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L yawns as he looks through yet another stack of cases. He's been gathering other cases since the Kira case is so slow.

L goes through them quickly.

"The murderer is the daughter. Case solved." L tosses the folder over his shoulder onto a chair and picks up another one.

"Culprit is the chef, since everyone seems to be dying from his meals. Case solved." L goes through more and solves them within a few minutes. He picks up another.

And another.

And another..

Light blinks as he looks at L from the corner of his eye and finally turns around to look at L.

"Ryuzaki, why are you going through other cases when you should be working on the Kira case?"

L picks up a lollipop and gives it a good lick, "Well, Light-kun, why shouldn't I solve all these cases when I can? Also, why are you worrying about it?"

Light rolls his eyes and shrugs, "I don't know. Curiosity killed the cat."

Light faces his desk again and puts his head on his arm, putting the weight on his hand. Light dazes off thinking about what his friend told him about at in college.

"Yeah and this site is okay. I would go on it here and there. You can talk to people and I think its a good way to kill time."

"Oh really.." Light asked, half paying attention. Light looks up from his phone and looks at his friend just to be polite.

"It's called Zwinky. You should go on it some time."

"Okay.. I will." Light goes back to reading some emails.

Light furrowed his eyebrows and clicked to a new tab.

, Light thinks.

Okay so, everything is cartoons basically. Light clicks create account and begins. He chooses his gender and makes the outfit and everything. He made his zwinky look like himself, of course. He has to come up with a username that isn't taken though.



Yeah, thats creative.

Light creates his account and begins browsing Zwinky. Little did he know that a certain detective is looking over his shoulder.

Zwinky..? L thinks, then quietly walks back to his desk and goes on his laptop.

Light is in this place called Zwink. It looks like a club, theres disco lights and the floor is very flashy. There are many people and girls hoard around him.



"I like you."

"I'm new, want to be friends?"

Light left and went somewhere else called Lexi Hall.

What Light sees made Light shocked and almost choke on his spit.

He sees a zwink. Male. With spiked hair, white long-sleeved shirt, and jeans.



Why hello Light, fancy seeing you here.

What are you doing on this site?

A girl comes in.

Hy guis wnt 2 b frnds.

L and Light cringe at the girls typing.

No thanks.

Yeah, no thanks.

Fein, bi byches.

Light looks at L from where he is sitting. L looks back and blinks.

"Shouldn't we be working on the Kira case?"

L thinks for a second.

"Yes, but I am bored. Plus, I couldn't help but notice that you are not working on the case so I decided to join as well."

"I see."

Light goes through the stores and blinks at the title Tie The Knot.

What the hell...? Tie The Knot? Like marriage?

Light goes through the store and sees that its for women. Wedding dresses, hairstyles, etc.

Light mentally facepalms.

Marriage.. on a game..

L perks up and says, "Hey Light-kun, you can have a chocolate bunny costume."

"How fascinating.."

"It is, isn't it."


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