Acknowledgement and Thanks

Waking up Hitched in Vegas is done. Those are some bittersweet words to write. I know I left you as quite a cliffhanger, and some of you are probably cursing and screaming "What?!" right now. But don't fret! There is a second book in the works! Along with all the videos I have for this story, they will always be available on my YouTube channel!
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Ana, Zak, Keane, along with Nick and Aaron, will be back in "How to bewitch a ghost hunter".
You can read its first chapter, but I will probably be taking it down soon to rework it for its release.

You can expect How to bewitch a ghost hunter to be available soon. (Sorry no dates yet, I do want to work finish my other story, Beneath a Midnight sky.) I will let you all know when to expect it though through Facebook, so please make sure to subscribe to that.


I want to also take this time to thank all of you. Every single person that has read this story. All of you, who voted, commented, sent me messages, and even those of you who just silently read, you all made this story possible.

This story started off as a joke, an idea that a girl friend and I were joking about. While watching GA, I said "wouldn't be rather funny if Zak got drunk one night and got married not remembering any of it?" The idea stuck in my head and I wrote the first chapter. After the giant response of people asking me to please continue, I did. And so this story was born.

Through this story, something else happened that I had never expected and that the making of new friends with whom we don't just share a common liking for Zak and GA stories, but a love for writing and in self-improving as authors. So I want to thank you, all of you for that.

I want to also thank Stacie (Sand n' Sable). You have been a true friend. You always tell it like it is, and if something was weird or didn't make sense you told me. (It wasn't always easy to hear lol!) But your candid opinions did help me, don't ever change! :)

Amy (Amylynnowens), you listened to me whine and moan when I was stuck; you let me bounce ideas off you and offered me a lot of awesome advice. I might be the worse person to chat with online (I tend to not respond for hours or days lol) but every word you have told I always took in, so thank you!

Robin (RobinW), you always leave me the most awesome feedback and your friendship is something I really did not expect but I am finding I really love :) And our slight obsession over Zak and Matt Smith is fun to share!

And last but certainly not least, my wattpad girls as I call them lol. Kandy, Kenny, Mrs_Bagans. You girls crack me up, I love reading everything you all to write, and I love all your comments you leave me, I gobble them up, they keep me going. Don't ever change!

I wish I could thank everyone personally! But you all have no idea how you all keep me going and inspire me. Seriously. I love you all!

New book out very soon! Feel free to read my other stories, like my award-winning tale, Beneath a midnight sky :)