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Warning: Slash, m/m, m/f

Smooth Star

A Harry Potter and Doctor Who Fanfiction

By: JT Disillusions

Chapter One: The Beginning of it All (Pilot)

The fiery months of summer were drawing to an end, yet this day, as the seventh month dies, was the hottest day of them all. It would have been a breathtaking day had it not been so humid and sweltering– keeping many folks indoors to avoid the heat. It was in this drowsy heat that that a skinny, black-haired boy wondered aimlessly down the empty streets of Privet Drive. His dirty trainer covered feet carried him passed rows upon rows of perfect little look alike houses of this disillusioned neighbourhood. Keeping his hands tucked in the pockets of his torn and dirty jeans, Harry Potter walked briskly trying to avoid the residences of Private Drive who were the sort of people that thought scruffiness ought to be punishable by law. It was in this sweltering heat that Harry came upon a strange blue police box that sat in the middle of the side walk.

While physical appearance of the blue box looked more than ordinary, the wild energy that it emitted was certainly not muggle. Whatever this old out of place police box contained Harry noted could not be muggle because nothing in the muggle world had ever felt like it. But, it did not feel like magic to Harry either. Certainly there was the same flux of air that occurred when he performed magic but this blue box possessed something in its natural rhythm that Harry could place. Something that was both familiar and strangely comforting.

What happened next could certainly be blamed on a number of things as Harry would remark on day in the distant future. It could have been Harry's natural curiosity or the simple fact that he was terribly sick of being ignored by his so called friends that hadn't even bothered beyond the brief note of – stay out of trouble. As if Harry had been the one time and time again looking for trouble. And on top of that the isolation from anything and everything magical was filling him with the intense craving of being in contact of anything even remotely magical. Even if that something was an unidentifiable blue box that pulsed with wild energies that may or may not be magical. Regardless of the reasons that lead Harry to pull on the brass handles of the blue box, this single action would change his fate until the very end of time. The single decision that would ripple through the universe began with the opening of the door.

҉ ҉ ҉

Dead Space

2040 A.D.

Amelia Pond and Rory William otherwise known to the mad man of this blue box as the Ponds, stood on the glass platform of the Tardis staring intently at the floundering and blundering man in front of them madly leaping around the console of the time traveling spaceship or as the Doctor would say space and time traveling. Really, Amy and Rory were quite used to the wild way that the Doctor flew the Tardis after all those trips around the universe, following the Doctor as he leaped across space and time, saving one world after another. Still, Amy secretly thought would it kill the man to stop hopping around the console like a 6 year old on a sugar high as a sudden jot pushed her into Rory.


"Yes! Amy . . . "replied the Doctor who stretched out the syllables of her name and sliding into the space right in front of her.

"Are we really going on vacation?"

It was Rory however that questioned him with a suspicious gleam in his eyes while Amy nodded beside him with her arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

"Oh Rory, Rory, Rory. . . Of course we are! In fact we're off to the XZ96, the crowning jewel of the Teralian Galaxy. Vast violet oceans as far as the eyes could see and crystal clear white sand," exclaimed the Doctor as he gestured wildly with his arms before spinning back to the console and pulling down a large blue lever. "made of real crystals by the way. The perfect beach resort as you humans would call it."

He stood for a moment grinning widely at the Ponds who were still filled with suspicions due to their most recent trip with the doctor that didn't turn out quite as planned. What should have been a simpletrip to witness the festival of stars quickly turned into a mission to stop a full blown war between two religion factions from tearing the planet apart. One which may or may not have been the Doctor's fault in the first place since he was the one that had accidentally knocked down the huge stone sphere that was a some all important divine object. And so it had ended up with Amy and Rory running for their lives while trying not to trip on their togas.

But perhaps it will be different this time thought Amy; the trip did seem smoother than usual and the doctor hadn't been trying to override some mysterious force field and the Tardis itself had not received any urgent messages. Unfortunately for Amy though, just as soon as those thoughts crossed her mind that Tardis suddenly began to shake violently causing the Ponds to grab on to the railings as the insides of the Tardis flipped upside down.

"Doctor..." scowled Amy as she glared at a sheepish looking man who was currently dangling from of the console wires that had caught his ankle.

"I may have pressed the wrong button."

"May have?"

At Rory's pointed look, the doctor quickly grumbled, "Oh all right I pressed the wrong button but I don't see how me admitting to pressing the wrong button will solve this."

"Doctor" growled Amy.

"Oh alright don't get testy" huffed the Doctor who with a sort of feline grace grab on to the console and started to fiddle with the controls as he mumbled under his breath and nodded at random intervals as if agreeing with the suggestions of someone else.

The doctor suddenly let out a noise loud enough for the ponds to hear.

"Oh what, doctor" asked Rory cautiously already dreading the answer.

"Yeah, is it a good sort of oh or the bad kind?"

"Eh, long story short there's nothing I can do to fix this so we're going to have to wait it out?"

"Why does the Tardis even have an option like this?" exclaimed Amy.

"Well...there was that time that the Cerulean Prince was aboard the Tardis with the Master and I. It was his suggestion really that certain things would be so much more exciting if we..."

"Never mind, we don't want to know. Just get everything back to normal!" exclaimed Rory.

"Right, well we should be normal in" as the Doctor made the gesture to look at his imaginary watch. "Right about now"

And with that the inner dimensions of the Tardis righted itself and the ponds collapses into a heap on the floor while the Doctor jumped back to fiddling with the Tardis as it landed with a jolt.

"Okay Ponds! Welcome to x179," exclaimed the Doctor as he tap the console with a flourish and pull out his sun glasses looking ever the part the tourist.

"Well what do you think?" gestured the Doctor who stood facing the ponds as he snapped his fingers to open the Tardis door.

"Well..." commented Amy as the peered out from the doctors arms while Rory looked out from under the doctors other arm. "I never expected it to look so much like home? "


"Yes, as in looks exactly like the Earth type of home," death paned Rory.

"What?" called out the Doctor as he stuccoed to turn around and look at the scene in front of him.

"This isn't x179...hmmm...right galaxy, wrong solar system and time" the Doctor gave a thoughtful look and then turned to the Ponds smiling as bright as ever. "Hmm . . . must have hit another wrong bottom while trying to fix that little upside down problem. Well come on we can still get to x179 after all we've got all of time and space."

"Maybe we should stay here and book a vacation to the Bahamas instead with a plane or something?"

"Oh where's your sense of adventure" exclaimed the Doctor.

"I left with the killer..." grumbled Rory under his breath. Only to be hit in the ribs by Amy who was about speak but was interrupted by the sudden slamming of the Tardis door.

"Uh ... It doesn't usually do that, does it?" asked Rory nervously.

"No, no it doesn't" replied Amy. "Doctor, did you do that?"

"Do what?" came the Doctor's distracted call from underneath the Tardis console.

"The door, Doctor. It just slammed shut."

"and won't open" added Rory who was trying to pull open the doors.

"The doors?" asked the doctor as he peaked out from under the console.

"Yes, the doors."

Looking at the puzzled looked on the Doctor's face as he pointed his sonic screw driver at the door, it was as clear as day that her raggedy doctor once again had no idea how they landed themselves into this mess and once again without even needing to step out of the Tardis. Although, this seemed like the boring type of trouble they were still in a space ship with an infinite number of rooms with a mad more than ready to fill them up with the universe. So who knows what the Doctor kept on here and that was the sort of trouble Amy looked forward to - the most impossible kind. Sneaking a glance out of the corners of her eyes at the Doctor, Amy pushed Rory quietly towards the doors that led deeper into the Tardis, only to be interrupted by the Doctor loud exclamation.

"What is it?" asked Amy who stood beside a guilty looking Rory.

"It seems that the Tardis' energy levels are quite low"

"So did you forget to plug in the Tardis before bed?"

"No. No, the Tardis' energy source is a suspended star. Most advanced of Gallifreyan technology. Really does not need plugging in, ever!" explained the Doctor sounding like an offended child at the mere notion of the Tardis needed to the plugged a common cell phone.

"Okay . . . but what happened to the door?"

"It might just be a part of the Tardis' defense systems automatically shutting down most functions to preserve energy"

"Wait," questioned Rory. "But I thought you said that the Tardis doesn't need ever need charging, so why is it low on energy?"

"Well," said the Doctor absent mindedly as he spun around the Tardis while pointing his sonic screw driving in random directions. "I do believe that something is interfering with the Tardis' energy fields and feeding on its energy. So the Tardis shut down before more could be taken from it."

"Great, does that mean we're stuck here until whatever out there either loses interest with the Tardis or decides to come in here?"

"Possibly . . ." But before the Doctor could finish his sentence, the Doctor suddenly spun around to faced the locked Tardis door.

"Interesting..." commented the Doctor who moved to place his ear to the door while the sonic buzzed next to him. Behind him, Rory and Amy were watching the Doctor with skeptical and puzzled looks at his mysterious actions.

"Doctor" called Amy.

"Doctor!" she tried again, this time ready to approach him. But the Doctor only gave her frustrated glare and raised his arms to stop her movement before turning his attention back to the door; his hands moving around the surface across the various ridges and imaginary groves that where imbedded into the wrought iron of the Tardis door.

'How peculiar,' mused the doctor as he move his hands through the invisible groves and ridges that had appear on the Tardis door. They felt familiar underneath his hands and perhaps a tat too close to home. The invisible symbols that painted the door in spirals and sounds echoed loudly in his ears despite the deafening silence that surrounded him. Their sounds were a gentle melody of note unknown and nearly unpronounceable by any other. They weren't perfect however as it was certainly riddled with mistakes of youth but there was no doubt as the symbols flashed in his mind eye that these were something he never expected to see again. After all this was the language of a dead civilization beyond the reach all but nearly one.

The Doctor felt his hearts soar that the prospect that maybe, just maybe someone, somehow had done the impossible. Really, he was letting little Amelia and the Ponds affect him too much, to hope for such as foolish thing. But, the heart is as always such a foolish, foolish thing. Alas sometimes the heart knows what the mind does not . . . echoed through the doctors mind. And so the jaded Doctor allowed himself to hope and believe. Hoping with all his hearts that this time it wouldn't leave him a broken man, after all even the Quikish tree had only so many dream fruits to give.

Decision made the Doctor stood up and straightened the lapels of his jacket and fiddled with his bow tie with a little grin on his face. In any case, one should always look presentable if he was expecting proper company be it friend or foe.

"Doctor," called Amy who was scrutinizing him with narrowed eyes and glance at him up and down, taking note of how the Doctor was running his hands through his hair and literally bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Are you ... expecting a date?"

"What ... No, no expecting? Never" exclaimed the Doctor.

"So you're not expecting a date but, it's still a date?" asked Amy who looked torn between wanting to know more but was having trouble wrapping the idea of the Doctor and date in the same sentence.

"Well..." mused the doctor with a goofy grin on his face, "It would certainly be the date of all dates if what lies beyond that door is of what I believe it to be"

"And what do you believe is behind that locked door?"

"First of all it is not locked, nothing is ever locked well unless you know it's wooden and xirilium but really you won't ever encounter that. Way past your time won't be for another million years unless of course you had a time machine. Hmm . . . which I suppose you do since I do so by extension you do," rambled the Doctor as he manually overrode the Tardis' lock down system with the sonic. But the Doctors ramble was quickly cut off by the creaking of the Tardis door as it swung open.

And with an opening of a door the whole of space and time shifted its center to encompass two instead of one.

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