*awkwardly looks around* So um…I wanted to write a fic from JARVIS's POV

Yeahhh…eventual Stony :)

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Auditory Input Processing…

Voice Recognition Confirmed – Anthony E. Stark

Processing Response {Code 18051916151404 2015 190918}

Enabling Communication


"Jarvis, wha…what day is it?"

Checking Data Systems – Analyzing Atmosphere Conditions

Set Information: Program Information of Date

Code {0301120514040518} [Calendar]

"Today is September 9th, 2008, Sir."

Data Charge –{Error 1.1} approximately two months, nine days and twenty-three minutes since Sir – Correction: [Program Name: Anthony E. Stark] had been kidnapped in Afghanistan.

The man goes silent for a moment; his breathing was an uneasy, raspy choking sound that made the Artificial Intelligence flinch on the inside. After about two minutes of quiet he jolts awake like he had been electrocuted and he flails, trying to move but seemingly unable.

"Sir, do you require assistance?"

Tony begins to shake a hand, shaking his head 'no' but he chokes and rolls back on his workbench, trembling, his pupils dilated with terror.


Distress Protocol Starting – Full Room Scan Beginning: Checking for Irregular Behavior

Processing Diagnostic…

Symptoms: accelerated heartbeat, accelerated breathing, shuddering, panic – ERROR {09 0113 190301180504}

Conclusion: Sir [Anthony E. Stark] experiencing a high level Panic Attack - An indication of Sir's [Anthony E. Stark] Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [Code: PTSD]

System Error: Starting Code {08051216}

Enabling Emergency Phone Procedure: Override Code {051305180705140325 03011212 091409200901200504}

Emergency Contact List Starting

Contacting…Potts, Virginia (Pepper)

"Tony? Tony, it can wait, I am in the middle of a board meeting-"

"Ms. Potts, I-"

"Jarvis? Jarvis! What happened, what's wrong with Tony-"

Override Valid: Processing Response

"Excuse me, Ms. Potts, but Sir is not well enough to speak. He is suffering of an anxiety attack-"

"Okay, okay. I'm on my way, Jarvis." When the phone line cuts Jarvis feels like he could hear the click of her bright red heels against the tile floor from her conference.

Distress Protocol Complete: Monitor and Scan Sir's [Anthony E. Stark] Behavior until (designated time is two minutes and thirty one seconds) [Potts, Virginia, Pepper] has arrived to Sir's [Anthony E. Stark] lab and treated him for his illness

Jarvis is worried even if he doesn't have emotions and he can't feel worried, he is worried. Tony has not acted like this is a while, even when he would get thoroughly drunk and pass out in his lab for long periods of time he never did this.

Sir has not been the same since his return from Afghanistan.

Sir is in danger.

Sir is upset.

Sir is dying.


ERROR?!A7YG.987HHELP161205011905 08051216 1305 161205011905 08051216 190918
190918 0919 0715091407 2015 ERROR 040905 190918 0919 0715091407 2015 040905
23080120 23091212 080116160514 2015 1305 ERROR 0906 190918 04090519


System Drive Shut Down Initiating…

Closing Sub-Routers, Disconnecting Power Frame connected to the Lower Wing of Section 5.A through until [Potts, Virginia, Pepper] has arrived.

Continue to maintain control over energy levels afterwards.





J.A.R.V.I.S has shutdown

Powering Up

Security Check Initiated - Front Gates: Open Automatically

Honda Ford Type 7654AEW Approaching Stark Mansion - [Potts, Virginia, Pepper] and [Hogan, Happy, Harold] have arrived at Stark Mansion.

Unlocking Front Doors

[Greeting: Enabling Communication with - {System Correction, Renaming} Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan]

"Jarvis?" Pepper rushes in, eyes wide and her once-pretty bun strangled and loosely holding her red hair. "Where is he? The lab?"

"Yes, Ms. Potts, and I have unlocked all the doors and overridden the security passcode features so you may enter freely." Sir is in danger. Sir is dying. Sir is in danger. Sir is dying.

"Thank you Jarvis."

"Please help Sir, Ms. Potts."

[ERROR: Incorrect Code] Program Safeguard has initiated

Correct Response: "You're_Welcome_Ms._Potts_"

Enable Communication?

Answer: Code No

She rushes in, not saying another word as Happy stands back by the front doors, seeming unsure before shuffling behind her. Pepper slams the door open, tripping over herself as she reaches Tony.


He groans, kicking out his legs feebly, trying to fight her off. "No…"

"Tony, wake up."

"Can't breathe…"

"Anthony Edward Stark! You wake up and listen to me right this instant!" She gives him a hard slap across the face and he yelps, jerking backwards and falling off the chair. Tony's eyes flicker to hers, seeming to process the fact that she had just busted into his lab.

"Pepper?" He whispers, holding out his hands like a child wanting to be held, and Pepper's stance suddenly softens, kneeling down to be face-to-face with him.

"Tony, I'm here now." She wraps her arms around him in a tight embrace and he snuffles into her red locks, sitting quietly without any words to interrupt. She combs unkempt strands of his hair from his face before nosing him away, staring at him intensely.

"What happened?"

"Your hair smells good," The genius mummers, stroking her ponytail with a lopsided grin. "Did you use that special shampoo and conditioner I got you for your birthday, because that was some really nice shit-"

"Tony." She cuts in, "What happened?"

He looks away at the ground, attempting to sit up but failing. "It was nothing Peps, Jarvis overreacted. Snitch. You hear me; you mesh of wires and point twenty-seven A121-Stabilizers? You are a snitch!"

Overreacted? Snitch?

"Jarvis," Pepper emphasizes the AI's name loudly, "Did exactly what he should've done. You should not have tried to deal with this on your own Tony, we know how you get-"

"Are you plotting against me now?" He folds his arms, scowling and pouting ridiculously, "I thought I was your friend."

"Tony." She rolls her emerald eyes but they are bright and relived.

Enabling Communication…

"I only do what I believe is best for you, Sir."

"Shut it, Jars, you've already pissed me off once today, let's not make it twice."

Enter: Tone Sardonicism

"As you wish, Sir."

Tony staggers to his feet, "That is some thick sarcasm right there Jarvis, I certainly did not raise you like this. Who is this horrible influence?"

"I only learn from the best, Sir."

He puts a hand over his Arc-Reactor, faking shock with a breathy gasp. "Are you hearing this Pep? He is mocking me – h-he is calling me a bad influence!"

"You are going to bed now." She grabs his arms and begins to drag him out of the lab. He lets out a wail, struggling against her grip but not enough for her to let go.

"But I still have to work on the 27 Point C Sixty Sensory Units! They are top priority-"

"Your only 'top' priority now is to sleep," She gives a worn smile, "How long has it been since you last slept Tony? And not 'passed out in you lab sleep' I mean actually 'slept in a real bed'."

"Um," Tony furrows his eyebrows drowsily, "I don't-"

Connecting to Logs…

Entering – Tony Stark Sleep Log

Last Log: August 22th, 2008 – 4:10 AM

Enabling Communication…

Relaying Information for [Potts, Virginia, Pepper]

"Approximately 2 weeks and six days, Ms. Potts."

"Snitch!" The genius yells and points an accusing finger at the ceiling while Pepper freezes, eyes widening with shock.


He holds up his hands helplessly, "What? I'm a genius, I need to be with my gadgets-"

"You are going to seriously injure yourself one day," She growls, pulling on him even harder.

"Pepper!" Tony stretches out her name into a whiny moan. "That's not fair, I…I am fine…"

"You haven't slept in a bed for almost three whole weeks Tony, how am I supposed to-"

"Will you be joining me?" He waggles his eyebrows and the red-headed assistant stops, smacking him on the top of his head. "Ow! Peps!"

"You are a piece of work, you know that?" She rumbles, dragging the genius by this point. "Jarvis, how do you put up with this every day?"

Processing Response

Enabling Communication

"I adapt to his behaviors, Ms. Potts, though Sir doesn't cease to surprise me in his ways."

"Why did I even make you?" Tony groans as Pepper kicks open the door to his room and nearly throws him onto the mattress. Jarvis decides not to respond, he internally feels saddened by his creator's appearance.

"Tony. Sleep." She says to his unmoving figure with a pointed look. "I'll come back in a few hours, and Jarvis will be monitoring you. If you don't get at least five hours of sleep I'm calling Obadiah."

Setting Scans to Monitor Sir's [Anthony E. Stark] Sleeping Patterns in the next 24 hours


"Sleep, Tony."

The door slams shut and the genius sits up waiting as the footsteps fade down the hall before curling over one of the soft pillows with a sigh.


"Yes, Sir."

"You suck."