Estevan got up over the wall and landed his feet on the ground of the back part of the castle and took a moment to look at his surroundings. It was an amazing sight to behold, but Estevan wasn't interested in the castle itself, no matter how nice it was to look at. No, he was more interested in what people and what monsters may be walking around the castle grounds. Estevan took his weapons aside to check on them and be sure that they are all in tact, not damaged at all and basically still functional in their purposes. They were all fine, so Estevan started to slowly sneak around, trying to get to either the middle or front of the castle. Through his walking up and down several sets of stairs and walking in and out of open doorways that ran throughout the castle, Estevan was surprised to find that there was absolutely no one else around that area of the building. No sign of the man, David Xanatos himself, no security guards and so far much to Estevan's disappointment, no gargoyles.

But Estevan reminded himself that again, this was only the top part of the building. He had several thousand more feet of building to check once he was done searching the castle. There were several large courtyard areas of the castle, which Estevan stuck to for the first half of his search since he was sure there were people in the larger rooms and halls. Estevan took a quick opportunity to load up his rifle for when he did start searching the more inhabited parts of the building. He also pulled a gas grenade out of his duffel bag for safe measure. He then continued sneaking about so as not to be seen by any stray eyes. Although at this point, Estevan was almost completely sure he wouldn't find anybody outside. But he wouldn't let his guard down no matter what. Estevan's sneaking walk took him to a part of the castle that was next to the tallest tower and overlook the front courtyard, which Estevan found to be the biggest.

"Wow, it's so big, it could probably used as a second helipad," Estevan observed.

Then he looked up at the high castle tower next to him. He saw what looked like a person standing at the very top of the tower. It was very hard for Estevan to see the person though, he or she was so high up. Still Estevan ducked down because he was sure the person would be able to see him, having as good of a view as he suspected someone might have from that spot. Estevan pulled out his night vision binoculars and used them to try and get a better look at the person on the top of the tower. It was still hard for him to see the person due to the angle he was at. But he was still pretty sure from what he could see as to who the person was.

"Elisa Maza!" Estevan said to himself in an excited whisper.

Yes, Estevan was almost completely convinced that the person up on the tower was the detective he followed here in the first place. He could see her long hair flowing behind her in the wind. It looks like she's waiting for something, Estevan thought to himself. Wait! Estevan saw that Elisa was standing close to the ledge next to someone or something. It looked... kind of like... a gargoyle! Yes! At long last. After all this time, I've found the beasts that have haunted my dreams for so long. Now my revenge can be complete. Estevan rueshd to the opening that he originally walked through to get out to the spot he was on when he spotted Maza. It also had another opening that led to the stairs that would take him up to the tower. Estevan then eagerly started hiking up the spiraling staircase knowing this was all that was left between him and the winged menace. He went up and up and up before stopping quickly to make sure his gun was loaded and the safety was off. He held his rifle in one hand, while he held a gas grenade in the other. Then Estevan proceeded walking up the stairs, much slower this time. His plan was simple. He would move fast before either Maza or the gargoyle knew he was there, first throwing the grenade at them, which would knock Elisa Maza out while Estevan lifted his rifle to shoot the gargoyle down and kill him. But wait, wasn't it a whole clan that has been spotted in New York, Estevan's thoughts wondered.

"They must be hiding somewhere else in the building. Well, if so, I'll just go through the building until I find and kill them all," Estevan decided.

As he continued walking up the stairs, he began to focus on the sad truth that he may not make it out of this night alive. He was trapped on the top of a two thousand foot tall skyscraper that belonged to a man who's made his fortune off of several different business ventures, including weapons manufacturing. So he was more then likely to have installed some of those weapons all over the building to add onto his security force. Plus again, he was going up against a clan of gargoyles on top of it. So the odds of him realistically coming out of this uninjured or even alive were less then likely. So what would he do? He pondered and pondered and finally came to the conclusion.

"I knew going in that looking for a fight with a clan of gargoyles wasn't exactly a picnic to the beach. But I wasn't afraid then and I wont be afraid now. If I die, I die. But I'm sure as Hell gonna take one of those winged bastards with me."

As the walk up continued, Estevan's stair trip brought him to an opening that led to a little section a few feet below the tower top that people could walk out onto. At first Estevan ignored the opening, wanting to continue up to where he thought he could find a gargoyle. But as he passed by, something caught Estevan's eye. Something that made him stop for a little bit before hurrying out onto the ledge. What he saw made his heart sank. He came out here because he saw a whole bunch of gargoyles. And oh yes, he saw gargoyles alright. But they weren't living, breathing or made of flesh and bone. No, they were lifeless statues made of cold, hard stone. Estevan let out an aggravated and disappointed sigh and hung his head low as he shook it. He was about to go back inside and start walking up the stairs again. But then he stopped and dropped his rifle. He also let the strap of his weapons bag slide off his shoulder as his heart sunk even lower at his sudden thought.

What if the gargoyle on the top is just a statue too? Estevan went back out where the statues were and walked out to the end of ledge where the statues stood and then stuck his upper body over it and then looked up towards the top of the tower. It was hard to see from the angle and because the sun was almost completely down. But he was just able to make out the gargoyle enough to see that it was indeed a statue. Estevan felt his breathing starting to get faster, yet it seemed like he was getting less of it and he had to catch the stands of the gargoyle statues in between him to keep from falling over into oblivion because his legs gave out.

"Is this what I worked so hard for?" Estevan asked himself.

"Is this what I gave up my sister and eight years of my life for? All that hard training while living a life on the road and where did it get me? On top of a fortress in a sky basically and staring at a bunch of statues that I like an idiot thought were real gargoyles!"

Estevan leaned his body up against one of the statues as his eyes started to tear up.

"Now what am I gonna do? Sure those gargoyles are probably still out in the city somewhere. But now I'm in a position where I'm almost sure to be spotted by a security camera or someone and get caught and thrown in jail. I was a fool to think I'd be able to get to the helicopter pad and use the helicopter to get away. I was fool to come to a place thinking it was a gargoyle haven when it was disproven as being such twice!"

Estevan caught himself and quieted his voice. Elisa Maza was still several feet above him and even though he was almost sure he wouldn't be able to get out of this skyscraper without being seen, he would still like the chance to find out. But he was still hurting inside and still confused on how to proceed. Did this mean Maza wasn't a gargoyle ally helping to hide them or was this night's result only because she chose not to go to the gargoyles this night? Estevan looked out to the city sky and watched as the sun fully set and the skies started to darken completely. It was almost like a symbol of how Estevan was feeling with his heart sinking and his spirit darkening.

"Wait a minute! Just because these aren't the gargoyles doesn't mean they aren't still here," Estevan realized.

"I still have a whole skyscraper to search. I just let my emotions get the best of me."

Estevan grabbed his duffel bag and started heading for the stairs. But then he realized that the fact that he was still stuck on a skyscraper two thousand feet in the air was still a reality, as was the fact that he was still most likely to get caught. So how am I going to play this out, Estevan thought to himself. Estevan stopped when he heard a noise. It started off sounding like the pitter patter of tiny claws scraping against something solid. Then it got louder and began to sound more like stone cracking and breaking. Estevan turned around and hurried over to the statues and checked them out. He could see that they weren't what was breaking. Then he realized, the sound was coming from above. Estevan stuck his body over the ledge and looked up again. And he saw it! The gargoyle statue on the top of the tower had cracks forming all over it. This surprised Estevan greatly. But he was even more unprepared and shocked when the statue busted into hundreds of tiny pieces of rubble.

Estevan's body trembled with shock and fear when he saw that in the statue's place was an actual living and breathing gargoyle. Estevan terror filled awe increased when he saw the monster spread its wings, throw his hands back and lift its head to the sky and let out a loud and bone chilling roar, announcing his awakening. Seeing this gargoyle made Estevan temporarily forget about his years of training and instead made the memories of that night in the fire when his parents were killed and he saw the gargoyle that did it flood back into his mind. But there were several big differences from that night and this moment now. While he was unable to see the gargoyle that killed his parents good enough to make out body details except wings and glowing eyes, he was able to see several physical details of this gargoyle that just broke out of it stone, sleep-like state. First of all his saw that this gargoyle was much bigger and far more muscular. He was also able to tell that this gargoyle was a male and that he had long, black hair. Also, while the gargoyle from that night had glowing red eyes, this one had normal looking eyes. But then he saw them starting to glow with a white light. This gargoyle looked to be the true living and breathing embodiment of fear. Estevan was so terrified that for a little bit he forgot his years of training, his weapons he brought with him and his plan to try and take out whatever gargoyles he found. Instead of wanting to face the gargoyle, he wanted to hide from it. The fear filled Estevan ran up and pressed his body against the stone wall that was a small part of the tower, wanting to hide himself from the gargoyle's sight.

At that moment, several thoughts were running through Estevan's head, all of them basically saying the same thing. Oh my God, what the hell have I gotten myself into? I can't go toe to toe in a fight with that thing! What was I thinking?! Now I'm stuck up here with that demon! What the hell am I going to do?! Estevan's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of low rumbling. The rumbles were quickly joined by the sounds of stone cracking. Estevan looked on with horror to see that all the gargoyle statues that were with him on that level of the tower were all starting to shake and cracks were forming all around them.

"Oh God," Estevan whispered in fear.

He grabbed all his stuff together and then ducked into the opening to the stair case. He slowly peeked his head out to watch as the statues broke away to reveal more living gargoyles who all lifted their heads to the sky and let out loud roars of their own. Estevan was able to get enough of a look to see that these gargoyles while similar in many ways had many distinct characteristics of their own. For example, Estevan saw that one of them was elderly and carried a side sword, while there was another that had a beak and the smallest one's wings were not the bat configuration the others had where the wings were separate limbs, but are more like a webbed membrane between his arms and legs, akin to a flying squirrel, with one extra set of limbs below his arms that help support the membrane. And then Estevan saw two sights he wasn't really expecting? The first was that of a female gargoyle, one the same color of blue as the monster he saw on the top of the tower. Estevan never thought of the fact that there would be female gargoyles alongside male gargoyles. Hell, he never thought about the idea of separate genders of gargoyles at all. He just figured if it looks like a gargoyle, kill it like a gargoyle. But now that he had a chance to think about it despite being completely terrified, it isn't to big of a stretch to think that gargoyles would have two different sexes the same as humans. But what he didn't expect to see was the four legged beast that stood next to the female. It looked kind of like a dog, but with gargoyle features. In other words, a gargoyle dog.

A gargoyle dog? How is there a gargoyle dog? Where do gargoyle dogs come from? Are there gargoyle cats?! Estevan's thoughts were going crazy again, but he caught himself when he saw one of the gargoyles looking towards the opening where his head was sticking out. He quickly ducked his head out of sight and then hurried up the stairs, trying to get away from the creatures of the night he just witnessed breaking free from their stone restraints. He didn't realize he was going the wrong way on the stair case until he felt the cold night wind blowing down upon him from the opening that would take him to the very top of the tower is he kept going up.

"Hello, Elisa, it is good to wake and find you here waiting for me. I look forward to the nights when you are here and we are together."

"Was..that...the gargoyle?" Estevan whispered to himself.

Then he heard a quick little giggle from Maza.

"You're still the same smooth talker you always have been, Goliath and I'm very happy for it. Also, you and the insane gargoyle posse still have the most epic yawn ever," Elisa Maza replied to her gargoyle companion.

This is insanity. I have to get out of here, Estevan thought to himself. He started to walk down the stairs but then stopped when he remembered that the rest of the gargoyle clan was that way. Estevan was trapped.

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