I'm putting on my dancing shoes tonight,

Ten thousand people waiting for,

Me I can hear them outside,

From the curtain I sit behind.

The music filtered through Sakura's ears as she spun in her spot trying to successfully attempt a triple pirouette. It was one of the more difficult moves that she had attempted in a while. She had been practicing for hours, trying to get ready for her next class. There were auditions today and there was nothing she wanted more to do than to impress her teacher. Tensing her stomach muscles she brought her hands up and spotted her pale pink wall. Putting herself into motion she went around once, twice and finally a third time before landing cleanly. She stood for a few moments letting the dizziness slowly fade away before smiling widely and letting out a squeal. She had finally done it, and all it had taken was months of work.

Glancing down at her phone, her few seconds of excitement faded into panic. If she didn't leave her house right away then she would be late for school. And that was not something that she wanted to start, especially since she was known for her perfect attendance and perfect grades. If she missed one day she worried that that would be when her life would turn negative. Then again with the way she was treated at school, the thought of missing did have somewhat of an appeal. But she had promised her mother when she left for her business trip that she would do try her hardest at everything. That she wouldn't let people get her down and that she would succeed to the best of her abilities.

Tearing off her pointe shoes and stuffing them in her dance bag, she quickly slipped on her favorite flats and rushed out her front door. Looking down at the time once again she picked up her pace and broke into a run, she only had ten minutes to get to school and get settled into her homeroom. And her school was a fifteen minute walk away.

Green flashed by her as she let her lean legs carry her to what she considered her nightmare. But it was something she would do because after going through the eight hours of hell she would be able to go to her safe haven. A place where no one judged her or tormented her. A place where the music took her away from everything and everyone.

She had every day perfectly planned. Waking up at 5 am she would go for her morning run around her small neighborhood, coming back home she would grab a piece of fruit and bite into it savoring the tangy taste of it. And then she would practice dancing until it was time for school. After school she would go to her classes at the Konaha Dance Academy until seven rolled around and then she would head home and prepare dinner and finish all the homework that she didn't finish during lunch and her free period. Then typically she would head to bed and study until she fell asleep. The next morning she would do it all over again. Her weekends she usually stayed at the Academy all day, where she would volunteer to teach classes.

Slowing her run into a job she approached the school doors. Swinging them open she rushed toward her locker to put up her bags. She didn't want to bother her teacher with her bulky dance bag. Grabbing her binder and her folder that was full of her homework she shut her locker and turned to jog to her first class but was stopped by the one person that she really didn't feel like seeing.

Sighing she faced him and looked at him expectantly. His face devoid of any emotion.

"What do you want senpai?" Sakura asked with her soft voice. Her eyes drifting toward the clock that was on the wall. She was cutting it way to close, normally she would already be settled in her seat and reviewing for whatever test that she had that day. But of course he had to mess up her day. He always messed up her day. He existing messed up her day; the entire Uchiha clan existing messed up her day. It was only until she put in her ear phones and turned on her ipod that she forgot all about the pain in the ass Uchiha's that ruled her school.

"You're in my way." He said expressionlessly. Huffing and rolling her eyes she maneuvered around him, pulling out her ear phones from her hoodie pocket and putting them in. She ignored the stares that his cousin was throwing her way.

The drums kick in and the lights go down,

My heart beat drowns out the sound,

My hands go up and I sing my song,

And a thousand voices sing along.

Letting the music drown out the rest of the world she walked to her first class and sat down.

Once the final bell rang Sakura rushed from her last period and to her locker. She only had a few minutes to make it to her dance class, and thankfully it was only a few blocks down the road from Konaha High. Smiling to herself she grabbed her bags and pushed her way through the throngs of students. She headed to where her only friends hung out and the place where she grew up.

Walking up to the Academy she could hear the music seeping through the doors. Grinning she pushed open the door and walked past the parents in the lobby and made her way into the girls changing rooms. Changing out of her school clothes and into her dance leotard she walked into the mirrored room where all the other girls were sitting around and doing their warm up stretches. Smiling brightly she walked across the wood floor and sat beside her best friend Hinata. She had been attending the same classes with Sakura ever since they were in grade school. Both girls sat next to each other in silence until their teacher walked in and tapped her cane against the floor signaling class to behind. Standing up and taking position at the bar. The class began and the girls began to go through the routines, not once paying attention to the group of people who had walked into the viewing room to watch them.