Title: Once Upon a Coffee Shop

Author: Elguardiuz

Rating: T

Genre: Romance / Humor

Summary: "If you can be The Beast, The Frog Prince or Alladin, which one do you wanna be?" She asked, eyeing him with curiosity. "None" he replied casually. "What, why?" she asked. "Because fairy tales aren't real, and having something that isn't real is as good as having nothing at all".


I'm here with a two-shot! Woot!

I have a story that I haven't update in like 6 months or so.

Yeah, kinda lost my motivation for "Spying the Spied Spy". The spark just isn't there anymore you know. Or is this what they call 'writer's block'? Well anyway, hope you'll enjoy this one; I got the inspiration after watching Lilo and Stitch. So, without further ado, ON WITH DA STOREEEHHH

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Nor Disney. Nor The Beast or Alladin or Ariel or any other Disney characters I mentioned.




Sakura Haruno was a fairy tale believer.

And a firm one too.

And like any other fairy tale believer, she believed in happy endings, dream come true-s and the cliché 'guy always gets the girl'. She believed in badly written love stories, vampire romance and that a guy who would voluntarily die for his girl is romantic. She believed in frog princes, '12 o'clock kisses' and fairy godmothers. And she ultimately believed in true love, 'the one' and sex after marriage.

And of course, all of those facts above basically conclude that she's a Disney girl.

She has watched every single Disney movies there is. You name it.

From the lying long-nosed doll to the guy who falls love with a mermaid.

Yup, she watched them all.

She cried when Simba died. She gasped when the crystal shoe fell off. She did a ballroom dance with a pillow in her room once, accompanied by the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. She shrieked when Tarzan wore his human father's suit, screaming how hot he is. She knew from the very beginning that Flynn Rider is going to fall in love with Rapunzel. And she shed her tears in the end of Brave.

And Sakura was never a gamer, but she played all of the Kingdom Hearts series just because Disney's characters are in there. In every single platform too.

She liked to imagine that she was one of the princesses, dancing in a gigantic ballroom, alone with her oh-so-very-charming prince, having the time of their lives. Or sitting in a throne, helping the villagers with their problems, and try helping them solving it like a good queen she would someday be.

But sadly that's not what she's experiencing right now. Instead, she was greeted with countless amounts of customers, queuing in a super long line waiting for their coffee, a fuel to start their day. And that's when she knew that today isn't going to get better.

But hey, no good story starts with 'once upon a time'.



"Once Upon a Coffee Shop"

By Elguardiuz




'Once upon a time,' Sakura chanted in her head, 'there lived a beautiful princess in a beautiful kingdom filled with people with beautiful personalities. But then, the beautiful princess was magically turned into an ordinary girl who isn't a princess and is banished to a less-beautiful kingdom filled with people with even less-beautiful personality. She is forced to work in a café while studying to be a doctor because economy said so. And then one day she thought to herself, maybe she should rot here as well.' Sakura thought as she finished with a groan.

She has always thought that a café was a really good place to make money. 'I mean who doesn't drink coffee nowadays, right?' She thought to herself. 'Coffee should be considered as one of the 4 main substances that supports a human being, next to Skittles, Oreo and Whip Cream.'

The café, as usual, is full of customers, who are desperate for their daily dose of caffeine. And she used to think that applying for a job at a coffee shop to help her parents to pay for her college tuition was one of the best ideas she ever has. And now she regretted it.

Standing behind the counter while faking a smile at everyone who never returns your smile can be a pain. Especially if you did it every morning for the last 10 months. Yup, a total pain.

Yeah sure she could eye on every single male hottie that walks by to pay for their drinks without having to be looked suspiciously. And sure the pay's pretty well, and the co-workers are very friendly. But doing the very same thing for 10 moths makes it lose its spark, and something that does not have sparks, or glitters, or shiny things, from Sakura's opinion, is boring.

The manager was always a guy who is always full of smiles, not like the fake one she has always give, but the real one, the happy one, the one that makes you feel a hundred –no, thousand times better about yourself. It's like he has found what he's destined to do, to make coffee, to make people feel delighted. And he sure as hell did a splendid job doing it. I mean all he ever did is that he'll walk around, smile, greet old lady Chiyo, smile some more and greet even more people.

Yeah, Manager Minato was never one to not smile. He's like the friendliest 40-year-olds with a male reproduction system she has ever met, well aside of her own father of course. Well anyway, it was noon, and she was (still) standing behind the counter because today's Sunday. And she has to work till evening today. Which sucks. So she decided to pester her co-worker.

"Holy crap Shikamaru, I am sooo bored."

"Why did you take this job then?" He asked lazily in the middle of his yawn, not even glanced at me.

"Well for the money, duh." I replied.

Shikamaru Nara was one of her favorite person in the world. He's smart, dryly humorous and masters the art of sarcasm and sleeping. A great company too. He's a barista, those guys who wrote your name in the cup. Yup, that's him.

He has this dislike (cough –constant fear –cough) towards women, and claimed to hate blonds. And yet all of the girls he dated, including the current, were blonds. Yeah, his dating life is pretty much active and alive.

Not like Sakura's.

She hasn't dated anyone since high school.

Which was 2 years ago.

It's not like she didn't want a boyfriend. And it's certainly not because she has played for another team. It's just that between eating, sleeping, pursuing a medical degree, working and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide for the plants (because she's such a good person, like honestly she should get a noble for environment care or something), she didn't have any time for a steady relationship.

And she would probably never will.

At least that's what she thought before she met him.

Him. Mr. Caramel Macchiato. (She and Shikamaru named him that after his favorite drink, which is what he orders every time he's in the café. Which is every day.)

Mr. Caramel was a guy with black hair which was styled to devise the laws of gravity. He was really pale, with this strong jaw line.

In short, he was hawt.

The second he walked to the coffee shop for the first time, she instantly knew that he was the one. She knew that the feeling she felt wasn't the same like the dumb old crush she felt when she was with her old boyfriends, but a real one. The ones that made her feel tingly and …warm.

She did her research the very second Mr. Caramel exited the café.

She found out from Naruto, the manager's son, that Mr. Caramel's name's Sasuke Uchiha. He's a year older than her. He has an equally hawt older brother. And he works in a big-ass company, the Uchiha Corp.

"It's Caramel again." Shikamaru whispered to her.

"I know! How do I look?"


"Good enough for me!" Sakura said to him, while trying to put on the sincerest smile she had since morning. She had planned to get to know him better, not by the stalker-ish way, but like the civilized, eye-to-eye conversation way. Sakura has planned everything in her mind, they will talk, fall in love, have 2 kids, watch Disney for the rest of their lives and runs hand in hand into the sunset.

So the moment Caramel's ready to order, she had everything planned.

"H-hello. Name my is Sakura Café, I mean Konoha Cafe, or K-Caf, or KonoCaf. Let's run into the sunset together."

'Earth,' Sakura thought to herself, 'you could swallow me whole now. I'm ready'



Her hair was pink.

That was the first thought he had when he first met a girl who was supposed to be a cashier in the café, his best friend's dad manage.

He guessed that she's probably at the same age as he is, or a year younger.

And he could tell that she's a Disney girl.

Her whole appearance basically screams Disney.

He hated fairy tales.

It's just so full of fakeness and lies to deceive small children that happy ever after-s do exist, that a kiss could bring back the supposed to be dead. It's so full of false hope.

And false hope annoyed him.

Hope annoyed him.

Because, according to Sasuke, hope means expecting something.

And expectations often lead to disappointment.

And Sasuke Uchiha has been disappointed way too many times to learn that he shouldn't expect anything.

Back to the girl, Sasuke's surprised of himself that he hasn't noticed this girl and her unique traits. And he didn't know if it's dyed or not. And he hated not knowing, it's like you're locked up in a dark room alone without any source of light.

"Is your hair dyed?" He asked bluntly, ignoring the cashier's invitation.

Her smile immediately turned into a snarl.

"No! For the last time people my hair is natural!" She screamed, throwing her hands up in the air, gaining everyone's attention. "Why is it that people always asked me that, I mean is a girl with a pink's hair that weird!? "

"NO!" She answered before he or anyone could say a word.

"Asking a pink-haired whether his or her hair is dyed is a crime of racism! And I don't care even if you're my true love, I won't forget this!" She said, her finger pointed at him.

And that's when he knew thing are about to get interesting.




Yeah, not much Disney Characters mentioned.


Oh, and if anyone's wondering, Sakura took night classes, in Indonesia (where I proudly came from), in college they have these night classes, so students who also works can do all of them in the same day.

And I'm reeeaaallly sorry if it lacks humor, or romance. But I tried my best.




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