One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled.

It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of Gargoyles.

Stone by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect.

Then we were frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years.

Now here in present day Manhattan, the spell has been broken and we live again.

Here in this new world we have resumed our duties as defenders of the night.

We are strong, we are brave, we are protecters, we are Gargoyles - Goliath

January 3rd, 1998 Yelm, Washington

It was in the middle of a dark, cold night when the four year old boy woke with a start. The thing that made him wake so suddenly was the equally as sudden rise in temperature he felt. On one side of his bed he felt the cold night air flowing in from his open window. On the other side, he felt a searing heat so hot it overtook the cool breeze from the window and left him drenched in his own sweat. The boy kicked his blanket off of him and looked towards his bedroom door. He saw through the small space between his floor and the bottom of his door that there was light flickering around, the source of which he was unable to tell. The boy slowly got out of his bed and stood up on his feet, though he wasn't really sure of how to proceed at this moment. Several thoughts were running through his head.

What was going on? Why am I so hot? What is making that light? He slowly walked across his room to his door. Then he reached out and grabbed the door handle.

"Ow!" The boy cried as he pulled his hand back.

His metal door handle was so hot that it slightly burned his hand. The boy held the wrist of the hand that was burned as he looked down at it and cried a little.

"Mommy! Daddy!" The boy called out at the top of his lungs.

But there was no response from his parents. Instead what he heard on the other side of the door was the sound of crackling. Then the boy started to smell something burning as smoke started to seep through the crack at the bottom of his door. The scared little boy not knowing what else to do huffed and puffed out several deep breaths before he grabbed the door handle, twisted it and flung the door open to reveal a blazing fire spreading through his house. The boy let out screams of terror as he gazed at the bright, crackling blaze that frightened him so.

"Daddy! Mommy! Please help me! Mommy, please! Daddy, come and find me! Help me please!" The boy called out into the flame filled house.

Instead of the voices of his parents, what he heard was the cries of his baby sister. The boy got a sense of urgency for his sister's safety which forced him to walk out of his room and into the hot halls, fire completely surrounding him and tears flowing out of his eyes that were quickly dried up by the intense heat from the fire.

"Angel?! Angel, where are you?! Mommy, can you hear me?! Can you hear Angel crying, Daddy?! Where are all of you?!" The boy shouted.

But the only sounds he heard were the flames crackling, his sister's crying, and his own. His crying was replaced by his coughing from the smoke getting sucked into his lungs. But this did not keep him from walking and stumbling through the parts of the house that still had floor to walk on. His traveling around the burning house took him to what he thought might be the living room. It was hard to tell since almost everything was engulfed in flames. But this is where the boy heard his sister's cries coming from. So he trudged on until he made it into the center of the open spaced room. What he saw when he got there made his heart sink.

Lying there on the floor were the lifeless bodies of his mother and father. The symbols of power and authority in his short, but up to this point, happy life. The only two people in the world who he thought as a boy were untouchable, unhurtable, the forces who could not be destroyed. But here they laid, dead at his feet.

"Daddy? Mommy? Please get up," the boy pleaded.

But his parents' bodies didn't move a bit. He knew they wouldn't, but he couldn't help himself.

"Mommy, Daddy, get up! Both of you, please get up! No, don't lay down! You're not dead! You can't be dead! GET UP, MOMMY AND DADDY!"

At this point, the boy fell to his knees and lifted his head to stare up at the ceiling and let out a loud, ear shattering scream that slowly turned into sobbing as he then lowered his head, now staring at the floor. But then he stopped when his cries were overtaken by his sister's. The boy got back up to his feet and looked around for his baby sister.

"Angel? Angel, where are you?"

The boy got his answer when he saw that something wrapped in a blanket was moving around in his dead mother's arms. The boy started to move towards his mother's body and reached out for his sister. But all of a sudden, a small part of the ceiling behind him caved in and the burning debris smashed into the floor behind the boy. The floor shook hard from the impact of the falling debris, the force of which sent the boy falling off his feet and onto the front of his body. He started crying again, but he was cutt off by smoke getting into his mouth and down his throat, making him cough terribly. The boy got control of his coughing, only to have the section of roof off to his right start falling in. The boy rolled away as fast as he could to avoid any of the falling debris. He checked himself out to see if he was hurt at all. He was fine, except for feeling extremely overheated and having the urge to try and cough out what nasty stuff was in his throat and lungs. The boy heard his sister's cries continue and began crawling toward the spot where his dead parents and still living baby sister laid.

His crawling ended him up in between his parents, his dad on his left and his mom on his right. He stared at them both, the horrible truth still sinking in as absolute horror filled his eyes. The cries of his sister brought the boy back to reality as he tried to shake all the bad thoughts out of his head before he started crawling towards his mother's body. Once he got there he went to work at unwrapping his mom's arms from around his sister and then moving them completely out of his way. Then the boy reached for his sister and pulled her into his arms. Once his sister was wrapped tightly in his grasp, the boy stood back up on his feet. He then looked down at his darling baby sister, the only family he had left, as she cried in his arms.

"Please don't cry, Angel. We'll make it out of here, you'll see. And when we do, I'll take care of you as good as Mommy and Daddy did. I love you, Angel," the boy said to his sister.

But as he tried rubbing her back, he felt something on his fingers that was on his sister's blanket. It was some kind of very thick liquid-like stuff...and it was red. It was the blood of his mother. He looked down at his body and realized he was now covered in blood from crawling before and holding his sister up to him. He looked down at the floor and saw he was standing in a puddle of his parents' blood. A faint feeling came over the boy and almost made him fall and drop his sister. Luckily he was able to catch himself, after which he lightly jogged past the bodies of his parents. He then turned around, jogging a few steps back before it turn into a slow walk as he looked in horror at the sight of his parents bodies laying surrounded in their own blood. Then he saw the marks on their bodies.

Slash and stab marks to be more precised. They had not died because of the fire. They were attacked. The boy soon realized this and felt even more distress and unsafe than he did before. He turned away from his parents' bodies, but soon wished he hand't. Because now, what he saw staring back at him from the otherside of a bunch of flames at the end of the room was a monsterous creature. It was hard to make out a lot of physical details about the creature, just that it was very big, almost as big as his father was and that it had red glowing eyes and great, big, bat-like wings. Then the boy thought he saw a tail sticking out from behind the monster. It was truly a sight of terror that filled the boy with fear.

This monster killed my mommy and daddy, the boy realized. His heart seemed to jump into his throat when he saw the monster started walking through the flames and towards him. The boy didn't know what to do. He was in a house surrounded by a fire that was burning it down, his parents laid behind him lifeless in a pool of blood, and now the monster who killed them, and more than likely started the fire, was walking towards him while he held his baby sister in his arms, probably to do to them what it did to his parents. It was more than any four year old boy could, or should have to take. The boy shivered uncontrolably as the monster finally made it past the flames and was standing inches in front of him. He was still unable to make out a whole lot of details because his eyes weren't working right. All he could see was what he did before, just that this monster had a body like that of the devil himself.

Still shivering and holding his sister close to him as possible, the boy looked away from the monster, shut his eyes, and started lowering himself down as if trying to hide himself from the monster. He didn't stop until he was almost sitting on the floor. He opened one eye and saw the monster had gotten even closer to him and was staring down with those red eyes. The boy started to cry and then scream when he saw the monster reaching its sharp clawed hand down towards him. He sat, letting out his loud screams while he waited for the monster to grab him. But instead there was the sound of wood breaking like it was being forced to peices by some outside force.

"Hello, is somebody in there?!" a voice called from where the front door was located.

Then more sounds of wood being broken down followed. The boy looked to the front door and saw it being torn down by people outside the house. He saw behind them what looked like a red flashing light. He then looked to see the monster hurry away from him and smash through a window to escape.

"Is somebody in there?! This is the fire department. We're here to help you. Are you in there?" asked the firefighter.

"HELP ME!" the boy screamed as loud as he could.

"There's someone in there. I think it's a kid."

"Let's get in there!"

Then with that, several firefighters made their way into the house.

"There he is," one of the firefighters said as he pointed to the boy.

The men walked up to the boy and reached down to get him back on his feet. But then they stopped when one of them pointed and said, "He's got a baby in his arms."

Then another one said to the boy, "We need you to hand us the baby."

But the boy held his baby sister close to him, refusing to give her up.

"We're not going to hurt the baby. We want to help both of you. We'll make sure you get the baby back. But for right now, we need you to hand one of us the baby and come with us. Please."

The boy looked up at the firefighters and then at his baby sister. His parents always told him that firefighters and policemen were always there to help people and only wanted to do what was good. The boy relunctantly held out his sister for the firefighter to take and then let the others get him back to his feet and lead him out of the burning house. He was escorted to the back of an ambulance where a medic was waiting with an oxygen mask.

"Put this on, it will help you breath better," the medic told the boy.

He did as the man said and instantly felt the change in his air quality. He saw out of the corner of his eyes his still burning house fall in on itself. The sight made him tremble with sadness and sorrow. One of the firefighters from before walked up to the boy.

"This ambulance is gonna take you to the hospital and get you all fixed up. Then they'll figure out what the best thing for you will be after that."

"What about Angel?"


"My baby sister!"

"You mean the baby that was in your arms?"


"She's going to the hospital too, except in another ambulance. She's currently recieving oxygen to help with her breathing, same as you. She'll be alright, don't worry. And the two of you will be reunited soon, I promise."

The firefighter noticed that the boy's pajamas were soaked in blood just like the baby's blanket was.

"Who's blood is that on your clothes, kid? Where did it come from?"

"It's... It' parents'."

The boy's eyes started to fill with tears.

"Your parents?"

"Yes, they're dead and now I'm alone!"

The boy began to bust out crying.

"Calm down, son, calm down. What's your name?"


"Estevan, how did your parents' blood get all over you?"

"I had to pull my baby sister out of my mommy's arms."

The firefighter looked down at the boy identified as Estevan with sorrow and pity. No kid should ever have to go through something like that, he thought to himself.

"I'm very sorry for you, Estevan. But you were very brave walking through that burning house and rescuing your little sister. You're strong, Estevan. I hope you always remember that. Don't worry, you'll soon see your sister again. You and her just need to be apart for a little while to get taken care of and made healthy again, okay?"

Estevan nodded in response.

"Alright, good job still being a tough and strong young man. You need to get in the back of the ambulance with the man who gave you that mask you're holding in your hands, do you understand?"

Again Estevan nodded before making his way into the back of the ambulance with some help from the medic, while the firefighter walked of with one of his co workers. After the doors to the back of the ambulance shut and it started driving away from the tragic scene, Estevan Martinez was left to wonder what his life woul be like after this and what the future had in store for him.

Well here it is the first chapter in what I hope will be looked at as being a really good story by you the public this story was written for. One important thing I wanna point out before we go any further is that this story will follow the continuity set by Season 3. I now most people don't consider it canon, even by Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman, instead opting for the continuity set by the comic books. But you see, I haven't read the comics yet (but I REALLY want to), so all I know about the comics is the little stuff I read online, including that Broadway and Angela had three kids. But yeah, other then that, I only have to go on is the third season to go on and honestly, I don't think it's as awful as fans make it out to be. I do agree it's inferior to the pure awesomeness of the first two seasons, but I still think it's a decent season. Please remember to leave a review giving your honest opinion on the story thus far. I know you only have the first chapter to go on for right now, but just leave me your first impressions on it. I'm The Guy Who Likes To Write Stuff, signing off.

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Voice actor casting call. Aside from the characters that were actually from the show, these are the voices I here when it comes to my original characters. At least the ones that will play major parts in the story.

Keith David as Goliath

Liam O'Brian as Estevan Martinez

Salli Richardson as Elisa Maza

Briggite Bako as Angela

Jeff Bennet as Brooklyn

Ed Asner as Hudson

Bill Faggerbakke as Broadway

Thom Adcox-Hernandez as Lexington

Johnathan Frakes as David Xanatos

Frank Welker as Bronx

Gene Simmons as Charlie Luther

Joey King as Isabella

John Hutcherson as Robbie