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Smooth Star

A Harry Potter and Doctor Who Fanfiction

By: JT Disillusions

Chapter Two: The Cold Kiss

When the blue doors swung open with a gentle push, Harry wasn't entirely sure what awaited him on the other side. And while Harry was familiar with the concept of things being bigger on the inside, it was still mildly surprising to find it so casually in a muggle police box of all places. In fact, the metal interior of the wooden box was a lot bigger on the inside and a lot less magical. There was a distinct lack of clutter that seemed to evade every wizarding dwelling that Harry had set foot into and there was certainly a lack of people in robes, waving their wands around. Indeed there were only three people in his direct vicinity, who judging by their attire were no doubt muggles.

Deciding that it would be best to introduce himself, Harry mumbled out his greeting in hopes that these strange people who stood frozen in the middle of their conversation would stop their staring and return his greeting.

"Umm. . . hello," Harry tried again louder this time seeing as the man with the bow tie was still pointing his metal looking stick in his general direction. Under their intense stares, Harry found himself fingering the fringes of his t-shirt while trying to look as friendly as possible shifting his glaze from the tall red head to the man in the bowtie that started at him as if he was the best thing and the worst things in the entire universe at the same time.

҉ ҉ ҉

When the door of the Tardis suddenly swung open, the Ponds weren't entirely sure what to expect, but they were prepared for horrendous creatures, metal aliens or even an actual date for the Doctor. However, they were at a complete loss as to how to react to the young boy that walked through the Tardis doors.

The black haired boy with his wirily glasses and baggy hand-me down clothe looked completely out of place and completely defenceless in the Tardis. In fact, he looked more nervous than they were, noted Amy as she took in his figgiting fingers that danced across the hem of his oversized t-shirt. The sinking feeling that had appeared in the pit of her stomach quickly dissolved as she returned his greetings with a soft smile and a wiggle of her fingers.

"Hello, I'm Amelia Pond. You can call me Amy," winked Amy. "And this is my husband, Rory. Rory Williams."

Amy bumped her hips against Rory's causing him to snap out of his staring and raise a hand in greeting the teen. Hoping to put him at ease, Amy smiled brightly at the green eyed teen as he took in his surroundings and replied.

"I'm Harry Potter," returned the black haired teen. "Uh, sorry for barging in to your phone box?"

"Oh, no worries. Welcome to the –"

Amy found herself cut off by the suddenly moving form of the Doctor who seemed to have snapped out of his shocked state. The Doctor's lanky form was now standing in front of the boy named Harry and Amy could only watch as the Doctor's behaviour became stranger and stranger by the minute. And boy did she live for the Doctor's strange behavior, but what happened in the following few minutes was a type a bizarre that even Amelia Pond had a hard time comprehending, let alone understanding.

҉ ҉ ҉

Amy's bright smile had caused Harry to relax, leaving him completely unprepared when the man with the bow tie moved towards him from his previously motionless position. Harry's body tensed immediately as he looked up at the towering figure that had suddenly leaped in front of him. The strange man with eyes as clear the winter skies regarded him with an almost cautionary stare, as if Harry was the real threat in this situation against a man that was a good two heads taller than him.

Really, if anyone was suppose to be feeling cautious it should be Harry of all people considering the fact that the man still had not removed his currently buzzing metal wand from Harry's person. But, oddly enough he couldn't bring himself to be fearful of the unusual contraption or the strange man as he fell under their intense scrutiny. Instead, Harry felt usually calm and protected. These feeling that appear more biological rather than logical. In fact, Harry really should be more than weary of the buzzing wand that had moved from scanning his arms to being pointed directly at his eyes. After all, he had not the slightest idea of what the metal wand was doing to him; let alone what was going on.

Harry allowed the man's scrutiny despite the close proximity of the buzzing wand since it appeared to pose no danger and was for the most part bearable. However, it did not prepare him for the wet sensation that had suddenly descended upon his hands. A soft appendage left heated wet trails that cooled rapidly in the air as it glided across his hands. The usual contact let his mind reeling, desperately attempting to make sense of the other's actions. Harry was completely unsure of how to proceed from here.

Was this some form of greeting in a far off country wondered Harry as he started wide eyed at the man who was currently licking the back of his hands. Rather intently too noted Harry, a thought that brought a flush of heat to the surface of his skin.

Not only was Harry baffled by the man's actions, he was now just as confused about his own lack of effort to fend off the ludicrous man. He should have been running for the hills as soon as the man's tongue hit his hands, not standing here calmly as if it was an everyday occurrence. Perhaps, the hazy summer heat had finally gotten to him and this was merely a twisted fantasy of Harry's heat stroked mind. Regardless, he should really be snatching his hand back.

Never one to be denied freedom Harry tugged harder on his trapped hands only for them to be held tighter as the man moved closer. He was now standing close enough so that Harry could feel warm breaths brushed against his cheeks, mingling with his own.

Close enough that sea foam green meet winter blue and time stood still.

Captivated by the whirlpool of emotions that shimmered in the man's eyes, Harry forgot the world around them. In that moment, he could feel the rotation of the earth, the moment of the stars and the turbulent stream of all that is and was. In that infinite second, Harry felt the tidal wave of time and space crash through his mind. A splash of images and sounds rippled through his mind, assaulting his senses. Harry found himself propelled from one world to another, moving through the red hills of a golden age to a burning sea of flames before landing in the flickering ember of a civilization, of a man.

A man that was always running and never stopping. Running from one corner of the universe to the next, leaving trails of hope and destruction as he passed.

Then it was all gone, leaving Harry slight dazed as ghostly remnants danced in his mind. Blue whirlpools looked at him with weariness and shock. Worried that he would judge.

But Harry did not judge because he understood. And perhaps, he understood more than anyone else had been able to in a very long time. Nobody can even began to fathom what the weight of a world feels like unless they too had to hold it upon their shoulders and this man was responsible for that and so much more. Because if it was him then he would have ran and never looked back.

And maybe he already was running.

҉ ҉ ҉

Come with me.


Where ever you like.

҉ ҉ ҉

When Harry turned his back on the man with the sad eyes and walked away from the truly magical police box his stomach filled with a dull, sinking sensation. The feelings of hopelessness that plagued him all summer rolled over him once more. This time Harry's hopelessness was not linked to the frustrations that he felt over his unresponsive friends and isolation from the magic world. Instead, they stem from his desires to accept the hands of the strangers and run from his responsibilities. Harry wanted to run like he had never run before towards the stars and all of time and space. But, he couldn't. Not when the wizarding world and Hogwarts was the only true home Harry had ever known. He had responsibilities and a prophecy to fulfill. He couldn't abandon his friends, not like how they had abandoned him all alone in the muggle world.

Don't think about that, Harry told himself sternly for the hundredth time that summer. He was sure Ron and Hermione wouldn't abandon him. They've gone through too much for that to occur.

But would he ever get any actual news instead of cautionary words.

I know that this must be frustrating . . . don't' do anything rash. Be careful, we'll see you soon.

Soon, that had been the word that kept Harry from exploding from anger but at the same time – how soon was soon? Nobody had bothered with a precise date. There was no doubt Ron and Hermione were together and it hurt beyond anything that they were having fun while he was stuck at Private Dr.

And what were Ron and Hermione so busy with? Why wasn't Harry aware of anything that was happening within the wizarding world? Hadn't he proven himself trustworthy enough, brave enough and capable enough to handle anything that Voldemort could throw his way? After all it was him, Harry that had battled Voldemort all these years. It was him that had witness Voldemort's return, not Ron or Hermione. Not anyone else.

As Harry's frustrations increased so did his desire to go back and accept the Doctor's offer of traveling the stars. It was only the Gryffindor side of Harry that kept him from running back. The side wouldn't let him abandon his family here because Harry knew deep down that if he left now then he would never return. Unfortunately no matter how much he had wanted to wipe away the forlorn look that took over the Doctor's face when he had refused, he had obligations here. Harry couldn't forsake his friends and family, not after all that they've done for him.

But, if there was an after for him and for the Doctor then . . . then they would have all of time and space.

Not paying attention to where his feet was taking him, Harry suddenly found himself within hailing distance of his cousin, who was strolling down the street, humming tunelessly. Harry silently cursed his luck and wondered if he were to turn away now, would his cousin still be tempted to bother him. But when Dudely's snarky voice called after him, Harry glared in vain at the darkening skies.

Finding himself staring at Dudely's wide chest, Harry couldn't help the words that flowed out of his mouth as a summer's worth of frustrations leaked out.

"So, who have you been beating up tonight? Another ten year old?" taunted Harry. "I saw what you did to Tyler Lounds last night – "

"He was asking for it, the little fag" grounded out Dudley.

"What, did he tell the truth and call you a pig? Or maybe he overheard mommy dear calling you her little ickle Diddykins?"

When Harry saw Dudely's jaw muscles twitch, he felt sweet satisfaction blossom in his chest despite knowing that he would probably come out even worse from this little encounter. Still, siphoning off his frustration on his cousin was his only solution. He wasn't allowed to do magic after all.

It's worth it . . . thought Harry, waiting for a blow that never came. Following Dudley's line of sight towards his wand, Harry let out a mirthless chuckle.

"What, Big D? Scared of a little wooden twig?" taunted Harry, gesturing to his holy wand that was sticking out from his front pocket.

"You're – you're not allowed," said Dudley even though he didn't sound completely convinced. "I Know you're not. You'd get kicked out from the freak school of yours. You just wait till, I tell Daddy you had that thing out."

"Running to Daddy now are we? Is his brave ickle Dudely afraid the freak" said Harry as he pulled out his wand, pointing it at Dudley.

"Get that thing away from . . . "

Dudley suddenly gave an odd twitch and gasped; his whole body shivering as if someone had dumped a bucket of ice water over him.

"What did you d-do?" came Dudley's broke whisper but Harry wasn't looking at Dudley anymore. Instead his head was turned towards the indigo sky. Harry watched as the stars and the moon blinked out one by one. Suddenly they were covered in a blanket of darkness. The noise of the distant cars and rustling trees slowly faded into silence as the humid summer night turned bitingly cold. The frigid air left Harry shivering uncontrollably, unable to move from his spot as panic bubbled from within. Darting his eyes left and right, Harry tried to see through the darkness that surrounded them in an attempt to locate the threat. It was useless though because no matter how hard Harry stared, he remained unseeing. Straining his ears, Harry hoped that he would be able to pick up any sound of movement. But, all he heard was the deafening sounds of his breathing and the occasional whimpers that tumbled out of Dudley's mouth.

Then he heard it. There was something in the street apart from themselves, something that was drawing long, horse, ratting breaths. But that was immediately drowned out by the panic of Dudley's loud voice.

"I'll tell Dad!" whimpered Dudley. "Cut it out, you freak! Stop doing it!"

"Will you just shut up!" hissed Harry, trying his hard to ignore Dudley. "I'm trying to lis – "

Harry cut himself off. He had heard the clinking of chains to his left, just beyond Dudley's blurry shape.

"Get over here," whispered Harry as he reaching for Dudley, trying to pull him from the last place where he had heard the sound. However, Dudley remained unmoving, head locked towards a single direction. Harry felt a horrible jolt of dread as he tucked on Dudley's arms, hard this time.


Harry felt his back collide against the hard unforgiving floor of the side walk. Stars warmed in front of eyes as he tried to regain his bearings. Beside him, he heard hysterical whimpers and shrieks coming from what could only be his cousin.

"Dodley, you moron!" groaned Harry, his eyes watering in pain as he scrambled on to his hands and knees. There was no doubt his right wrist was sprained and now completely useless. Blindly, Harry felt around for his fallen wand while leaning on his elbows.

"Come on – lumos," breathed Harry as he saw light flare up inches away from his left hand. Harry snatched up the wand and scrambled to his feet and turned around. For a moment he almost wished that he hadn't and if Harry was truthful to himself then he would have wished to be back with the man in the blue box – the Doctor that chased away the nightmares of the universe.

Because what stood hovering just a foot away from Harry Potter was his worst nightmare. The faceless figure glided smoothly towards him, sucking the light as it came. Scrambling backwards, Harry bumped into the whimpering figure of his cousin. That's right Harry thought, he had to get his cousin out of here.

Raising his wand, Harry screamed out. "Expecto Petronum!"

Unfortunately, only a silver mist showered from the tip of the wand. It was nowhere near enough to stop the advancing Dementor. He must be doing something wrong. His wand movement was shaky as his dominant hand was out of commission but Harry was sure that they were passable. Then it must be the memories. Harry felt panic fog his brain as he frantically tried to sift through all his memories, trying desperately to grab onto the happy ones. He tried to think of his friends, Ron and Hermione but that all he felt from that was anger and betrayal. All of the happy memories that they shared were not tainted by the memory of their silence and distance from his this summer.

Harry found himself completely lacking of happiness. He could only stand frozen as a pair of grey, skeletal hands reached out towards him. His heart hammered against his ribcage as icy bones brushed against the rapidly cooling surface of his cheeks.

"Expecto Petronum"

Harry heard himself rasp out. But his voice sounded dim and far away. Another, rather pathetic attempt at the potonum drifted from his wand. A fine mist sprinkled down between them burning bits of the Dementor's cape. However, it did nothing to deter the Dementor.

Rubies meet emerald as Harry found himself inches away from the Dementor. Its icy breath was slowly turning Harry's lips blue and frost formed around Harry's lashes and eyes. The Dementor inched closer towards Harry, its grip on Harry cheeks almost loving. Harry found himself drowning in a sea of creams and flames. Voices crashed through his mindscape. His struggles almost nonexistent now, Harry was slowly slipping away from the conscious world.

Only a few scattered thoughts remained floating in Harry's conscious. Surprisingly, Harry found himself thinking back to a few minutes ago, wondering if perhaps he should have taken up the Doctor's offer and ran towards the stars, because it would seem that he won't be doing anyone any good. Not when he was seconds away from becoming a thoughtless, soulless vegetable. The Doctor's face burst clearly through his mind as he fought to breath, hoping for once that he had someone to rely on. Someone to rescue him for a change.

"Harry!" a sharp baritone voice cut through the fog of his mind. The Dementor froze as well just a breath away from Harry's lips at the booming voice.

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