"Higurashi speaking," Kagome answered the phone almost mechanically, not even bothering to check the ID caller since she was in the middle of writing a very important scene.

"It's Kōga," a low, sensual voice came from the receiver, dominating her senses pleasurably.

She had almost forgotten he would call today to tell her when he was going to stop by. Kagome took a shallow breath, trying not to sound like a breathless moron thanks to his highly erotic timbre.

"Hey, Kōga. How are you?" she asked casually while trying to regulate her heartbeat into its normal pace.

"I'm enjoying the view," he replied in a husky whisper, making her frown at his word choice.

'The… view?' Kagome repeated in her mind, confused for a second before it dawned on her that she had not bothered to put anything on besides underwear after she came out of the bathroom.

Kagome fidgeted nervously in her chair, going over her options. She could make a joke about this, ignore it, or get up to close the curtains. She wasn't sure she could pull of the former two, so she opted for the latter. If he wanted a show then who was she to deny him?

"What goes around, comes around, huh? Or so they say…" she teased him with a low chuckle, walking towards her balcony with a slow sway of her hips. As she had expected, he was there, perusing her with a lazy smirk as his pale blue gaze roamed over her curves with clear appreciation.

"I'd love to come around right now, but I have some matters to attend to. Are you free later for dinner?" Kōga returned slowly, his piercing gaze boring into hers intently, heat burning within his azure depths.

"Dinner? Sure, I'd love to. Would you be coming alone or –?" Kagome asked with veiled curiosity, not willing to back down from their staring contest. She would hold her ground even if she had to stand there in her underwear for a whole hour.

"Alone," Kōga stated without the slightest hesitation, his expression darkening with desire and his lips curving in a wolfish grin. He didn't divulge more and Kagome wasn't sure if he would answer if she asked, so she let it slide for now.

"Do you have any preferences or dislikes? I wouldn't want you to eat what I cook out of courtesy if you don't like the dishes I'll prepare," she inquired with a nonchalant tone, refusing to succumb to the seductive lure of his eyes.

"I prefer meat – rare done. I do like it slightly raw," he confessed, his voice lowering to a sensuous rumble as he finally broke their eye contact. His hungry gaze carved a hot trail down her bared flesh, lingering on the swell of her breasts and hips before he raised it once more to meet her eyes. An ocean of wild passion pooled in his smoky gaze.

"Yeah, I thought you would," Kagome breathed in a barely audible voice, her tongue darting out to wet her upper lip instinctively. He followed the motion with rapt attention, the action reminding her of a wolf stalking his prey.

"I'll see you at nine," she hurried to add, ending the phone call and shutting her blinds to escape his devouring stare.

"Steak, we are having steak… and that's the only meat he's going to eat until I have some answers," she murmured, trying to convince herself that becoming his dinner would be a very bad idea as things stood.

Word Count: 588