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Alec drummed his fingers against the cherry wood table. The rain pattered on the glass ceiling above him. Currently, his boyfriend's apartment was styled contemporarily, which meant black and white furniture, stainless steel appliances, and a metal four-poster bed. However, Magnus liked his canary yellow bedspread to much give up, so it was like seeing a shiny copper penny among tarnished silver dimes. (Alec didn't know this, but Magnus had had the glass ceiling installed just because he had a slight exhibitionist side. Of course, he would never tell Alec.)

Speaking of Magnus, he was late. According a text sent three hours ago, he was on call for some business stuff. Alec had arrived at seven from training and a quick stop on 5th Avenue to deal with a few Du'sien. Magnus was supposed to have been waiting for him (preferably with food and a bath running) at the apartment. Instead, Alec had arrived with no one there, Chairman Meow not fed, and a note from Magnus on the bed that said,

My lovely Alec-

If I'm not here when you get home, (a little shiver had run through Alec at Magnus's apartment being "home" to him) take a shower, watch some Project Runway (I know you love it!) and feed Chairman Meow. Don't text me- technology such as a text from you would interfere with the magic I'm doing. Love you- xoxo Magnus

Alec had sighed and gone to take a shower in the bathroom. He now smelled faintly of sandalwood and a hint of cat food lingered on his pale hands. He had not watched Project Runway and instead had chosen to sit on the uncomfortable mahogany colored leather couch. It was now seven forty-five. He debated calling Magnus, but decided against it because if he ruined Magnus's job, what would that make him? A needy boyfriend, that's what.

He needed something to do. Cleaning might help, he thought, so he walked into his and Magnus's room. The place was painted black with tiny silver pieces of glitter in the paint, so it held an ethereal glow. The bright yellow bedspread was tossed aside, as were the steel gray pillows and velvet throws. Alec's cheeks flushed with the thought as to why they were strewn around. He set out by tossing all of Magnus's clothes into one huge pile. It almost stood bigger than his chest. Alec rolled his eyes and then sorted it out by color and dirtiness. He knew that Magnus put charms on most of them to repel dirt and whatnot, but sometimes he forgot. As he was putting a purple silk vest into the clean pile, a pair of caramel colored arms twined themselves around his stomach.

"Hey, gorgeous. Why're you doing my laundry? We both know I can do it by magic."

Alec twisted his neck around and kissed his boyfriend on the shoulder, which was all he could reach given the short angle.

"Well, I was bored. You weren't home yet, and I needed something to do.

Magnus pulled off of Alec to face him, a sweet smile gracing his beautiful face.

"Whatever happened to Project Runway?

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