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Blood Lust: Chapter 11: School life (for a Demi Saiyan that is)

"YOU WANT ME TO TAKE GOTEN TO MY SCHOOL!" Yelled Gohan, before he realised what his was doing, and slammed his hand over his mouth. "Gomen" He added, "But Goten could harm my chance as appearing as a normal school student." Gohan really wanted to mention that it could seriously harm the students as well, but that WOULD be pushing it.

ChiChi replied in a horse whisper. "You expect me to look after a hyper Goten WHEN I CAN'T GET OUT OF BED! I can't believe that you are SO inconsiderate of you own mothers feelings!"

Gohan flinched, how could she be so loud, when she whispered. "But, can't Someone else take him?"

"NO! The only people who are not busy, is Dende and Piccolo, and I WON'T let my baby go up to that lookout, what if he fell off the edge!"

Gohan sighed, there was no use arguing. "Fine I'll take him to my school."

"Good, now where is he?"

"In the kitchen, where else?"


Gohan ran out of the room closely followed by a bright pink pillow, which thudded hard into the wall. It probably made a dent, well it did make a dent, the pink fluffy pillow was embedded halfway into the wall. Gohan gave a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head. He felt that for a 'extremely sick-dying-need dragon balls' mother, she seem remarkable well.

Goten stood in the middle of the kitchen, he was plastered in food. The little kid looked adorably cute with rice decorating his hair like large flakes of dandruff.

"Uh oh," stated Gohan. Uh oh was a understatement, it seemed that the chibi had decided to try and make as many things as possible, leaving only mouthfuls here and there, and most of those were on the floor, walls and ceiling. Not to mention the huge fish, that had now be turned into a pile of bones

Goten gave his most innocent, and cutest smile.

"You are in BIG trouble this time."

"Not more Barney, please I'll do anything!"

"This time it's worse."

The chibi looked confused. "How can anything be worse then Barney?" He asked.

"This time it's….the pink fairy costume."

Goten's eyes widened with horror. "No…" He uttered. They were referring to an old pink tutu that Marron had once left behind. Unfortunately Goten could fit into it, so they used it as an extreme threat, so Goten would Never Ever do it again.

"If you don't want to wear it, your going to have to clean this room."

"Okay-Okay," the chibi started to zoom around the room, rapidly cleaning in pure terror of the fairy costume. Gohan joined in. They left the house spotless, baring the large luminous orange and pink stains on the ceiling which couldn't be removed. She could barley notice THAT could she?

In school, the principle looked down at his quaking secretary.

"Where is Mr Satan?"

"Well sir, he hasn't been seen in school for the last few weeks."

"Hmmm, interesting, and yet the school seems to still run smoothly without it's PE sensei." He did a thoughtful pose, as he looked out at the window.

"Yes sir, but the reason is that pupils ten to muck around in Pe lessons. Doing nothing is second nature to them."

"Hmmm, true. However we still need a teacher to oversee pupils- school policy. I have an idea."

Gohan ran at double human speed. When he went around corners it was triple. This was no WAY that this was his fastest, but he still wanted to appear as close to human as possible when  people stared as he ran passed.

He was late you see, and this time Videl wasn't at fault. As Goten had eaten the entire house out of food, Gohan had to stop by at two restaurants to get a breakfast worth (One restaurant wouldn't have enough food for a hungry demi saiyan.)

However this meant that he was late, what was worse was that he didn't have homeroom this morning, but in fact had to go straight to a lesson with a very strict teacher who slammed the door in your face if you wetr late.

Gohan's face looked very strained as he rounded the last corner, "Nearly there" he muttered to a clearly muddled Goten who was carried straight in front of the rushing demi saiyan.

Gohan could here the tick of the school clock, as the classroom door loomed closer. "5…4…3…2….1"


The door slammed shut.

 The only problem was that Goten managed to get through the door, and so did most of Gohan's arms. Gohan's arms twitched.

"That had to hurt." Whispered one student to another.

"Gomen, but rules are rules, you can't enter this classroom once the bell has rung." Stated the Sensei, clearly shocked at the large hole in his door, yet foot pressed against it, encase of forced entry.

"-But most of me did get through," was Gohan's muffled reply.

"Okay," answered the Sensei reluctantly.

The door opened, and Gohan stepped through, and walked towards his seat.

"Hi Gohan!" Erasa chirped cheerily in greeting.

"Hi Erasa," answered Gohan. He leant towards Videl, "you too, Videl."

There was nothing but silence, as Videl stared moodily in front of her.


"Huh?" replied Gohan, looking strangely at the sensei.

Goten head appeared from behind Gohan's back. The poor chibi had a nervously cute expression on his face as he looked at the class.

"Oh, that's my Otouto. My mother can't look after him today, do you mind if he stays here? He won't disturb us!"

The chibi nodded with agreement.

"Well….Okay, but he mustn't disturb my class in anyway. Will you kid?"

A look of horror crossed Goten's face, as he shook his head frantically. The poor kid was still too scared of the class to speak.

The two demi Saiyans sat down. The teacher started to drone. Class life moved on as usual.


"Yes Goten?" Gohan replied weakly.

"Why is the pretty girl upset?"

"What me?" Erasa squeaked.

"No," replied Goten. "Her," he pointed towards the very cross Videl.

"Oh Videl's just cross….again." Gohan whispered, less Videl hear him.

"Oh…." An unusual look of concentration crossed over the chibi's face. "Maybe you should make her less cross? Then you can kiss and live happily ever after."

"WHAT!" The class turned and looked at Gohan, who in turn was in shock and disbelief looking at his younger brother. "Okay that is it, no more soaps for you!"

Goten did his best puppy dog eyes look.

"Okay, okay, I'll talk to her!" Gohan turned around and leaned over towards Videl.

"Hey what's the matter." He said giving a friendly smile.

Videl kept silent, staring straight ahead.

"Aren't you talking to me." He asked looking clearly upset.

"Why should I talk to the son of Son Goku? A man notorious for lying and tricks?"

"What?" Goten was mad with rage. "How dare you talk about my 'Tousan like that! Your Dad was the one that-" Goten's outburst was quickly muffled by Gohan hand.

The calm, but curt reply that Gohan had planned to say, quickly disappeared when the struggling Goten accidentally struck Gohan in the currently injured shoulder.

Gohan gasped. "I personally don't think you should be talking," he replied before turning back to the teacher.

Videl folded her arms. She felt upset that her Ice-queen act was slightly melted. She had to be cruel to Gohan, she had to stay away from him, if anyone even THOUGHT that she liked him even a little, he was going to get glomped by the entire female population on campus. That was something she wouldn't wish on anybody.

Paying attention soon took it's toll, as are dearest demi saiyan fell asleep. However, Goten with the optimism of a chibi, (and a little help from Erasa who kept whispering that he was SO cute) stayed awake and listened to whatever the teacher was talking about.

"Once absorbed by osmosis water needs to pass to the xylem vessels in order to move up the plant. Three things that you need to note is the Symplast route, where the water is condensed to pass on the outside of the cell. The Apoplast-"

The chibi stuck his hand up.

"Yes little kid, do you want to go to the bathroom?"

"No, thank you, but you got the routes of that cell thing mixed up"

"What!" The Sensei's eyes bugged out of head. He, a University graduate, was being told that he was wrong, by-by A LITTLE KID!

"You got them mixed up!" Goten repeated naively.

"I THINK that I have MORE knowledge of these plant cell transport then a five year old."

"I'M NOT FIVE!" Goten got ran down the centre of the class, and grabbed the board marker off the old guy. He then proceeded to draw smiley faces on every plant cell that he could reach.

"You see A-po-plast route is the thing you just said, not Sy-mmm-plast. That's when water goes through the sigh-toe-plas-um, by going through the plas- thr plus?"

"Plasmodesmata -the cytoplasmic strands connecting one cell to another." Said Gohan, even though he was still clearly asleep, and occasionally giving off soft snores.

The people that were still awake where clearly confused that this chibi knew things that even the sensei got confused about, and still managed to look as naïve as he did. It must be, because he was Son Gohan's brother.

Luckily the bell soon rung, meaning class was over. Gohan ran to the toilet to clean up any leaking blood before someone noticed. The blood hadn't begun to clot yet], which was weird as usually the cut would at least begin to close. At least it didn't smell infected, showing that his immune system was still working.
He grabbed some clean bandages from out of his bag, and proceeded to bind the wound.

Goten however was waiting outside the cubical. He had already coved the floor a foot deep with toilet paper, and was now wondering if he should cover it with water and see how much stuck of it would stick to the ceiling.

Dismissing the idea, as it may provoke a certain fairy costume, Goten decided to go and explore the school.

He wandered out into the corridor, and quickly dodged out of the way of a gigantically massive tall guy that was steaming down the hall. Then sidestepped a bunch of giggling girls.

High school seemed very confusing, Goten thought. There were all these people, lots and lots of them, all walking around real fast, or yelling, or giving each other funny looks, and two people in a corner even looked like they were trying to swallow each other. Plus all these people were really tall. Taller then Trunks and himself, that's for sure. Some were even taller then Gohan!

Goten was pushed along in the busy crowd, to escape the crowd he opened the first door he came to.

His face paled, and then he screamed


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