Title: Once Upon a Coffee Shop

Author: Elguardiuz

Rating: T

Pairing: Sasusaku-ish. Kinda.

Genre: Romance / Humor

Summary: "If you can be The Beast, The Frog Prince or Alladin, which one do you wanna be?" She asked, eyeing him with curiosity. "None" he replied casually. "What, why?" she asked. "Because fairy tales aren't real, and having something that isn't real is as good as having nothing at all".



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Sasuke Uchiha was a realist.

And a stubborn one too.

And like any other realist, he didn't believe in luck, accidents, fortune cookies and destiny.

He has always thought that he made his own future. And that his future can only be made by him.

And he had always thought that fairy tales are dumb, shallow and most importantly, unrealistic.

Like, why would a shoe that was supposed to fit perfectly fell off?

See? Stupid.

It's like people were actually trying to feed small children lies.

But he didn't hate society just because of all they feed children with.

He just always hated them. Like, they asked you to be who you truly are, but judged you anyway.


Society's annoying. People are annoying.

Just, annoying.



Once Upon a Coffee Shop

By: Elguardiuz




It has been one day, three hours, fifteen minutes and forty seven seconds since the incident.

And she purposely took the day off for this date slash apology lunch for embarrassing him (and herself) in front of everyone in the café. And she didn't take any classes too.

And that led to the current scene, where they are both seated in a fancy restaurant in the middle of the day.

Not talking.

With this pregnant silence.

Waiting for someone in the background to whisper a high-pitched and stretched 'awkward'.

Seeing this, Sakura brought up her oh-so-famous statement that would totally catch a fire of million conversations.

"I like Disney."

"I hate Disney." He replied monotonously.

She gasped.

"The plot is too shallow, the storyline is too predictable. The twist is awful and boring. The characters are only divided into three categories, good, bad but are going to be good, and awfully mean. And the fact that there's always a happy ending has really gotten under my skin." He said, again in a monotone.

"…you have sinned." She replied.

"It's true, my mother made me watch a lot of Disney. Hated it ever since."

"How could you not like Disney!? It's basically a place full of wonder!" She shrieked. Throwing her hands up in frustration.

"It's stupid." He replied.


"It's stupid, I mean, how come no one taught Snow White stranger-danger?"

"Well maybe she was so frustrated that her one true love was taken so that's why she took the apple from the witch! She didn't even know it was the witch!"

"Sakura, even a blind old hag with a massive case of diarrhea, living in a broken down house knows it's the witch."

"Ugghhhh we are sooo watching Snow White tomorrow!"



They started meeting the regularly the next day.

They met in the library, or in McDonalds, or in a fancy French restaurant with menus she couldn't even spell, in the park, or in the coffee shop.

They could talk for hours and hours about absolutely everything (okay, maybe not everything, but hey at least they talked about how much of a disappointment Planes was, that got to be something) and it's not awkward at all! (Well okay she did most of the talking, but at least he grunted in response …occasionally)

She didn't know what the perfect character to describe him is.

Because she could actually name characters that would fit her friends.

For example.

Shikamaru would totally be Donald Duck. Cause he's lazy and all that. And she had always said to him "WOULDN'T IT BE HILARIOUS TO HEAR YOU SPEAKING IN DUCK!?" in which he replied with a curt "No."

Naruto would be Dash. All hyper and reckless, but somehow funny and encouraging.

Ino would be Violet. Enough said.

But she still has troubles identifying what character he would fit in.

She first thought that he was The Frog Prince, a guy who had everything, yet had nothing. But then she realized that he has practically everything he ever needs. A loving mother, stern father, a caring brother, amazing looks, a good job and amazing looks (hey, some things are worth repeating alright!?).

And then she thought that he was The Beast, a misunderstood, often feared by people, who deep inside just wanted to be loved for who he is. And then she realized that he has a whole fan base dedicated to him.

And after that, she thought he was Pongo from 101 Dalmatians, a stern, fierce, loyal but encouraging leader with a cool, calm and collected demeanor, who would run through fire to save those he care about. She thought this was perfect until she took a look at an annoyed Sasuke glaring at a crying baby boy and said 'No.' to herself.

And then, when she was about to give up, a revelation struck her, and she realized that he is supposed to be Kenai from Brother Bear. A good guy deep inside who sometimes got clouded with jealousy.

Yeah, she gotta settle with him being Kenai until Disney release a new movie with a broody, moody, arrogant, hot, Disney-hating jackass.



"Hey Sasuke, if I was one of the Disney princesses, who do you think I would be?"

He stared at her for a full minute from the seat he's sitting across the café's table. It was her day off that day, and she wanted to at least sip on the products she sold every day.

"I think you would be Belle." He said, sipping on his Caramel Macchiato.


"Because she's the only princess I like." he said, "Her character is actually vibrant and refreshing, and not just some stupid girls with good hearts who waits for someone to rescue her, she creates her very own destiny, she teaches children how stand up for themselves, and to not judge anything by its cover." He continued, in a monotone.

"So basically you just complimented me!?"

"Yeah sort of."

"I feel loved"




It's been three years, four months, twenty two days, forty seven minutes and thirty seconds since the incident.

That meant they have been dating for two years.

They had lots of kissing in the rain-s(Sakura's requests), cuddling near the fire (again, Sakura's requests) and lots movie-watching (Mostly The Beauty and The Beast, until Sasuke said "Ugh goddamit can we watch Die Hard instead!?", that they finally watch Pinocchio.)

And even though he hated Disney,

She won't have him any other way.





I don't have anything to say about this one, like ferserious.


You see my pain!?


- Elguardiuz