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The cold air whipped through the night air, and the constant pitter-patter of rain drops crashing on the metal body of the airplane made Carrie feel exceptionally warm as she slept, her head resting on Gumball's shoulder. Gumball gave a small smile as he looked from Carrie to Lexy, who was tapping her feet impatiently on the floor. They had been stuck on the runway for hours now, the storm outside had forced the airline to delay the flight repeatedly. Gumball chuckled at Lexy's anxiousness, 'She doesn't appreciate the small things' he thought to himself. He smiled to himself as he took in every wonderful, peaceful second.

The constant danger and denigration from his peers had taught him to love things that he once found annoying or boring. He had learned to treasure silence, seeing it as a peaceful and welcome substitute to the screaming and shrieks he had heard. The long waits in traffic or on a tarmac, which he had found so aggravating, were now one of his favorite things in the world, seeing it as more time to spend with the people that mattered. And the rain that he always felt to be depressing, now tapped out a song that seemed to be just for him. 'Everything is so clear, so amazing. It's such a shame I didn't realize that before I died.' He thought to himself sadly, missing his family. It was the one rule that he wanted to break then any of the others, one that he dreamt of every night. It was of course for their own good, if he had any contact with them then they would be in so much danger. But that fact didn't make it any easier to accept.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry for the delay, but we will be taking off in a few minutes. So please buckle up and turn off your electronic devices, we would greatly appreciate it." The pilot announced over the speakers. This was music to Lexy's ears, 'Finally! Another delay and I think I would have gone nuts!' she thought to herself. She looked over to Gumball and Carrie to voice her opinion about the airline, but Gumball silently placed a finger over his lips and pointed to a sleeping Carrie. Lexy nodded, understanding that it would be rude to wake Carrie. She turned to face forward and put her headphones over her ears to watch the inflight movie. As the plane finally took off into the dark night sky, Lexy watched as the words "Cloud Atlas" appeared on the screen. 'Huh, I've never seen this one.' She thought to herself, tearing open her small bag of peanuts to act as the replacement for her usual popcorn movie treat.

The movie was confusing and a little hard to follow, but Lexy liked it. She thought that the acting and story were incredible. Then came a scene where the female protagonist is hit by a car and sent off the bridge she was driving on and plummeted into the dark waters below. Suddenly Lexy's grip on the bag of peanuts tightened, crushing the unshelled nuts inside.


"Ok Lexy, you're doing great." Her father assured the young pink cat. Lexy was happy at her father's comment, but did not take her eyes off of the road. It was her first time driving on the highway and she was so nervous of the speed she was traveling at. "It's ok, nothing to be worried about." Her father said in a calm tone that managed to hide his terror of having his young daughter learning to drive. Lexy smiled, her confidence behind the wheel was growing more and more.

Over in the other lane was a large blue pickup truck, which had been in use for 21 straight hours. The driver was a middle aged tan bear with a large handlebar mustache, and he was exhausted. His long trip from Miami to Cincinnati was so close to being completed, just another hour or so and he would be home. That thought kept him on the road, not wanting to waste his money on a hotel when he was so close to his goal. But the fatigued driver's eyes were becoming so very heavy, with each blink adding to the unbearable weight, until they closed and did not reopen.

It all happened so fast, Lexy didn't even have time to react. She felt the collision of the truck as it smashed into her side of the car, sending her sedan to be pushed of the smooth pavement of the highway and causing it to tumble over and over down the grassy hill. Lexy could feel the tight restraint of the seatbelt as she was thrown into it at full speed, over and over. All the miscellaneous objects in the car flew everywhere, smashing into the windows, doors, and her. As the car finished rolling and came to a rest at the bottom of the hill the evening sky slowly slid away as a pure white light replaced it and grew brighter and brighter by the second.

-End of flashback-

"Lexy! Lexy!" Gumball whisper-shouted, using his one free arm to try and shake Lexy without waking Carrie. Lexy snapped out of the horrible memory that had trapped her in a trance, becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. "Are you OK?" Gumball asked, concerned for his new partner. "Yeah, just a bad memory." She stated bluntly. "Death memory?" he asked quietly. This took Lexy aback "Wha- how did you know?" she asked surprised. Gumball sighed before answering calmly "We all get them." he sighed unhappily, "frequently." He grimly added as am afterthought. The two of them sat in silence for a moment, "Do you want to talk about it?" Gumball asked awkwardly, trying to form some kind of trust between them, after all they were partners; they would have to trust each other with their lives. Lexy opened her mouth to share her dream, but closed it, feeling like the subject was to personal. Gumball understood and nodded to show her that it was ok if she didn't want to talk about it. The two sat there silently.

"It all started on a Thursday," Gumball spoke, breaking the silence between Lexy and himself. "Funny thing, I remember that day so vividly, it's almost like I'm there again." He said quietly. "Carrie and I had been dating for a little over a year, and senior year of high school was nearly over. I remember that March, it was colder than it usually was." Gumball revealed as he told his story. "On that day I took Carrie to the park where we went to on our very first date. When we got to the tree where we had carved our initials I pulled out a cheap ring out from my pocket. At the time I had worked three jobs to earn enough money for the ring, it was the cheapest that the store sold, but it took every single dime to my name to buy it. I was so worried that she would hate it, that she would say no, but she didn't. She said yes, yes to me, and my goofy family, and my crazy dreams, she said yes to be a part of all of it. I was so happy; I didn't think that anyone could feel any happier as I slid the ring onto her finger.

We decided to tell my family first, we rushed to my house with the biggest smiles on our faces. I asked my mother if Carrie could stay for dinner, she said yes. After we had finished eating, I stood and smiled at Carrie before I told my family the news. My mother was just… so… disappointed. She told us that we couldn't get married, that we were going to two different colleges. I told her that I was planning on not going to college, that I would go with Carrie to California and try and get a job to support us, I wanted to be a stand up so badly, I just wanted to make people laugh. My mother lost it, she called Carrie the worst names in the book, and forbade us to marry. She thought that being a comedian would be a waste of my talents; she wanted me to get an education and be successful. I told her that I didn't care what she thought, that I just wanted to be with her. She said that we were too young, and I yelled back, and that's how it went. Until Carrie couldn't take it, she ran out the door with my mother yelling at her the entire way out. I followed Carrie, out the door but she was gone. I looked all over town to find her, called her phone more times than I could count, until I found her on the edge of Morrel Bridge. She was so sad, she told me that my mom was right that she was not thinking about my future. I told her that I didn't care what my future was as long as it was with her. She said that she would jump from the bridge, so that she couldn't ruin my life. I stood on the edge with her and told her that if she jumped, that I would follow. Next thing I remember was her going over the edge and me following. Things just seemed to slow down as we fell, I could feel the cold and stinging air rushing into my face, and felt it run through my hair. Then nothing." He finished sadly, running his hand through Carries hair.

Lexy was stunned, at the story that he had entrusted her with. "I don't regret my decision," he said solemnly, still running his fingers through Carrie's flowing white hair, "I just wish it would have ended differently." He confided.

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