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Dean turned towards the voice, he pushed Sam behind him slightly and he watched as one all the hunters began to stand. Their instincts putting them automatically on edge for good reason. The smile slipping from his face. Standing at the bottom of the aisle was a man who had haunted his dreams for nine years. He was smiling from ear to ear, he was dressed in a black suit with a red tie and from the bulge in the back of his trousers it was clear that he was packing. His hands were held out to the side and he didn't seem phased that he had just walked into an event that was filled with hunters. His brown hair was slicked to the side and his eyes were pure black. His lips pursed together and he let out a whistle stopping when he came to the first row of chairs that sat Sam's college friends.

"Civvies really boys," he placed a hand on the back of a blond girls chair. She was a girlfriend of Sam's friend Chad, someone he had met in pre law and somehow managed to stay in contact with this last year and a bit to Dean's surprise. His finger traced the line of her shoulder and instantly Chad beside her jumped to his feet obviously ready for a fight. Instantly the demon laughed and with a swipe of his hand he forced the man back onto his chair. "I can see what you like about them, they are entertaining but please you have just made this so easy on me." The demons eyes locked onto Dean's who was standing his ground in front of Sam, his right hand was inside his jacket pocket fingering the hilt of his blade. His green eyes were narrowed towards the man. "I'm offended I didn't get an invite," the demon continued standing beside the civilians. "I mean I did help get you two together…though last time I saw little Sammy here he was dying in your arms."

"You!" John exclaimed attempting to take a step towards the demon however Dean held his arm out. There was no way he was letting his father get in the way, not when he knew just what the man was capable of. "You killed my son!" John raged his father turning an interesting shade of red. "I'm going to kill you!"

"This must be the infamous John Winchester, it's great to finally meet Daddy," the demon laughed, he reached down and grasped hold of the girl's hair forcing her to stand in front of him. He pulled out his knife and pressed it to her throat, she swallowed nervously the scream choked. Beside her Chad continued to shout and the nearest hunter pulled out their gun and aimed it at the demon's head. The bullet entered through his skull and landed on the floor behind him. The hole began to close like nothing had even happened, the girl screamed this time and the rest of the college group added to it. "Shouldn't have done that," with those words he dropped the girl and vanished in front of their eyes. The hunter that had shot him looked around desperately only for the demon to appear in front of him. "Boo!" the demon declared running the blade across the hunter's neck splitting it open. The hunter's hands reached up to the wound attempting to stem the blood flow to no avail, his eyes widened and he fell to the floor staining the white chairs red. "You hunters are all the same, shoot first ask questions later."

Dean growled low in his throat, this was meant to be the happiest day of his life, he had just gotten married to the man that he loved and now shit had hit the fan. Winchester luck, story of his fucking life. "I'm going to kill you," he warned his hand tightening on the blade though he didn't draw it yet. He knew that this was a test to see whether he would willing out himself to the people that he loved and cared about. He didn't know how the hunters would take it if he willing showed himself to be something that they might have hunted. "I should have killed you years ago," he added pushing Sam further back so that his husband…wasn't that great to say…was standing beside their father.

"Ah there he is, the Dean we all know and love because that is why we are all here isn't it? To celebrate their love for one another, congratulations Deano finally settling down to tie the knot." The demon laughed stepping away from the corpse and actively ignoring the hunters who by now had their own weapons trained upon him. "Of course how many of these people really know you?"

"That's enough!" John boomed his own gun was level with the demon's heart, his finger itching to pull the trigger. "You just walked into a ground full of hunters."

"Yep, it's like Christmas," the demon declared laughing, the whole time his attention was focused entirely on Dean. "A room full of presents ready to be opened. But it don't have to be like this Deano, we have a score to settle and no one else needs to be involved." He reached forward and grabbed a female hunter who Dean knew to be Tamara, an English hunter he had come across when tracking down the seven deadly sins, where her husband had downed a whole bottle of bleach. Her face remained stoic as he placed the blade under her chin. Her dark eyes locked onto Dean however they held no fear, her right hand was balled into a fist. Before he could do anything she rammed a silver dart she had been concealing into the side of the demons throat. Blood spurted out in her face as at the same time the demon slit her throat. Her body fell to the floor beside the other hunter adding to the morbid scene. "And onto the next one," he vanished and reappeared beside Ellen and Jo. He leaned down and grabbed hold of them both, forcing them to stand side by side.

"Leave my daughter alone!" Ellen shouted attempting to dislodge the demon who was paying her no attention.

"Now Deano we both know this one holds a torch for you," the demon placed the knife at Jo's throat ignoring Ellen's constant scream and threats. "I bet Sammy boy here would be glad to see her gone, the constant flirting and trying to get you to sleep with her. Won't stop now you're married, he knows it."

"Let her go!" Sam shouted.

"This is between you and me let her go," Dean growled pulling his hand out of his pocket so that the blade was now on show. He didn't care who would find out anymore, he wasn't going to let anyone else die not when they were there because of him in the first place. Sam had told him he was happy with a simple wedding where it was just them and their respective father figures but oh no Dean had to try and make it a lavish affair because he wanted Sam to have everything he wanted, he wanted him to have the grand wedding in the hope it would be the only one he would ever have. This was all on him. "Let them go it's me you want," he added twirling the blade in his hand, his eyes catching on the silver band now on his wedding finger. He knew that he had more to fight for this time and he would be damned if he let Kushiel get away again. "Let them go!" he growled his voice becoming lower and tinged with his power.

"Dean…" Sam's worried voice called from behind him, he didn't need to say anymore.

"See now kids this is Dean coming out to play!" the demon yelled throwing Ellen and Jo to the ground. He held his hands out to his side and started to walk towards the couple. "See you are all here to celebrate the happy couple, so let's toast them!" Kushiel held his blade out in front of him, the blood dripped off the side. "To Sam and Dean!" he raised he knife and looked around at the guests, most were still sitting there, not of their own accord mind you, others were brandishing weapons and looking like they were almost ready to have a heart attack. "Come on!" with his words the guests were all forced to their feet and their hands were raised in the air. "To Sam and Dean!" he declared again to which they all muttered in unison. The demon laughed as he swiped his tongue the length of the blade savouring the taste of the blood. His black eyes glistened as they continued to stare at Dean like he was the best thing he had ever seen. He lowered his hand and the guests all took their seats neither one of them seeming to be able to gain control of their own bodies.

"Oh I love hunters, they are so fun to play with," the demon took another step closer so that he was now in the middle of the aisle. "Weddings never were my thing," he added flicking his hand so that the chairs moved to the side with the people still in them. "Now before we begin I would like to know how little Sammy here is still alive and kicking? I never miss."

"You underestimate my son," John supplied moving forward and pushing Dean behind him. "You have no idea what he is capable of." He pocketed his gun and retrieved his own machete which somehow he had managed to store in the inside pocket of his suit jacket. He could feel Dean attempting to push past him but he stood tall, his sons might be taller than him but he had more weight and muscle then they both put together. He was the father and he might not have been around the past couple of times but he was here now and he was going to protect them even if it was the last thing he ever did.

"Seems so," the demon replied his eyes still locked onto Dean like he had completely disregarded the elder Winchester. "I can't wait to see what you have to offer," he added licking his lips. He flicked his wrist and the blade erupted into flames lengthening in the process, taking on the form of the whip once more.

"You have to go through me first," John declared gritting his teeth together. He placed his own machete in front of his face, his attention was focused entirely on the demon and he stood his ground. There was no way he was going to allow this demon to get to his sons again, the last time he had killed Sam and had almost killed Dean. This was meant to be their wedding day and he was going to salvage as much of it as he could.

"Oh Daddy Winchester you're on!" Kushiel pointed towards Sam and Dean who flew as one into the tree behind them, where Father Rufus was currently hiding and praying desperately. They were pinned there and all they could do was watch as the demon rounded on their father. "Didn't want to get the children involved just yet."

John snarled as he lunged at the demon, he swung his machete cutting the demon's cheek. He smiled at the blood that dripped onto the floor, if it bleeds it can die. Nodding his head a steely resolved settled over him, he lifted the blade once more and swung towards the demon's head. Kushiel side stepped with a manic laugh on his lips, he continued to dodge the subsequent attacks laughing the whole time like it was all just a game. The flaming whip danced at his side, threatening to move at any second. John jumped back as the whip all of a sudden went flying towards his stomach, the tip of the weapon licked at his clothes singeing his suit. He winced as he dodged the whip once more. He could feel the heat against his face causing sweat to break out across his brow.

"Had enough yet old man?" Kushiel asked tapping the whip against the floor causing a crack to appear in the pavement. The crack danced along towards the guests who were still pinned to their seats, it teased at their feet with fire starting to lick through the ground. "You really think you can take me?" he added raising his hand so that the fire started to grow. The guests started to panic, the non-hunter amongst them started to scream and shout for help.

"Bring it on," John growled lunging towards the demon once more.

Dean struggled against the tree, he could feel Kushiel's power pressing down on his chest making it hard for him to breathe. He turned his head to the side and saw that his husband was in a similar position. In front of them their father was locked in a fight while the guests were facing a blazing inferno if they didn't do something soon. He growled in frustration, his angel blade lay by his feet but he couldn't move his arms to reach it. He drew in a deep breath and allowed his eyes to close. He could feel his anger, his pain and the previous happiness he felt bubble inside of him, running through his veins adding fuel to the fire inside of him. His power flowed through him wrapping around the demons, he could feel his own power pull at Kushiel's forcing the demon's grip on him to falter. With one push he felt the pressure realise and he fell to his feet on the floor.

Dean's eyes snapped open, his pupils gone and the emerald green with the gold flecks took over. He reached down and retrieved the blade allowing it to lengthen with his touch. He turned towards his husband, holding out his left hand Sam was slowly released. His feet touched the floor and a soft smile was on his face. Nodding slowly the angel pressed a kiss to his husband's lips. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Sam automatically replied.

Dean smiled as he passed his husband his blade, he shrugged out of his suit jacket, pulled off his tie and ripped open his white shirt until he was standing there shirtless. His wings sprung free from his back and flapped a couple of times to adjust to their freedom. He handed Sam his clothes and retrieved his blade. With a tight expression the angel took a deep breath and leapt into the air, his wings aiding the height he could cover.

He landed in front of the guests, the fire by now had spread and almost reached their feet. Their screams were desperate and their struggles were in vain. His legs spread apart, his hands cupped in front of him so that his blade was pointing downwards. He could feel the fire snake towards him like it was seeking him out. The tip of it licked at his shoe threatening to overwhelm him in an instant. Behind him his wings began to flap creating a gust, he could feel the fire battle to reach him however the air current he created was too strong. The fire sizzled as it started to tower over him, behind him the hunters and civilians had fallen silent either at the sight of the fire or his wings he didn't know nor did he care. All that mattered was getting them all out of this in one piece. He tensed his shoulders and his wings started to flap harder, holding back the wall of death. He held out his hands to the side and his veins started to glow white. The ground beneath him began to shake and the crack started to close forcing the fire back towards where the demon now had John pinned to the floor, his whip was hovering above the man's eye.

Dean snarled as he pushed his power into the ground, the white light glowed throughout the crack and the fire roared in response. It turned course and the towering inferno raged towards Kushiel. His wings spread out to the side stretching to their full span and shielding those directly behind him from the intense heat. He focused a little of his power to the ground once more and those who had been stuck to their seat suddenly stood, the civilians ran in the opposite direction, shouting and screaming out of their minds while the hunters merely took a step back. Beside him Bobby took his position, he held his shot gun in his hand and he nodded once at Dean. Ellen and Jo took his other side both of them wore a confused expression on their faces but they too were focused entirely on the demon. The angel could sense a growing army standing strong at his back and for the first time he felt that just maybe he could be accepted, that maybe he didn't have to hide away from the hunting community for all these years.

The fire reached for Kushiel, tendrils broke off and started to dance up through the demon's skin. He pulled back from John and stood to his full height. His deep black eyes bored into Dean's and his whip struck the ground. The impact caused the fire to form into a ball and change course back towards the angel. Taking a step forward so that the humans were behind him Dean's wings wrapped around the front of his body, the fire ball hurtled towards him. He felt it as it battered into him, the impact crushing a few of his ribs but the initial fire was caught by his wings. Some of the feathers caught alight with his powers instantly putting this out. After a couple of moments had passed Dean forced his wings away from his front and flapped them a couple of times to allow the embers to die down.

He narrowed his eyes towards the smirking demon. John had scurried back towards Sam, his hand was supporting his chest and there was a nasty looking head wound but in all he looked like he wasn't in too bad shape. Dean's eyes locked onto Sam's and he could see the love, pride and worry present and he sent a mental assurance he hoped sounded genuine. He turned his attention back to the demon, he twirled his blade in his hand and watched as Kushiel cracked his whip once more. He could hear the multiple weapons cocking as the hunters prepared for their own fight.

"You see what Dean is and you protect him?" Kushiel questioned surprise crossing his face.

"He's an angel and he's our protector!" Kevin's voice called from somewhere behind them, clear as day not sounding as broken as it used to.

"You know what happens to angels?" the demon laughed. "THEY FALL!"

Kushiel screeched as he leapt towards Dean, his whip high in the air. Dean's blade lifted up and he caught the tip of the whip on the edge of his blade, he twirled so that the length of the weapon wrapped around his blade. He tugged so that the demon was pulled into his chest. The heat from the flames licked at Dean's face and he was sure he was going to come out of this with no eyebrows. His mouth was set in a tight line and the fire danced in his pure emerald eyes. A white glow erupted out of the palm of his hand and ran down the length of his blade to the handle of the whip that Kushiel was still holding. The fire on the whip was engulfed by the light causing it to extinguish. "I'm no angel," Dean replied pulling his blade back and forcing the light to fly straight into Kushiel's chest. The demon grunted at the impact effectively dropping the handle of his whip at the same time.

Dean pulled away, with his left hand he grabbed hold of the whip and forced it off of his blade. He handed this to Bobby who took it carefully. Kushiel roared and lunged towards Dean who struck the demon in the chest with his blade, a crimson stain appeared on his white shirt. Kushiel held out his hand and attempted to dislodge Dean who just smirked at him. "I'm not the same kid," Dean added leaping forward and slashing his blade through the air where the demon's head had previously been. "I won't run away," he added dodging a flying fist. Behind him the hunter's started to offload their weapons, stray bullets darted towards him however his wings caught them causing them to drop to the ground behind him. "You killed my husband," he added his blade sinking into Kushiel's shoulder. The demon roared and forced the offending object out of his skin, the wound glowed white as black smoke started to pour out of him. "You murdered Sammy but I guess you didn't know I could heal," he added watching the demon start to grow desperate as a multitude of bullets entered his body.

Kushiel laughed as black smoke continued to pour out of him, he looked like a cracked sand timer. "I did underestimate you it seems, your soul is going to be the best gift I could ever take," he uncurled his hands and a bright flame danced in the middle of his palm. This flame ran up the length of his arm setting the whole appendage on fire, a move that reminded Dean of Makatiel, the demon that had targeted Sam and Stanford. "You killed my brother, now I take your husband!" with those words the demon sent the flame roaring towards where Sam was still standing by the tree.

Dean's eyes widened. His heart stopped in his chest and without thinking his wings pushed his feet off of the floor, he sent his whole body crashing into the demon's redirecting the aim of the flame to an inch above Sam's head who had the sense to duck. The whole tree cracked as it went up in flames, burning leaves cascaded down upon them like some sick confetti. Dean yelled as he plunged his blade down into Kushiel's heart without a second thought.

The demon roared as black smoke poured out of his mouth into the air, dark clouds rolled throughout the sky and lightning cracked in the middle. The demon's body began to convulse, knocking Dean to the side in the process. The angel pulled out his blade and began to stand. The hunters stopped firing as Kushiel released one last scream before his chest fell still. The dark clouds began to disperse leaving the previous bright sky behind.

Dean let out a shaky breath, he ran a bloodied hand through his hair and his eyes locked onto Sam who was now walking towards him with a smile on his face. Neither one of them noticed the demon's eyes snapping open. Or the fact that Dean had dropped his blade by Kushiel's hand.

Sam ran to his husband, he loved that word, he pulled the angel into his chest and buried his head in his shoulder. He breathed in the sense that was pure Dean. Behind him the tree continued to burn and he could hear his father barking orders to find some water but none of that mattered. He had his husband in his arms and the demon that had plagued them since they were teenagers was gone.

He lifted his head to smile at Dean and instantly that smile fell.

"NOOOO!" he shouted.

But it was too late.

Kushiel stood behind Dean, his bloodied face was a mess and a manic smile was plastered from ear to ear. In his hands he held Dean's angel blade and with a sharp push he forced the tip of the blade into Dean's body.

Dean's eyes widened as he let out a gasp. Kushiel pulled back and opened his mouth, the black smoke quickly leaving the area with the sounds of gun fire chasing after him.

"NO NO NO!" Sam screamed reaching a shaking hand out to the crimson patch that was blossoming on the front of Dean's chest. The tip of the blade was visible through the skin and in horror Sam realised that it must have pierced through his heart. His right hand desperately pressed at the wound while his left reached up to cup Dean's cheek. "You can heal this," he said watching the green eyes he loved so much become glassy. "No, you can heal," he added feeling his husband start to fall. He caught Dean in his arms and guided him to the floor so that he was in his lap.

Tears cascaded down his cheeks and he noticed that the crowd was starting to gather round. He could hear their father and Bobby yelling but what they were saying landed on deaf ears. Sam pulled Dean tight into his chest, his left hand rested on Dean's cheek. His wedding ring gleamed at him almost like it was mocking him. Dean's chest rose heavily his eyes darted around his head and his veins glowed white. Sam could tell his powers were trying to heal. Slowly he lifted his husband up so that his chin rested on his shoulder.

"Dad I need you to remove the blade," he instructed unsure how his voice sounded so strong.


"Dad I need you," he almost sobbed out and watched as John Winchester fell to his knees beside his sons. His hands gripped hold of the blade, drawing in a deep breath he pulled the weapon out in one sharp movement. Dean let out a horrific scream as blood spurted out of the wound. His grace quickly flowed towards the wound, the white light managed to close it slightly before it diminished, the glow becoming weaker with every second that past. Dean's lips were starting to turn blue and his skin was becoming cold.

Tears ran down Sam's face as he rocked his husband. "Come on Dean, you can heal. Don't leave me Daden," he sobbed. Dean's body shuddered and convulsed, his breathing was becoming laboured and the blood soaked the front of Sam's shirt but he didn't care. "I love you, please, I love you…we have only been married half an hour…you promised me a lifetime…" he begged. He could feel Dean's hand fist his shirt and the grip wasn't as strong as it should be. His hand skimmed the edge of the pendant that Sam wore, one that he hadn't taken off since the angel had given it to him. Suddenly Sam understood. Dean needed more grace.

Gently he laid his husband on the ground and snapped the cord of the pendant. With shaking hands he unscrewed the lid and watched as the white gold liquid seemed to be drawn towards Dean. He leaned down and placed the lid of the vial against the exit wound. The grace flowed out of the bottle and entered through the hole, the skin glowed as it made its way through his body adding to his depleted supply. Dean gasped desperately, his body arched up as he started to convulse.

Sam dropped the vial, ignoring the broken glass he pulled his husband into his arms. His tears cascaded down his cheeks as he could feel the life slipping out of the man he loves. "No, no, please…" he prayed to who he didn't know. "Dean…" he sobbed. Dean's chest rose one more time before falling still.

Sam sat staring at the bed, his mind was blank and his body was completely numb. He felt like he had just shut down and he couldn't even care. Upon their bed Dean lay, his skin now had a grey tinge to it and his wings lay behind him bloodied and lifeless. His angel blade was on the bedside table soaked in his own blood. Sam was still wearing his blood soaked tux, his hand twirled his wedding ring desperately wishing he could go back to that moment, till death do they part. How was he supposed to know that it would last half an hour? He had a husband for half an hour and now here he lay…on the bed…lifeless. Castiel wouldn't answer and he didn't know who else to go to.

His whole soul felt broken and he knew he couldn't go on without his angel. Without Dean he was nothing. With fresh tears falling he collapsed on the bed. He pulled Dean's corpse into his arms and buried his head in the angel's hair and began to sob. He clung to the man knowing that he wouldn't have long. His tears continued to fall and it was there, with his dead husband in his arms that he fell into an exhausted sleep.

John walked out of the house, his heart was heavy, seeing his son holding Dean…It had broken him. He didn't know what to do, if he had only dealt with that demon would Dean still be alive? He had always been the glue to the family and now that was gone had he just lost both of his sons? What should have been the best day of their lives was now the worst. They always said that with a wedding comes a funeral but why did it have to be at the same time? He knew that he would spend the rest of his life tracking down the demon, he wanted nothing more than revenge but he didn't want Sam to turn into what he had almost become. If it hadn't been for Dean he could have gone down a darker path in life, if Mary hadn't sacrificed herself so that their son could have a chance at life he could have spent his time wanting revenge. He wouldn't allow Sam to go down that way. There was no way.

John came to a stop by the Impala, the smouldering tree crackled in the background. Tears fell down his cheeks, he had just lost his eldest son and he knew that his youngest wouldn't be able to carry on without him.

"What can I do?" he muttered to the air in desperation.

"I might be able to help."

John spun on his heels and came face to face with a man in a pure black suit. He smiled at him and titled his head towards the house. "How much are you willing to pay to get precious Dean back?" his English accent was strong and in that moment John knew he would give anything, do anything for the angel he considered to be a son.

Sam's eyes slowly fluttered open, tear tracks were still present on his face and he could feel the familiar presence snuggled in his arms. A quiet sob escaped his lips as reality came crashing back down upon him. He peered down at his husband and let out a startled yell at the pair of confused green eyes peering back at him.

"D…D…Dean?" he stammered knowing he had to be dreaming.

"Sammy?" Dean asked his voice sounding confused as he looked around the room. He peered down at himself and seemed to notice the now dried blood littering his bare chest. "What?" he asked but didn't get a chance to finish that question as Sam forcefully crashed his lips down on his husbands. The kiss was brutal and desperate, a lifeline that the young hunter was holding onto. After a few moments had passed Sam pulled away but kept his forehead resting against the angel's.

"Did I die?" Dean asked his voice sounding vulnerable and confused.

Slowly Sam nodded not able to voice the words. He tightened his grip on the angel and he felt the man snuggle into his chest in response.

"What did you do?" Dean asked.



"I promise you Dean I didn't do anything…"

"Good to see you son," John's voice called from the doorway causing the boys to turn their attention to their father. "You feeling ok?"

"I guess…" Dean sighed running a hand through his hair, Sam wasn't quite sure whether he had processed everything that had happened just yet. "What happened?"

"You just get some rest," John ordered tears rolling down his face. "I love you boys," he added as an afterthought. He looked at them one last time, searing their images to memory he pushed away from the bedroom door and closed it gently.

He meant it when he said he would do anything for his boys, even if I meant giving up his soul so that Dean could be saved. They didn't need him they had each other now and he knew that they were the safest they could be when they were together. They had a future of hunting, of saving people and being the heroes he knew they were. He was proud of the men they had become.

He turned into his own bedroom and noted that the demon was sitting on his bed with a smile on his face. He held out his hand and John gave him the Colt he had stolen from Sam's bag earlier on. He drew in a deep breath.

"I'm ready."