Hello Everyone!

I know it's been *winces* many years since I last updated this fic but I have a big announcement concerning it.

I was re-watching the entire series recently and decided that I would re-write this fic so that it's better and closer to my current writing style and I plan to (hopefully) complete it this time.

When I was writing this for the first time, I was only 13 and I was never good at writing big, beefy chapters. But, 4 years and 2 completed NaNoWriMos later, I think I can give this fic what it deserves. I've been a lot more focused on creating original stories lately so OCs are something that I've had a lot of work with. So, hopefully, Liz isn't going to turn into a Mary Sue. Although a few things will be changed about her (nothing drastic - I promise).

I look forward to seeing you all when the first re-written chapter is posted! :D