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L and Light are at headquarters, taking a break cause they can't find anything on the case yet. Everyone else are doing their own thing, so Light decides to play a game on his laptop. He hasn't played in a while because of work and stuff.

"Light-kun, what are you doing?" asks L, who's stting in his usual crouch on his chair.

"I'm playing a game called 'MineCraft'."

"And what do you do?" he asks, looking over Light's shoulder. Light wants to see if l could actually do this.

"Youre a person, and you just pretty much do whatever you want. I like to play survival mode. You have health and You move like this." he demonstrates with the key board. "And to look around, you use the mouse, and do stuff like this. Wanna try?"

"Ah, okay.." Light hands the laptop over to L. L starts to collect a few things. After a few minutes, then the sky starts to get dark.

"Is this normal?" asks L, eyes widening, a thumb to his bottom lip.

"Yeah," Light smiles. L wanders around and it's really dark. Then, there's a growl.

L's eyes become extremely wide. "What was that?"

Just then, a green thing starts attacking him.

"AH! What in the bloody hell is that?!" L yells in English, while pushing the laptop away a little. Light bursts out laughing.

"Those are creepers, they blow up when you are to close. They can destroy your house or something."

"...Creepers. They are called..creepers.." L deadpans.

"Yes." Light smiles. "Now start playing before you die!"

L turns to the laptop and starts playing. He kills the creepers.

"Interesting... Oh hell there's more?!" a shit load of the creepers are going after L. L runs and he jumps onto a tree.

Matsuda walks in sees that L is playing MineCraft. "Oh hey! Have you tried the Xbox one? You can talk to people with a headset! I have one, I'll go get it."

A few moments later...

L is sitting on his chair with a controller in his hand. He also has a headset on.

"I am able to talk to people on here?" L asks.

"Yeah." Light answers.

Matsuda sets everything up and L hears voices.

"So yeah.. I would want a guy that has a good size. Y'know?" says a girl.

"Yeah.. OH SHIT CREEPERS! Man down man down!" they start laughing

"I've got you babeeee"

The other makes music sound effects. L has a 'Wtf?' face on. Light looks at L in curiosity.

"Hey is anyone there? Hello?" A girls says.

"I think you scared them away, Sienna."

"Well.. Shit.."

"Oh hey! That guy has a mic! Say something." the other says.

"Hello..." L says hesitantly.

"Hi there! HOW'S THE WEATHER?"

"Fairly good.."

"That's good!"


"Die bitch." one murmers. The other starts laughing.

"How old do i sound?" the girls ask.

Just to be nice, L says "sixteen or nineteen."

"Haha! I'm fourteen and the other girl, my cousin, is fifteen."

"That's nice." L looks at Light.

Light and Matsuda smile. Light checks the clock.

"It's getting late, I'm going to bed. L let's go."

L signs off and brings Light's laptop.

"Bye Matsuda." says Light.


They walk upstairs and L uncuffs the chain while Light changes his clothes.

"Night, Light-kun."

"Night L."

Light wakes up bright and early to see that L is on MineCraft.

"L? How long have you been playing that?"

"Since you went to sleep." L says, not looking away from the screen.

"Seriously?" Light gapes.

"Yes. I am an insomiac, and I have something to keep me entertained."


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