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Jo collected the completed charts from her intern and examined them. Last week, she'd received the results of her intern exam, and today was her second official day as a second year resident. She was working slightly less hours, but the real benefits of the superior position were more O.R. time and less scut. She had minions for that now, even if they weren't particularly competent. Still, she took to ordering them about like it was her calling in life.

Taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself, Jo smiled brightly. The intern in front of her flinched, recognising the warning signal for what it was.

"Gather around, fetus surgeons."

They flocked to her immediately, fear written all over their faces.

"I've decided what I'm going to get you all for Christmas." Their confusion made her smile even wider, and she continued on, voice overly sweet. "Handwriting lessons. Because apparently none of you have yet mastered this basic skill."

Jo pulled out the incriminating chart. "See this?" She underlined a particular sentence with her finger. "This is illegible." She stabbed the finger at the offending intern. "And whoever tries to read this wouldn't know that Ms Smith is allergic to penicillin. So you, Matthews, have just killed her."

He startled mumbling excuses, but she cut him off.

"Don't. Talk. Just do better next time."

He nodded apologetically, and Jo rolled her eyes. He wasn't a bad surgeon, certainly not the worst of her bunch, but he had to learn.

She was just getting ready to give them another batch of scut when she felt two strong arms wrap tightly around her waist. The interns stared disbelievingly at the terrifying 'Queen of Hell' – she'd already earned her own nickname – who, apparently, was capable of affection after all.

Jo stared right back. "Scatter, fetus surgeons. Go do something useful." She paused, surprising herself with her leniency. "Or... take five. Get a coffee, or something. Someone get one for me and Alex." Having earned a reprieve, the group did as they were told and dispersed, whispering frantically.

She laced her fingers through the ones resting on her hips and smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. "Hey, you."

Alex growled in her ear. "That was freaking hot, you know. I like it when you boss people around, especially when it's not me."

Jo whipped around, mildly worried that he was going to start feeling her up in the middle of the hospital. She grabbed his hand, leading him off to the side. "One, I'm not bossy." At this, the now-attending raised an eyebrow. Jo ignored him, carrying on. "And B, how hot are we talking here?" She checked her watch. "Because I've got twenty minutes and I'm very, very-"

"That sounds great, princess, but I need to talk to you first."

It was Jo's turn to raise an eyebrow questioningly. Alex never turned down sex, or postponed, in this case. Whatever he wanted to talk about must be serious.


"Well, I noticed you were rostered to work this Wednesday." he began. Jo nodded uncomprehendingly, waiting for him to continue, and he sighed. "That's Christmas, Jo." She nodded again, confused. "I always work Wednesday."

"I know, but I thought you might want to take Christmas off. I can't cook a turkey or anything, but I did get you something, and we could order pizza and watch festive movies and fool around under the mistletoe."

Her eyes widened. "I didn't think- I'm- I didn't know- I've never celebrated Christmas, Alex. I didn't even think to take the day off."

Alex rolled his eyes. "I know, idiot. So I thought we could make some traditions of our own, princess."

A genuine smile overtook her features. "You're sweet." Ignoring his utter disapproval with her choice of words, she kissed him quickly, hovering near his ear so no one but him could hear her next words. "I'll change my shift tomorrow. But now, I still have fifteen minutes, so take me to an on call room, stud, and I'll give you part of your present early."

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