster's propensity to wander when bored (a boffin without electronics was terminally bored) and a tendency toward narcolepsy caused by his recent medical issues (he seemed to fall asleep whenever he stopped moving) it meant a constant headache for his official bodyguard, James Bond.

Currently Bond was cursing M for being a short sighted micromanaging tyrant with all the creativity and languages the 00 agent could muster as he searched for Q in this labyrinthine antique manor house. Searching was not made any easier by the fact that when anxious or stressed Q seemed to prefer small enclosed spaces. That meant he had to open almost every cupboard and armoire in the place in an attempt to locate his missing Quartermaster. A little more than a half hour into his search James opened the door to one of the parlors only to spy Dr. John Watson sitting reading a book.

Dr. Watson looked up and explained "Sherlock kicked me out of the Library an hour or so ago saying I was thinking too loudly. I give it another 10 minutes or so before he comes up with an excuse to come find me." Watson took in James' expression and sighed. "He's wandered off hasn't he?"

"If you lot had let him bring a tablet or something this would be easier. I could simply have one of the Q-Branch minions trace its last location," James grumbled.

"And you know as well as I do if Quentin had electronics he'll simply do that it's only transport focus thing that he and Sherlock both do and not get enough rest."

"If it's any consolation it seems to be a family thing. According to his PA Mycroft does it too and I know for a fact that M used to run most of the rest of the agency into the ground when the garbage really started flying."

Just then the door on the other side of the room opened, "John have you seen…" Sherlock stopped talking when he noticed James. "You've lost him again." It wasn't a question.

"Any ideas where to look?" James was not one to eschew a resource. Since Sherlock had also grown up in this monstrosity of a house with Q he clearly might have a suggestion or two.

"What did he say and what was he wearing when you last saw him?"

"He was wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt and was mumbling something about a nap."

"Try the conservatory. He'll be in one of the window nooks." Sherlock stated his conclusion as fact.

James spun on his heel and headed in the indicated direction. Sure enough he found Quentin sound asleep curled up on a window seat hidden behind a screen of potted foliage. James backed off and found himself a wicker lounge chair in which he ensconced himself to watch over his Quartermaster's rest.