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Three Warriors

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He can't tell if Ymir's eyes show surprise or shock or suspicion. She ducks into shadow, and he remains silent, lost in his thoughts.

Christa is going to die, and right then and there, he wants to grab the girl and just cradle her in his massive hands, but he realizes he is completely, utterly, and helplessly human, so instead he watches Ymir the titan howl through the air.

The blood seeps through the bandage, and he revels at how warm it is. Crimson red like garnet soaked in sins.

But not a ruby.

Because he finds that simply the word ruby on his tongue is bittersweet; he thinks of Annie, but he doesn't know why.

He thinks of jumping off the wall.

Ymir hangs in a sling, exhausted out of consciousness. But it doesn't matter to Reiner, because the Scouting Legion is in a tight spot. There is no breach in the wall, and he thinks he doesn't know why.

"What's going on?"

But Bertholdt is there, and he can't leave Bertholdt; he doesn't jump.

Ruby is the passion of a lover, given to her in hopes that her love will burn just as passionately and brightly and fervently.

Ruby is the correction of evils from a mistaken friendship, to right the wrongs that he hadn't meant to cause.

But he can't think of any wrongs, because he doesn't remember.

A ruby is a precious thing.

He repeats it countless times on his tongue until it is meaningless.

And then, when ruby has nothing but two syllables and a strange thickness in his throat, he reaches over to Eren.

"I have to talk to you."

Annie is not a ruby; Annie is a sapphire.

Sapphire is sincerity, a piece of his soul.

Sapphire is his entire devotion to her and her alone.

But he knows that can't be true, because his heart is torn in a thousand pieces. He can't let go of Bertholdt, who paces anxiously behind him. He can't let go of Eren, who has an odd sense of determination, a driving force with as much gravity as a fleeting star. He can't possibly let go of Christa; but who exactly is Christa, and why has he become so attached?

The wound heals discreetly, the blood of a garnet fading on his skin.

Garnet is a long and lasting love.

If that is garnet, then what is vengeance? Because he can't distinguish between the two when she comes, when those pained eyes hidden beneath ebony hair flash before him. She's going to kill him.

Mikasa is garnet stone, half polished, half not.

She is a time traveler, through pain and happiness and memories.

She has friends, she has Eren, she has Armin, she has faith and strength and firm belief.

She has the will to survive, to see the future and live with her family.

She does not, however, have Reiner's love.

That, in fact, is something he cannot determine he even has.

Not anymore, anyway.