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Blood Lust

Chapter 1: School Showers

"Son Gohan?"                                                       

"Yes sir?" Gohan looked up to the PE Sensei. It was the last lesson before lunch in O S H, and Gohan was as hungry as a demi saiyan could be, which was pretty hungry. He couldn't wait to change clothes and escape outside so that he could eat.

"You do realise that showering after a PE lesson, is compulsory in school."

"It is sir?" Gohan was puzzled. He was sure that the rule wasn't in the list of school rules that he decided to memorise. He avoided public showers like the plague, as he didn't want any one to think he was different. Having people see his body would show the school that he wasn't the normal mountain-boy bookworm that they thought he was. It would further Videl suspicions that he was Saiyaman. Even worse someone could notice that the brown furry belt that he always wore was actually a tail. He needed to figure out a way to avoid all school showers.

"So Mr. Son what's the reason that you can't shower with the rest of them. You too good to clean up with that lot?" Looking around Gohan realised that his conversation was gathering an audience in the gym. He could feel their eyes bore into his body. He knew Videl was waiting somewhere in that crowd for him to slip up.

"No it's not that," Gohan said giving a nervous laugh. "I can't shower because, umm it's against my… religion." He gave a cute nervous smile, then rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, religion!"

The PE guy- who was more likely to be on steroids then not- looked questioningly back. "And what region would that be?" He drawled.

"Umm saiya-jin." Being a demi saiyan could be classed as a religion, right? Gohan carried on, egged on by all the blank looks he was getting, "It's not so popular since Freeza destroyed nearly all of them."

"Really…" Mr. Bat answered. (1) 

Only four people in the world today practise it." Gohan said as innocently as possible. Luckily he was saved from his made up babble by the lunch bell ringing, and him legging it into the changing rooms. He probably broke some human world record, but he didn't notice. Nothing could get between a saiyan and his food.

The only person who was even thinking about Gohan at the time was the steroid mad PE Sensei. Your going down nerd, he thought. I hate nerds and geeks, always acting like there better then me. I don't care who you are Son Gohan, but I'm going to pick on you, make you do things that you will hate, and definitely make you shower your skinny body in front of everybody. I vow as a PE guy to bring you down.

The Sensei caught the gaze of a skinny brat, who had no physical skill at all. The sensei smirked. "Drop and give me twenty, now!" His sneered as he watched the nerd struggle to do even one press up. Yes another life, ruined. I'll get rid of these geeks if it kills me.

As Gohan sprinted outside he wondered why he lied like that. Worse he mentioned Saiya-jins and Freeza in front of normal people. He soon forgot though. He had food. He was eating. He was satisfied.

Like an unseen force a rumour slowly drifted over the school. "Really, you mean like Gohan never takes a shower or a bath? Ewwee."


"So who are the most lame people in school" One Sharpener wannabe asked his friends.

"Why," replied the stupid boy of the group. (2)

The rest of the jocks gave the teen; whose name was Shoelace, a blank look.

"It's school tradition," said the first one. When Shoelace still looked puzzled he continued. "Every year the schools elite guys- namely us- beat up the loser of the school, to show that no geeks can survive with us around. Understand? This makes nerds less likely to join this school, or when they do they try to act less like nerds. Is it clear?" Shoelace nodded. "Okay who shall we choose?"


"Daniel Weirdo?"

"Clip Paper?"

"Rubber stamp?"


"Son Gohan." That was spoken from Sharpener mysteriously appearing from somewhere.

"Son Gohan?  I thought you were friends. Didn't you, like even offer him a place on the wrestling team? "

"He trouble, it's weird. He acts like a dork; he is a mother's boy and probably the most naïve person on the planets, yet half the female student population on campus fancies him. Our status in school is in trouble. He has to go."

"Any other reasons?"

"He goes to the toilet for hours on end, what do you think he does in there?"

"I heard that he doesn't ever have a bath, as he practises this weird religion."

"Did you see the jump he did that first day in PE?"

"Yeah and didn't he get hit in the head by one of your fastballs, Sharpener?"

"Yes he did, and the dweeb didn't even flinch. Not even a mark"

"That's not right, that's not…normal."

"Someone said that Gohan is Saiyaman"

"No way!" Screamed Shoelace, "Saiyaman is WAY to cool to be that dork." Hearts formed in his eyes. "I've been trying to copy all of his moves, They are the best ever." Everyone else sweat dropped

"I heard that Videl actually likes him"

"SHE DOES?!!! HOW? WHY?" Sharpener screeched. "All she ever does is glare at him."

"More then she does to me," said Shoelace sadly. (3)

"Then it's agreed." Sharpener stated darkly. "The geek of this year is Son Gohan."


 (1) A teachers has to have a name.

 (2) Even in a group of people who WANT to be like Sharpener there has to be a stupid one. Well . . . stupider.

 (3) By now you may notice that I am very bad at making up names.

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By the way PE means Phys-Ed for all of you who don't understand what it means

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