Code Lyoko/Kingdom Keepers Cross Over

Yumi went above the Blok while Odd attacked from below.

"Laser Arrow!" The shot missed and the Blok retaliated with its own attack. Odd ducked dodging behind a boulder. Yumi threw her fan and it met its target, the Blok exploded Odd gave a thumbs up. Ulrich gave Aelita the go and she ran into the tower. She entered the key and the tower began too rumble. The others outside could feel it too soon on their hands and knees. "Whats happening" Odd screamed.

"Guys what's going on?" Jeromie shouted into the speaker.

"I don't know Einstein. All Lyoko's caving in!" Odd answered.

"This isn't good." Ulrich said. He crawled over to Yumi and grabbed her hand. "We have to get out of here." She nodded. "Odd! The tower!"

"Uh?" The tower shook sending half the mountain side falling into the digital sea. Aelita ran out the tower at the last second before the land surrounding it crumbled into oblivion. "Jeromie this isn't supposed to happen."

"Well I don't know what's going on either." he clicked some buttons bringing up the main screen. "Unbelievable. Half of Lyoko is gone!"

"What!" They all shouted. All of a sudden the world around them dimmed and Lyoko looked as though it went into night time. The Lyoko warriors looked around bewildered. Then without warning a long beam of light shot into the virtual sky, dark orb emitting from its center. The Lyoko warriors had no clue and Jeromie was busy surrounded by beaming monitors to notice the change. The dark orb pulsated. The glow left the sky and slowly the orb shaped into the sign of Xana.

Shadows fogged around the orb and the warriors were stunned at the new creature in front of them. Jeromie came back online and saw the main screen indicating Xana's sign just infront of his friends. He didn't know what to make of it, none of the creatures were shown like that, they were represented by triangles. That's when reality hit Jeromie and he nearly fell out of his seat. He grabbed the speakers frantic for his friends life more than he ever wished he ever had to. "Guys! Don't go anywhere near it! That's-"

"Xana!" Odd yelled. "Xana in the flesh or what you could call a big blob." He thought about it.

"Xana? But why would he show himself now?" Aelita asked.

"Does it matter?" Ulrich drew his saber. "He's after you princess. And now we have the chance to defeat him."

"Right." Yumi agreed drawing her fans. But before they could do anything Xana rushed past their heads and plummeted into the digital sea. A quizzical look passed to each person's face and no one had any idea what just happened. Lyoko turned a deathly gray color and before anyone could react the land vanished from under their feet and all the Lyoko warriors were devirtualized.

When everyone had returned Jeromie asked them about what they had seen. Nobody had anything else but the black orb appearing them disappearing quick after.

"Lyoko felt as though it went cold." Odd said. "But Lyoko shouldn't do. It's not real temperature."

"And the way all the lights went off. You don't Xana is doing something that needs a lot of energy to drain like Colossus?" Ulrich added.

"If it has anything to do with the new creature than maybe."

"Your hiding something Jeromie," Odd accused him, "tell us." They all searched in Jeromie's eyes for the truth and when he met Aelita's he couldn't hold it in any longer.

"OK. What ever Xana's doing it big. That orb... it really was Xana. But then why would he jump into the digital sea and not try to drag Aelita with him? That's whats really troubling."

"Maybe I could go back. We could use the Skid to go track him down." Aelita volunteered.

"And go after the crazy virus that's been hunting us down for so long. Just to hand you over right to him." Ulrich hissed. "I don't know Jer. That's sounds like what Xana wants us to do. And what if that was just an illusion. Then we would have got nothing." Jeromie took this into consideration. "I agree with Ulrich. I'm sorry Aelita but its too dangerous. Besides, we would have to wait until tomorrow anyway. Come on, lets get back. Its late. We could all use the sleep."

"That was the best suggestion you've had all day Einstein." Odd elbowed Jeromie as he pushed the button up.

The next day everyone was flanked with so much work they hadn't seen each other until lunch time. They agreed to meet up at the factory after school. But they never did. Ulrich, Aelita, Odd and Jeromie was all in the same class when the teacher handed out a pop quiz. Although the two genius's finished before the time frame ended Odd and Ulrich was left behind still trying to finish and Yumi was called home early. So they didn't get to the factory. Jeromie was on edge all day. Wondering what Xana could be up to in the digital network but until the next day he couldn't do much about it.

Morning came and everyone met up at breakfast. The guys hadn't seen Jeromie yet and wondered where he could have been. But when he still didn't show up they went on their hunch he was still in his room. When they got there Jeromie was sprawled out on top of his computer. The two rolled their eyes and Odd shook Jeromie's shoulders while Ulrich pulled him back off the desk. "Yo Jeromie. Wake up sleeping beauty. Hey Jer!" Jeromie grunted, using his index and middle to move his glasses upright he stared a long pause before he functionally remembered who they were. Aelita and Yumi chose then to come in and smiled at all three of their friends.

"Having fun guys?" Aelita asked giggling. Jeromie spun around in his chair and when he heard her laugh a deep blush came across his face. He motioned for them to take a seat. He cleared his throat. "You missed breakfast, so come on spill it. What was so important the great genius feel asleep with his pet?" Odd snickered.

"Actually if you must know I was checking Franz's dairy for any mention of Xana ever taking on a solid form but found nothing."

"That still doesn't clear out what we saw." Odd countered him.

"We know what we saw," Ulrich tried, "that wasn't a new creature. It had to be Xana."

"Nothing could be as scary as that light consuming thing." Odd pretended to shiver.

"I know. I believe you. I ran a super scan."

"What's that? Doesn't sound like a regular one." Aelita joined in.

"Its not a normal scanning. I was up all night perfecting the program. It measures the fluctuations of the mega digital coding of power uploads and irregular power surges."

"Now in English." Odd proposed.

Jeromie rolled his eyes. "Its a program I used to see if there was anything bad happening on anything that connects to the internet. To see if there was anything happening like what happened on Lyoko."

"Now why couldn't you just say that." Everyone snickered.

"There was nothing. I didn't find anything." He ignored them.

"So basically Xana came out of hiding all puffed up big and bad then vanished into thin air?"

"That's one way of putting it."

"But Jeromie. Where is he? He couldn't have just deleted himself and not left a trace." Aelita was worried.

"I don't know, Aelita. That's just it. gone."

The room was eerily silent. Nobody knew what to say, to think. Xana? Finally gone? That didn't seem right.

After all they've been through trying to reach this point. For Xana to up and disappear. That sounded nothing less than a set up.

"So now what do we do?" Yumi spoke, bravely breaking the silence. "Without Xana...does that mean we could look for Franz again without having to worry about adversary. Or even-" she hesitated. "Or even shut Lyoko down for good?"

Jeromie pushed his glass up. "I don't know. Let's wait it out and run a few test for a few more days. Then we will see what happens and maybe then decide." Nobody disagreed but they weren't ecstatic about it either.

Xana surfed the global internet stranding digital garb. The digital sea was a vast place with no ending in the viruses eyes. He was searching for something specific. The timing was right. The energy level Lyoko possessed gave him enough energy to last until he made it to his destination.

Xana swam the digital sea until he came across a series of data coding. He followed it until he latched on to it and the data zoomed out into the far ends of the digital manafram. The digital codings entered a certain computer and the codes flashed the a screen. In a decoded voice Xana spoke to the witch seated in the chair across the computer. "Is it ready." It was a statement. Xana had not come all this way to wait. A greened skinned pair of lips answered him. "Yes. Everything is coming together according to plan. Get ready. Transfer Xana. Scanner Xana. Virtualization."