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Because we're lucky - Chapter 2

The Justice League meeting had been in session for just over two hours now. With the way the big blue boy-scout could drone on and on, it was doubtful that anyone but superheroes could last this long without telling the Superman he had the public speaking abilities of a toaster oven. Perhaps some of the members were even still paying attention.

Between the recent breakouts at Arkham, and the Justice League needing constant supervision for fear of one of them actually trying to make a global decision without him, the Gotham vigilante had been given very little time to spend at home.

In the past, this had not been a problem. Besides his responsibility to make appearances as Bruce Wayne at Wayne Corp a few times a week, and the occasional charity events he was obligated to attend, there was no other pressing need to set foot above the cave.

Things were different now. Now he had a little bird back home waiting for him, and birds could not stay cooped up at home or in caves. It was still too early for Robin to fly over the streets of Gotham, with or without Batman, and the child's hurt and worried expression every time Batman left without him only magnified the vigilante's guilt in leaving him behind so often and for such great lengths.

Behind the guise of his cowl, the man beneath it began to outline more possible training exercises for his young future partner. If the little bird had finished his homework, and if Superman tired of hearing his own voice in the next millennium, perhaps they would have time for-

Out of the corner of his eye, the flashing of the communicator had Batman glancing away from the podium and down at his wrist.

Code 34.

Without warning, the Dark Knight stood from his seat at the table across from Wonder Woman and moved toward the zeta tubes.

"Batman? Where are you going?" Superman called after him in confusion, a slight hint of hurt coming through in his tone.

The Dark Knight known as Vengeance did not pause in his objective. "Gotham."


As he turned to deliver a brief scathing retort, it was apparent that all heads of the Justice League were watching him, equally interested in what he was doing. Anything would be more thrilling than listening to their sentimental leader talk about this world under the sun they all loved and shared, and their mission to protect it.

In that moment, seeing all of those bored faces with nowhere better to be, Batman couldn't help a slight flinch of the right side of his upper lip that may or may not have been the beginnings of a smirk. What was he doing here when he had his very own sun waiting for him back home that he didn't need to share, and very much wanted to protect.

Only one phrase came to his mind.

"I'm lucky."