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Three Warriors

xxx. the fall .xxx

The wall was cool beneath his palm, and it was quiet, so quiet. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted what he thought was a wisp of grass, billowing gently in the wind, but it was just Annie, watching him wordlessly. As was customary of the girl, her hands were in her pockets and she was solemnly gazing at a spot on his back as she hid in the shadow of the taller Reiner. A few seconds of staring turned the two blondes into waving stalks of straw, melding into the green, grassy background.

The sounds within the city were subtle, but still there all the same. He felt the rumble of carts rolling over uneven pavement, the tinny vibration of voices through the very wall itself.

Bertholdt blinked.

"Well?" Reiner asked, striding up to the wall and giving it a good hard kick, despite the rebound on his scruffily shoed toe. The shorter boy gave Bertholdt a curious glance, an eyebrow quirking up mischievously, as if they were just going around stealing people's laundry laid out to dry. Like old times.

Like yesterday.

"I'm going, then," Annie said flatly, without waiting for a response. "Hold this for me."

She shoved her meager pack at Reiner's chest, but Reiner immediately returned it.

"I can't hold that," he replied simply. The two began to bicker, each with their differing levels of interest and enthusiasm.

Bertholdt watched them with a mild degree of amusement — had they been home, with Reiner and Annie laughing as they looked down at Bertholdt, struggling to climb up a tree despite his height advantage, Bertholdt would have smiled.

But he didn't.

Instead, he brought his hand to his lips, and stared at the looming wall before him. As his teeth closed around his knuckles, the salt of his sweat stung his eyes and he squeezed them shut.

The wall snapped beneath his hands like a toothpick, suddenly small, so small. He leaned on the structure, so weak before him, and glanced down at his companions. Annie had long since taken her leave, it seemed — a speck in the distance, with only the bob of her gold spun hair to identify her. But Reiner, smiling Reiner, he simply gazed up and mimed kicking the wall. From his height, Bertholdt could see that Reiner's one toe protruded through his shoe, and could only think that the poor leather needed mending.

Reiner waved insistently.

Bertholdt pulled back his leg and swung hard.

The most he could remember was Reiner tugging him through a gigantic gap in the wall, the smaller boy hardly able to carry Bertholdt's weight. In an instant, Annie was with them, scooping them up onto her shoulders and dodging among the myriad of titans that had stormed their way into the city. She ran until they reached the end of the block, the gate.

"I can't let you guys take all the credit, can I?" Reiner scrambled down Annie's arm and hopped onto the rooftop of an evacuated building. His nonchalance unnerved Bertholdt, but seeing as their third party member was not particularly impressed, the tall boy held tight to a lock of her hair and waited.

It wasn't long before the crash, and as soon as Reiner returned, small and on foot, they were off again. The people didn't particularly care that a titan was running along with two boys on her shoulders — they could hardly process her existence as she thundered by at impossible speeds — and as they crossed deeper and deeper, the terrain flying by beneath them, Bertholdt glanced back.

Debris, smoke, screams, and blood. Everywhere, blood.

Wall Maria had fallen.


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