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"Who do you mean by them?" Kirk asked Spock.

Spock was still avoiding eye contact.

"I do not know" Spock finally answered.

"Well that's just great!" McCoy said with sarcasm.

Kirk just shot him a look saying shut up. Everyone was silent again waiting for someone to speak up.

" Well we better go look around we're not going to find anything by sitting here doing nothin'" He said walking out of the room.

Everyone followed behind. They got off the ship and walked in a random direction hoping it would lead them somewhere helpful. They some how ended up in a cave. They heard voices and they went deeper into the cave against the protests of Chekov Sulu and Scotty saying it could be someone evil.

They had reached the centre of the cave. It was well lit with fire. There was a door at the back of the cave. They stood there analysing the cave. They could no longer hear the voices which drew them here. Kirk turned to leave but there was no longer a tunnel to get back. They were trapped.

"Guys? The tunnel is ...gone?!" Jim said with a lot of confusion.

They all turned to see he was right.

"Hello" said a ghostly like voice behind them.

Once again they turned to see 2 human like figure in long black robes that covered his or her face and body.

"You found our cave" one of them said.

"You finding our cave is no coincidence." They continued.

"Our cave is for those who want help. Those who also need help." They said now moving around the crew in circles.

"We don't 'need' help!" Exclaimed the doctor.

"Yes you do! In the future you will need help if you don't get the help you need now!" Said the caped figures.

"What?! That doesn't even make sense!" McCoy piped up again.

"You don't trust each other as a team will cause your down-fall. This will be the reason you die."

"We do trust each. I would trust any of my crew with my life."

"Maybe physically you trust each other but mentally? Would you trust each other with your deepest, darkest secrets? Do you even know each other's pasts?"

"Of course we do!" The captain exclaimed.

"Ah, Captain James. T Kirk I do not see why you say such things as you hide secrets of your own although not as many as your first officer." Said in a raspy voice.

All looks from Kirk went to Spock. Who was just watching them as they circled us.

" I suggest if you want to leave that you enter that room. You will face the your pasts"

Each one of them looked at each other as if they could telepathically communicate their decision. In the end they walked cautiously into the room.

The room was completely white. The door closed behind them. There was no going back now.

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