And then he was pulling away from me, a frown on his face.
I frowned now too, raising my eyebrows in question.
"You smell like him," he half growled. "It's awful."
"How about we don't talk about how bad I smell all the time?"
He smirked, but still was pushing me towards the bathroom.
"You are showering. I am sitting outside the door waiting for you. The pack is following the rest of Caedon's pack and killing them." The pack was already moving about the apartment, putting their shoes and jackets on.
Boyd was waiting impatiently by the door, eyes glowing yellow.
"Stick together," Derek commanded. "They're going to try to pull you apart so they have a chance. Go after one at a time. Do not split up."
"Are we killing all of them?" Erica asked. Her voice was so calm and normal that it almost made me laugh. Normal pack stuff here. Just teenagers killing people. Nothing abnormal about that.
"Yes," Scott answered, surprising me a little. He was always the one that wanted to avoid death. "We are going to kill them and then burn the bodies. All of them."
Derek nodded. "We're not taking any chances. I don't want them near us again."
The pack left without another word, leaving just Peter, Derek and I. And of course, the still burning remains of Caedon and some other dude.
Derek turned to him angrily. "And where were you?" He half shouted, his finger jamming into Peter's chest.
Peter pushed Derek away from him. "Your father didn't kill his mate. I did."
Derek still glared at him, waiting for a better explanation.
"If he saw me, I feared all his anger would fall straight into Stiles."
"I knew he had something to do with it," I said under my breath.
Peter rolled his eyes. "He's dead now, you should be happy."
"Its not about that," Derek growled. "If you knew…you did know, you had to have known! You knew why they were here and you didn't tell us. We could have protected Stiles more effectively."
Peter just shrugged. "My dear nephew, I don't know what you want me to say."
Derek just growled.
Peter just sighed. "I'm going out now to help your pack." As if that was enough o forgive the whole situation. Screw him.
Derek cursed under his breath at him, but did nothing more.
After Peter left, Derek turned to me, his eyes dark. "Shower. Then we need to talk."
I frowned. "What's wrong?"
"You smell," he said, almost whining. "Then we need to set some boundaries."
I felt suddenly very nervous but complied anyway. I wanted to get Caedon's spit off me anyway.
My shower was long, but not as long as it had been last time. I wanted to be back with Derek more than anything.
When I got out of the shower Derek was waiting for me on the couch. He had cleaned up the mess left from the fight and the fire had started to burn down to embers.
"What'd you mean by boundaries?" I said, sitting down next to him.
He stared ahead him for a second before turning to look at me. He didn't look angry, but when was talking about boundaries ever a good thing?
He closed the space between us quickly and put an arm around me. "Not so much my boundaries, but the boundaries people need to have with you."
I raised my eyebrows at him.
He pushed himself closer to me. "You. Are. Mine." He half growled. "Mine. And I don't want anyone to forget that." He licked my neck and sucked on my earlobe. "I want wolves to smell it and people to see it."
I smiled at him, moving closer to him too. I didn't think I could ever get close enough. I kept pushing closer to him, until I finally gave up and just pushed myself into his lap completely.
"I'm serious, Stiles," he continued, his voice low and growly. He rubbed his face against my cheek and t wasn't until then did I realize he had phased and was rubbing wolfy sideburns all over me. I couldn't help but laugh.
"Okay, big bad," I said, laughing again. "I get it, what do you want me to do? I can make up a nice 'property of Derek Hale' shirt."
He just hummed into my neck, kissing lightly.
"I'll write 'don't fuck with us' on the back, if you want."
I didn't have to see his eyes to know that he was rolling them.
"Phase back," I said. "I want to kiss you and these sideburns gotta go."
He was kissing me before I even finished my sentence, and with my hands against his face I felt the shift back.
Derek's phone rang and he groaned as he pulled away from me. I kept a tight grip on his arms, though, because I felt like if I let go he may not come back.
The conversation was quick, and whoever was on the other line spoke quickly and in a hushed whisper.
When he hung up and threw it back on the table he turned to me. "They've killed two, so there's two more. They expect to be back in an hour."
"What're we gonna do with that hour?" I said, kissing his neck. God, he was hot.
A low growl – a moan? – escaped his lips. He sat up, pulling me up too, and was leading me somewhere. I stumbled backward, not wanting to stop this kiss. Then he hands were on my hips and then lower, and he was pulling me effortlessly off the ground until I locked my legs around him. We collapsed onto the bed, still kissing. His tongue traveled down my chest, sucking and licking and kissing every mark that had been left, as if he were erasing it. He was erasing it. When I thought about them, I could only think of how it felt when his lips were there. How good he felt.
I pulled him back up to me, whining slightly. Honestly, I cannot believe the noises that were coming out of me. Seriously embarrassing.
But every once in a while I got a good kiss in there somewhere and the sounds Derek was making weren't exactly human either. Even if they were a bit more manly than the ones I was making, I didn't care. Derek was kissing me and it was damn good.
He pulled away after five minutes, breathing heavily. "I'm not sleeping with you, Stiles." He was smiling slightly.
"Come on," I said, breathing heavily. "You are…so hot…and I need this." I could barely get out my sentence through my shaky breaths.
He laughed. "You don't need it, you want it."
"Dammit," I said, trying to pull his face down to mine again. I wanted his hands to roam across my chest again, to tug at the waistband of my shorts. I wanted his hard on to rub against mine and I wanted his lips on mine.
"Stiles," Derek said, smiling. "I'm serious, I won't sleep with you."
"You suck."
He laughed. "I'm not going to have sex with you in my uncle's bed, Stiles."
"You'll make out with me and be all sorts of hot in it, though? Damn you."
He laughed again and leaned back down to kiss me slowly.
"Okay, so say we're not in Peter's bed," I said, pulling his head against my chest.
"We are," He said, kissing my neck.
"But if we weren't."
"Then there would be nothing stopping me."
My heartbeat must have sped up considerably with his words, because he laughed and pressed his ear against my chest.
He rolled over after another ten minutes and I groaned.
He laughed, "What?"
"Why are we even at Peter's house. Your bed is such a better idea."
"We were killing wolves, remember?" He said, smirking.
"I only remember you kissing me like crazy and then leaving."
He laughed. "I'm still here."
"You're a tease."
He kissed my forehead and hugged me. "We should head to my house, then."
"Yeah? And do what?" I said, sitting up.
"I think we'll figure something out," He said, a smirk on his face.
Yeah, I wouldn't ever get sick of him.

We were lying with tangled, sweaty limbs and I swear that was the best first-time ever in history. So amazing.
He ran his fingers through my sweaty hair, gently and lovingly. "You okay?" He asked, and he almost seemed…like he regretted what just happened.
"Yeah, definitely…more than okay, really. Great. Really great. Derek, oh my god, that was amazing."
He didn't say anything, but I could feel his smile against my neck.
"Are you okay?" I asked, twisting around to face him.
"I've been waiting a long time for that to happen, Stiles."
"I still don't see why you didn't make a move." I was rubbing circles into his biceps and damn, he was so hot.
"Scott was very adamant about it not happening," He said. "He didn't trust me."
"I'm gonna kick his ass."
"Don't talk about Scott's ass in my bed ever again." He said, but he was smiling.
His phone rang somewhere in the room and we both groaned. He rolled away from me to find it in the heap of clothes on the floor beside the bed.
"Don't they know we're busy?"
He laughed. "I doubt they care." He found it and answered it. "Did you get them?"
Scott's voice was loud through the phone. "Yeah, we're heading over to the loft. We'll meet you and Stiles there."
"Yeah, we're already here." Derek said, his cheeks actually turning a bit red.
"What? I thought the plan was to stay at Peters…"
"Yeah, change of plans."
"Why?" And then, "Ew, oh gross. You guys better shower. I am not walking into that house with you guys smelling like…like fucking!"
"Payback!" I shouted and Derek laughed.
"Fuck you guys," Scott said, hanging up.

We did shower, though, and that almost created another problem in itself because he was seriously way too attractive and I had not been with anyone but myself and some things aren't easily controlled and that is not my fault. Which I informed Derek several times, but he was just smiling happily, seemingly proud of what he'd done to me.
When the pack showed up, they all wrinkled their noses.
"We showered," I said, rolling my eyes.
"Yeah, together. It just makes you guys smell like lust," Scott said bitterly. "It's disgusting."
"Hey," Isaac said, shrugging. "You smell like that all the time. Get used to it."
"Yeah, except the smell isn't coming from your best friend and your alpha when it's me," Scott said pointedly.
"I'm happy for them," Erica interjected. "I think they're adorable."
"In the future, you can refrain from using adorable to describe me," Derek said, but he was smiling.
Erica smiled. "I'll try to keep that in mind."
"Okay, enough about the loverboys," Boyd said, sighing. "What's next?"
The pack all turned and looked at Derek expectantly.
"Oh," he said, rubbing his arm. "I didn't think about that."
"Preoccupied," I said, winking.
Scott groaned and Derek pushed me lightly, a smile on his face.
"Well," He continued, clearing his throat. "They're dead, aren't they?"
"Dead and burned," Isaac said, nodding once. "Nothing but ashes in the woods."
"Then it's finished. There's nothing left to do."
We stood around silently for a minute, looking around at each other.
"Well, that was exciting," I said, breaking the silence.
Derek laughed shortly. "It was hell."
"Before you guys start flirting disgustingly again," Scott cut in. "We are gonna change. Then we're gonna get food. I'm starving."

And that's what we did. We went out to dinner. Derek held my hand under the table and snuck kisses during dinner and I couldn't believe my luck.
It made all the sense in the world that it took another alpha wanting me to get my alpha to do something about his feelings. My alpha was stubborn. But I loved him.

This installment is over, but keep your eyes open for The Orphaned Wolf which is a sequel and will answer any questions you may have :D
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