Author's Note: I fell in love with the story of Sam and Lonnie in the game Gone Home. So here's a little snippet after Sam left her home. There are indeed spoilers for the game Gone Home in here so read at your own risk. The song used in this particular drabble is Anywhere by Evanescence. Enjoy and be sure to leave a review... And I'll be adding to this with other little prompts too, so feel free to send me some.

Oh my God, Katie. I.. I fell asleep in the attic, in Lonnie and mine's old spot. I missed the first two calls, I just barely caught the third one before the machine got it, and it was Lonnie! On a payphone! She'd been on the bus to basic and she said she couldn't... She couldn't think of anything but me and us, and that she couldn't go through with it. With the army, and being apart, and all of it. So she got off the bus, she said, "Sam, I want you to pack up everything you can and get in your car and come find me, and let's just drive until we find somewhere for us." And she asked me if I could do that, and I said yes. Yes...

Katie... I'm so sorry. That I can't be there to see you in person. That I can't tell you all this myself. But I hope as you read this journal, and you think back, that you'll understand why I had to do what I did. And that you won't be sad, and that you won't hate me, and you'll just know that I am where I need to be. I love you so much Katie, and I'll see you again. Someday. Love, Sam.

That was the last thing I ever said to my sister Katie. That was the last time I'd ever talk to her, well, at least for a little while. I meant what I said when I told her in the journal that I would see her again someday. I would keep true to my word.

dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
and, dear my love, haven't you longed to be free
i can't keep pretending that i don't even know you
and at sweet night you are my own
take my hand...

When Lonnie called me crying that night, I could hear how heartbroken she was. Her voice was so strained, and she was sniffling a lot. But when she told me what happened and how she ran away for me, I didn't hesitate to get in my car and drive to get her. It was raining that night, but I didn't care. I loved her, and I had to see her again. She had just sacrificed everything for me, and I would do the same for her. God, I would always do the same.

we're leaving here tonight
there's no need to tell anyone
they'd only hold us down
so by the morning's light
we'll be half way to anywhere
where love is more than just your name

Ever since our relationship had begun, with the silly grunge bands, passing notes, going to shows, dying each other's hair, taking our pictures in the attic, and ghost hunting adventures, God, our adventures were literally endless... I had fallen in love with her. I knew Lonnie was always a hard person to understand, but I knew, I just knew deep down in my heart that she had fallen in love with me as well. We were just meant for each other. It was because of Lonnie, that I took pride in being the psycho house girl. That was the whole reason we even started hanging out.

I packed all my things, and grabbed the necessities I needed for Lonnie and I to go out on our own. I left my finished journal behind for my sister Katie, because she would be the only one to understand my feelings right now and why I did what I did. Mom and dad already thought that I was crazy, so it was good that they were gone now on their little anniversary trip. I mean, after all, I didn't really care for my parents anymore. After what they said to me, that I was in a phase. It was more than that, it was always more.

Lonnie was far away, so I drove and drove until I reached her. Finally, after hours and hours of endless driving, her dyed red hair came into view. Lonnie had a smile on her face, she was still in her gear from basic training, and she looked beautiful. More beautiful than ever to be honest. I pulled the car up slowly to get her, and she climbed in rather quickly and soaked.

i have dreamt of a place for you and i
no one knows who we are there
all i want is to give my life only to you
i've dreamt so long, i cannot dream anymore
let's run away...i'll take you there

"Lonnie-" I started but was cut off by her.

"Sam... I couldn't do it. I just... Just need to be with you." She said immediately, and I could tell that she was going to cry.

"Let's find a place Lonnie, a place just for us." I said with a reassuring smile as I put my foot on the gas pedal and just drove. Because that was what she wanted me to do when I said yes.

Years later...

Our house was absolutely perfect. Everything about it, I loved so much. It was a cute little cottage, a house that I had picked out because Lonnie let me. It was two stories tall, had three bedrooms, a small kitchenette, and a very small living room. It was cute, and homey, and it just felt so nice to finally have something that belonged to us after all this time. The house was enough for the both of us to start our lives, and the best thing is, I think Lonnie liked the house too. Back when we were teenagers, we'd never thought we'd end up here as adults.

When she asked me to run away with her, I'd never even imagined this. I never thought that the both of us would be doing what we loved. We both had successful careers, and even though we had to leave our families behind to accomplish all this, I wouldn't change anything in the world. I loved Lonnie, and I'd literally do anything for her; anything and everything, and I feel like she would do the same for me. I didn't regret a single thing, and Lonnie and I, well we were truly happy together.

we're leaving here tonight
there's no need to tell anyone
they'd only hold us down
so by the morning's light
we'll be half way to anywhere
where no one needs a reason

"So," I asked as we continued to carry in boxes to our new home. "What do you think?" I asked Lonnie as I sat down a box in our small living room. It probably had comic books or something of that nature.

Lonnie hesitated before she turned to me and answered, "I dig it." She said simply, with one of her goofy smiles. "Just think of all the adventures we can have in this house!" She exclaimed and I couldn't help but to laugh. Lonnie was always like that, never serious, and always adventurous and fun. "Do you like it?" She asked when I didn't answer back immediately.

"Of course I like it!" I said almost yelling. "I love it!" I said, and what was not to love? This house was absolutely everything I had ever dreamed of. We could live here for a long time, raise a family, and I was just so excited to be starting our lives together. We'd also talked about marriage before, and Lonnie promised me that someday we would go and tie the knot. I couldn't wait for that day.

"Good." Lonnie chuckled, "Now let's finish packing in our stuff. Then we'll explore the house." She tells me and I nod as we head back out to the car to get more boxes.

forget this life
come with me
don't look back, you're safe now
unlock your heart
drop your guard
no one's left to stop you now

"Hey Lonnie?" I asked as we headed back outside.

"Yeah?" She turned and faced me.

"You know I love you, right?" I asked.

In that moment, she smiled one of those beautiful smiles. One of those smiles that made me fall in love with her in the first place. "Yeah, I know." She replied with another laugh. We were so happy together, and I wouldn't change a thing in the world.

"You're not going to say it back?" I joked playfully.

Lonnie shrugged, "I don't need to say it back if you already know it." She retorted. She then sat down the box she was carrying and pulled me into her arms. We really weren't the affection type of couple, with us being lesbian and all, but when the time called for it, Lonnie sure could be a teddy bear. I stayed in her embrace until she kissed me with as much fever as she could.

"Please say it." I begged, just wanting to hear those three words roll off her tongue.

"I love you, Sam." She sighed.

we're leaving here tonight
there's no need to tell anyone
they'd only hold us down
so by the morning's light
we'll be half way to anywhere
where love is more than just your name