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First chapter is in 3rd person only. The rest is Bella's POV.

There will be violence, gore and horror. This is M rated so if any of the above rattles you, or makes you uncomfortable, thanks for reading this far. See ya.


Chapter One

Black wings flutter under a long grey coat as he sits in the shadows and watches her.

There is a shiver up his spine, crawling and snaking its way under his skin. The only indication of what's happening around them. Around the bubble he's placed her in.

"I drew you a picture." Her tiny little legs carry her all the way to the corner of her yard. Big brown eyes find his as he smiles down at her, taking the picture she drew.

He observes her for a moment. Her wide smile, framed by dimples set in chubby cheeks. She looks so much like the woman inside.

The woman whose blood is staining the walls and soaking their cream colored sofa.

Her mother.

He could protect her, but he'd much rather sit outside with Bella. Watching her play, hearing her laughter.

Even with a heart as dark as night and as cold as snow, the small girl warms him. She's an enigma. So small and fragile, yet the strongest person he's ever met.

She's a contradiction.

She shouldn't be able to survive, not with him, but she does.

"Do you like it, Masen?" She asks, tugging at his slacks, annoyed that he isn't paying attention to her.

"I do." His eyes drift to the sliding glass door of the house as blood sprays across it, and he takes her into his arms, walking them to the swings.

He fights the urge to turn around and enjoy the sight before him.

"Do you think mommy will like it?" Her hands make fists on his jacket, and he knows she can sense what's happening. He can feel it within her, the unease, the tension.

"I think she'll love it." He brushes her wavy hair out of her face, his skin connecting with hers and easing her mind.

It's a gift he doesn't use often, something he shares with his brother. Something forbidden with mortals.

He's supposed to follow the code. Rules set in place centuries ago to protect them. But Masen rarely does as he's told, especially when breaking the rules is so much fun. When breaking them means he gets to keep Bella.

This is another part he enjoys, the collecting of the souls. Taking what belongs to him and earning the approval of his father.

The only downside is the girl. A girl he can't refuse. A girl he's bound to.

"We're going to play a game." Slowly he removes his coat, letting it fall to the ground as his wings shift, spreading wide.

"What kind of game?" She turns her head, but he blocks her, not wanting her to see the people murdering her mother.

He's cruel, he's planning to be cruel to her, but not yet. Not now. Her seeing the murder, the violence taking place could ruin everything he's planned for them.

"One day, far far away, you are going to meet a prince." His crooked smile shines as his hands grip the chains of the swing.

"A prince!" Bella claps as he swings her high, smiling as she leans her head back and looks at him with bright innocent eyes.

For now he blocks his darkened thoughts of her, enjoying her youth, appreciating it.

For now he has to protect her, keep her away from the things attacking her mother and brutally ripping her apart and scattering the pieces for Bella to find later.

He couldn't stop it. He didn't want to. She needs to find her. Even as a child, it was her destiny, her future, his.

"A very handsome prince." Masen grins as his wings lift, shielding them from the screams inside.

"And we're gonna get married." She giggles, kicking her legs as he swings her. She doesn't have a care in the world, only the comfort Masen brings.

"Do you trust me, Bella?" His eyes flash to hers, revealing an icy green. Her favorite color.


"Then close your eyes. Don't open them until I tell you." He kisses the top of her head, takes her hands in his and covers her eyes. "Don't peek."

"I'm not peeking! Promise." She nods as he walks in front of her, taking one last look at the child he's guarded since the day she was born.

He pulls a small locket from his shirt pocket. In it is a picture of her mother. Something he knew she would cherish.

As Bella counts he places it around her neck, whispering a promise to watch over her until she's ready for him.

In an instant, he is gone from her side and into the house, his wings vibrating as his feet stick to the blood covering the floor.

"Did you enjoy yourselves?" He couldn't see the figures inside the house, by choice. He grew up around creatures like this. Faceless horrors. Nightmares.

He sees them every day in hell, walking along the dank corridors, making their way to see the king. To bow down to leather shoes and a throne not meant for them.

He doesn't want to see them here. Not when he looks at Renee. Someone who reminds him so much of his Bella.

Instead he waits for them to leave, knowing his presence makes them uncomfortable; frightened.

He smiles when they scatter, leaving only echoes of their scrambling escape.

"You really left a mess." He shakes his aching head as he surveys the damage left behind.

There isn't much of Renee left. Her skin was torn and shredded, hair ripped out in chunks.

It's a scene he's created himself. One he will create again. Taking a soul can be simple, clean and cut, right from the book. He prefers the feeling of his victims flesh as it tears under his nails, and the smell of their blood as it cools against his face drives him.

No one has ever said he couldn't play with his victims.

Even knowing this will devastate Bella, he still take pleasure in the carnage. It is his way, his lifestyle.

"Masen I counted so high but you never..." His blood runs cold as she skips into the room.

He's gone from her eyes immediately, cloaking himself in the power his wings bring him. Letting them take away his pain at her seeing her so devastated.


He listens to her sobs, her screams filling the small living room as she tries to wake her mother.

He listens and waits for the last beat of the woman's heart. He knows she's holding on for her daughter. He respects it. He doesn't want to leave Bella either.

Not like this.

"Her sacrifice is for you." His eyes turn cold and his wings grow blacker as he readies himself.

Rolling up his sleeves he moves forward, watching Bella shiver from his presence as he whispers in Renee's ear.

"She'll be safe." He promises as the last thrum of her heart gives up it's battle.

A single kiss to her cool lips releases her soul into his, giving him power.

He stands shivering, his wings spread wide, as another feather grows black as coal.

With one last look at Bella, his wings wrap him in a tight embrace as he fades away, taking the soul of her mother with him.

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