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Because we're lucky

Chapter 3

The cowled figure atop the roofs of Gotham surveyed his city which had been blanketed in a sheet of thick snow. The piercing cold had driven all of the usual late night traffic indoors leaving the city in uncommon eerie silence.

Intimidating white eyes roamed over streets and alleys while the rest of the suited man remained completely frozen, blending in perfectly with the white stillness. The freezing temperatures had long since seeped into the reinforced kevlar to touch vulnerable human skin but the bat paid it no attention.

The flicker of something barely noticeable if not for the otherwise complete stillness caught the corner of his eye and a tight scowl reached the man behind the cowl's lips.

"What are you doing here?" was demanded in the gruff voice of Gotham's Dark Knight.

"Nice to see you too, boss man." the Boy Wonder, whose voice was almost as familiar to Gotham's streets, responded chipperly. Or perhaps no longer so familiar as his protege's voice had deepened, betraying that soon he would no longer be making his quips with the voice of a child.

Batman turned to see his once upon a time partner balancing on his hands atop a stone gargoyle. Robin was all skin and bones pulled taut over small but deceptively strong muscles. His arms and legs were no longer quite proportional to rest of his body. It had been weeks since the Bat had last seen the boy who was quickly becoming a man. Despite this knowledge, however, Batman would never be able to see this hero in his own right as anything but his child partner.

Batman turned back towards his city. It would soon be time to move on to his next patrol point.

The boy landed kneeling silently beside him. "Care for some company? It's cold out tonight."

Not too long ago on nights such as these Robin would never have admitted to being cold. The stubborn child, so like his mentor in many ways, would instead quietly move closer to the warm body of his mentor until the Bat would casually drape his cape over the shivering body of the youth.

Robin was too big now to simply disappear between the folds of his cape.

"Shouldn't you be with the Titans." The wave of nostalgia turned quickly to cold bitterness on his tongue.

"Yeah, but I got a call." The Dark Knight did not have to turn his head in order to see the Boy Wonder's unhappy expression.

The old man had attempted to keep him from his patrol that evening and had failed. Through sickness and in health, Gotham was his responsibility. The boy would have no better luck in swaying him away from his mission. "I will return when I've finished the night's patrol."

"Gotham will survive a night without you." Came an exasperated huff beside him.

Batman sneered. "You were the one who chose to abandon Gotham." The boy had chosen to abandon Gotham, abandon him, for a team of under-trained super-powered teens.

"This isn't about Gotham!" Robin whined childishly even as his voice cracked on the high note. Then his partner's voice turned into whisper and would barely have been heard if not for the frozen stillness that surrounded them. "Gotham wasn't ever what made me lucky."

The man under the Bat suddenly realized how cold and numb his body had become. How hard it was to keep his head elevated, and how painfully his throat ached.

A small gloved hand settled on his shoulder, still too small to be a man's but large enough to no longer belong to the child whom he'd trained.

"Come on, big guy. Let's go home. I even promise to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story."

A small smirk crept across the lips of the cowled man, carefully hidden from the world, except for the small bird at his side. His eyes made one last sweep of the area before standing to his full height. A sudden dizziness overtook him and he had to force his body to remain upright.

"Woah-boy! Guess I'm driving tonight." Robin grinned but there was also veiled worry in his tone. The boy had never perfected the art of masking his emotions entirely.

The bat grunted but otherwise did not respond.

They made their way down to the where the batmobile had been left in an alley and no objection was made when Robin hopped into the drivers seat and even made a "come hither" gesture with his finger accompanied by a wink.

Batman settled into the passenger seat partially amused by the boy's usual sense of humor and partially wary of the teen he'd just trusted the steering wheel to. The heater was turned on full blast as they sped away down the dark and still silent streets of his city.

"Robin." The cowled man ventured as the warmth finally found his freezing skin making it tingle unpleasantly.

"Yeah, boss man?"

"Gotham was never what made me lucky either."

Silence followed them the rest of the way back to the cave but the a single glance the bat got of his protege was enough. The soon to be a man's bottom lip was pursed between his teeth and there was a little smile on his lips. His boy. His Robin.

His reason for being lucky.

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