The Rain and Storms' Agony

Mio Amato


After things calmed down on our side,

Things for them was so bad, it won by a landslide.

The innocent sky called for peace in between,

Yeah right, they said being mean.

I hear their hearts screaming in agony,

But they held up like a common crony.

I don't know why the storm did what it did,

But what he did had planted a seed.

The requiem rain became the tears of its bearer,

Agony in its face became much clearer.

He wanted to clear up the misunderstanding,

But the storm didn't let him move from where he was standing.

The storm went to seek comfort,

From a not-so-normal consort.

To another storm that was a psycho,

That people wouldn't dare call wacko.

One unlikely mist became jealous,

The same with the rain, so zealous.

The two storms wasn't really doing anything,

But instead wasting money, kaching.

After days of the calm of the storm,

The rain can't take it anymore, he became the storm.

He cornered the conflicted storm forcefully,

To which he was answered scornfully.

A shouting match occurred,

Each set of eyes drinking each other's contour.

After a very wrath inducing statement,

The rain did something, to do so early, he never meant.

The rain clutched the storms' clothes,

And crashed their lips, supposedly guarded by moat.

A second later, the rain stopped,

For the storm realized that he was being topped.

Oddly enough, the storm didn't care,

And his heart jumped like a hare.

That there was hope for his love,

Which can be in the color mauve.

I can't tell what happened,

During the happenings that followed without being saddened.

But they were happy at least,

Though the rain was still being kissed.

The rain and storm was together at last,

In which it was the curse that was cast.

The storm can never rage without the rain,

And the rain can never pound the earth without the storm.

It was the independent storm and mists' turn,

Their feelings can't help but yearn.

This pair will be troublesome,

I can't wait for the end to come.

AN: Please excuse the lack of spaces between the "paragraphs". I can't seem to find a solution for that. :) If you know how to do it, please tell me. I've been dying to know how. :D