Soul stares in amazement. How has he never noticed this before? Kid is gorgeous. Like, drop dead gorgeous. Those tight black jeans, that perfect ass, it's amazing. Then he shakes his head. What the fuck was that?

"Mr Soul?" Asks one of the little monsters. "What were you going to say?" Soul, realizing he had just paused his lecture to stare at his friends butt, glares in annoyance.

"I was going to say to pay better attention when I'm lecturing. Fighting isn't a game, and you may need to be able to do it without a Meister. Now practice it again. One limb into a blade." To demonstrate, his arm shifts and flows into the blade of a scythe. It always feel like it's asleep, which is not cool, but man does it scare the little monsters into action. With varying degrees of success, their bodies shine and morph into different bits of weapons. A little red haired girl really got it, consistently changing her fingers into long spikes, and Soul promotes her to instruct the class then and there to show everyone else how it's done. The others... aren't quite teachers aide material. One kid sprouts a hammer head from his nose, and falls over with a thud as his head overbalances.

"Crunch." The boy screams in pain. He has just broken the nose. Wonderful.

"Practice until I get back." Soul calls, not expecting anything of the sort from a bunch of eight year olds. He scoops up the injured one and jog for the infirmary. Today was definitely a good day to be drinking night. Wait. Kid is going to be there. This may not work out so well after all. Oh well. At least if there are drunken confessions of man love, he's fully equipped to slit his throat afterwards. The way today was going, he just might. Kid was the third guy Soul had admired so far, and this was his seventh hour of teaching. Soul sighs in annoyance, shifting the little kid into a more comfortable position. Domestic troubles, he suddenly realizes, are far far worse than battling evil gods. And he should know, he helped kill one. But it's nothing compared to the pain of realizing you've been staring at some guys ass for the past minute in front of a class of midgets. Nothing.