This was my entry for the August 2013 DMHG Challenge on Livejournal. The prompt was "It's a dragon." It won first place! SO many good entries for this prompt. Loved reading all of the original stories!

Hermione adjusts her head on his shoulder, relishing his warmth as the autumn breeze moves over them. The afternoon is still and quiet, broken only by Draco's sudden declaration.

"It's a dragon."

Hermione snorts, lifting her head to raise an eyebrow at him. "A dragon, really? That's not very original."

"Look at the tail!" Draco shrieks. "And the snout, the scales...are you not seeing any of this?"

"Not a thing," Hermione says as she lies back down. "I see the Great Goblin Battle of 1865."

A pause.

"I love you," Draco says after a moment, "but you're terrible at cloud-watching."