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Chapter one: Wild Magic

Her friends had just left. Sarah sighed with a slight smile as she surveyed her now trashed room. Oh well. she would deal with that tomorrow. Jumping on her bed she giggled as she laid down and snuggled into her comfy blankets. She closed her eyes and hummed a song under her breath as she drifted ever so slowly off to sleep, only to dream of magic, ballrooms, and a handsome king that she knew that she would never see again...

Or so she thought.

Eleven years had changed the once want to be actress into a successful author; with a little brother who she was as close to as could be with, a stepmother that she now proudly called mom, and her father, who was still a lawyer. She sat now in front of a large mirror and smiled as she greeted her old friend.

" Hello Hoggle"

The small dwarf took a wary stock of the impish woman in front of him. It had been awhile since last she called. Last time was when she had her first date, complements of her father insisting on fixing her up with his boss's son.

Gone was the child who dreamed the days away. In her stead was a woman with curves in just the right places, lips a rosy shade of red, and now 5 foot 9. He watched as she gazed into the mirror.

Now twenty-six, Sarah sighed as she took a long look in the mirror at her knee high black dress. She frowned as she assessed her features. Her hair was now a ebony black, having darkened as she grew up. No she didn't color it. As far as she could figure the magic of the labyrinth had touched her features as well as her soul.

Her eyes were a dark emerald now and her skin was a silky golden brown and for some reason she was always clean. She could have just rolled in a mud puddle and none the less she would come out of it just as clean as she went in. Except for her clothes of course. It was as if her body repelled dirt. She noticed as well that her skin smelled always of jasmine. It took her forever to figure out the scent but it was there. It was like jasmine had been infused within her skin. Not that she minded, mind you. She loved how it calmed her.

"Sarah?" Hoggle said questioningly.

"My father set me up again. He thinks I need to date." She frowned once again as she turned to gaze at the small dwarf. Still the same he was. Nothing ever changed about him. That's one of the things that she loved about calling him. He reminded her of days long gone, he reminded her of her time with the labyrinth. Her heart gave a heavy thud at the thought of the labyrinth... And a certain king. Speaking of which...

"Do you have another for me?" She said with a gleeful grin. She snickered as the dwarf let loose a growl. It had been five years since her training had began. Hoggle and she finally agreed to go to his royal hauntiness for help after she collapsed from what was explained to her as a magic overload. Since than his majesty had been sending over scrolls for her to learn.

Once she mastered the spells on them they would disappear in a small puff of glitter. She learned later on that it was basically a transportation spell. Simple and ordinary compared to what she could do now. She was what was known as a Changling. A human turned fae.

However she would never be able to return to the underworld with out preforming a great deed. The deed had to be great enough that it would get her noticed by the High King and Queen. Only than would she be summoned and allowed to live with other fae. Sarah however was fine with that. She had no real interest in returning anyway. The only reason she was being taught spells was so she wouldn't have another collapse. It was an outlet for her underused magic.

Sarah watched as Hoggle pulled out another similar scroll to her last. Reaching out she took it gingerly from the dwarf's outstretched hand.

Upon opening it she found her king's letter attached. it read.

Hello precious,

You are progressing quite nicely in way of our magic. As a treat I enclose a special spell. Let's see if you can master this simple transformation spell the way you have the others. Be warned of rule number one.

You screw up, you fix it.


Jareth, Mighty King of Goblins

Sarah grinned at his letter than turned to her friend and smiled her thanks.

Hoggle just grunted. Then grinned slyly himself. "Sooo... What's your new date like?" She groaned at the reminder of the next awful date in store for her this evening. She had no interest in men. Well maybe one but he was unavailable and out of range at the moment. She was greatly fond of him... Even if he was a rat. She shook her head to chase away such thoughts as she replied to the question.

" He is the son of one of my father's clients. He is supposed to be nice and well bred as my father puts it." She made a face, while Hoggle grimaced at that. He sounded like a dog when put that way.

"I see. Sounds awful. Whens the date?"

Sarah glanced at the clock above her vanity. "In about 15 minutes." she replied. She still lived with her parents, not really having the heart to move out. Her bedroom was the same except her toys were packed away in the attic. Small and comfortable. That's the way she liked it.

Instead of playing make-believe and dreaming of being an actor she actually was a very, VERY successful author. With her imagination and the labyrinth as inspiration, she had written thirteen books and was currently working on her fourteenth novel. Her novels were famous world wide and she had done four book signing tours across the world. It was comforting to be able to return home and find her father and mother there. Her knowing that they would be there for her no matter what. Toby of course knew about everything. He came to her when he was 7 and she still remembered what happened fondly.


Sarah turned her head at the gentle knock on her door. Calling who ever it was to enter she went back to working on her latest novel 'The fairy killer'. She was on a roll when she heard humming from behind her. Her hands stilled on the typewriter as her heart lurched in her chest. She knew that tune.

Sarah turned around to see her baby brother standing in the door way looking perplexed as he kept humming the tune. Swaying slightly.

Sarah's hands shook as she whispered softly.


Toby looked at her and smiled confusedly. "It keeps repeating... I don't know where from though. In my head I see flashes, Sarah. I hear someone screaming my name and I hear a song. Over and over... I think I'm going crazy sis." With that he looked into her eyes with fear shining in his blue depths. Sarah couldn't help it she knew that this could happen. With tears streaming down her cheeks she choked out "You remind me of the babe"

Toby stilled and looked back. His beautiful bright eyes widened with confusion and worry. "Sis why are you crying? Are you alright? What's wrong?" Closing the door behind him he rushed over to her side. Sarah smiled gently through her tears and said a bit stronger this time "You remind me of the babe!"

Toby looked at her like she was the one who was crazy and replied slowly "Sis, what babe?"

She couldn't help it she grinned. "The babe with the power"

Toby's eyes widened at that. She could see the wheels turning and the light was slowly coming on. "What Power" He said cautiously.

Sarah grabbed his hands and pulled him over to where her bed was. Sitting him down she raised her hand to forestall his speaking. Looking at him she willed him to remember more with her eyes. "The power of voodoo" she said seriously.

"Who do?" Toby whispered as he started to shake. Sitting on the bed Sarah wrapped her arms around him from behind and squeezed him in a gentle hug. In his ear she whispered "You do"

"Do what" He choked out. Then struggled to get out of her hold. She could tell that he was terrified but didn't know why. She held him tighter in her arms, thankful that their parents were out again. Hoggle had warned her that this might happen and he also warned her about what to do if it ever did... But DAMN, her little brother was strong. He screamed for her to let him go. She couldn't, she had to finish it. As she wrestled to keep a firm grip on the boy she shouted with all the air left in her lungs.


With that said Toby grabbed his head and started to cry. Sarah could do nothing but try and sooth the young youth. Readjusting her hold she cradled him in her arms and snuggled up to him as they both drifted off to sleep exhausted.

When Sarah awoke, she found Toby frowning at her as he sat at the far end of her bed. She could see hurt shimmering in his bright blue eyes. "I'm not crazy... these memories... They are real. You wished me away, didn't you?" he stated lips trembling as he fought not to cry.

Sarah sighed and nodded as she reached for him. he let her pull him into her embrace and listened as she finally told him the truth. It was a good thing that she was babysitting for their parents again for it took a better part of an hour to tell him their tale. "I'm not sorry Toby." She said calmly as she looking into his beautiful eyes. "I was a spoiled child when I wished you away and I am a better person for the experience. I love you so much and that will never change. You are one of the most important things in my life. It was an adventure with the highest of stakes should I fail. I grew up that night and I learned a very important lesson."

"What was that?" he asked hurt now gone from his eyes replaced by curiosity.

Sarah smiled as she hugged him to her tightly. "It was two lessons actually." She said. Toby noticed how his beloved sister's eyes faded into memories that he could not follow. "The first one was that life will never be fair but that's the way of it. You just have to suck it up and live in the now and appreciate what you have while you have it."

Eyes clearing she grinned down at him and pressed her forehead to his and sighed. "The second is words have power. Wishes even more so. Words have the power to heal or hurt someone deeply. You know this truth by what I said with a careless and spoiled wish. The power of words is enormous and can cause a huge amount of damage. What if I had failed the challenge. I would have lost you because of a stupid wish. I would never have gotten to know the sweet little boy that you are or got to see you grow into the wonderful young man you are becoming." She smiled as she felt her little brother's arms tighten around her neck.

Gazing into his sisters emerald eyes Toby whispered through a yawn "I'm glad that you won me back."

Sarah smiled softly as she laid them both down on her bed. She watched as he snuggled closer to her and closed his eyes knowing that he was close to falling asleep.

"So am I." She whispered... So am I.

*End of flashback*

Sarah smiled tenderly at the memory. After that, they were inseparable and she eventually had to start to teach him what magic she herself had learned. He started changing a few months after his thirteenth birthday. She was babysitting him when he collapsed from a minor overload and she was able to drain the magic away before it became major. After that she explained what was happening to him and spent the rest of the night teaching him how to channel his magic and she taught him his first spell. He was still in the beginning levels.

She taught him recently how to use his magic to absorb and comprehend information by way of linking his mind with a book just by placing his hand on it and letting his magic flow in and through it. It was actually far more simple than it sounded. It was something that she had figured out on her own and it really had helped with her schooling. Now her little brother was acing his classes as well. They had to move him up three grades so far and now he was in high school.

A knock at the door snapped her out of her musings. "Who is it?" she called out while motioning Hoggle to her closet.

"It's the goblins coming to take you away."

She let out a sigh of relief, than chuckled "Come on in Toby." She watched as her little brother poked his head in then quickly entered. Hoggle came out of the closet and grumbled as the thirteen year old gave him a hug. Toby looked at his sister and grinned. "Ready for the next poor fool father picked for you?"

She grimaced." Is he here already?"

Toby snickered then nodded. "Yup! He's downstairs with dad." Then he scrunched up his face and added "They're talking business. Dad sent me to get you." She rolled her eyes and sighed. "How bad is this one?"

Toby grinned his blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "6'2" and a lightweight for alcohol. He has black hair and brown eyes. From reading his thoughts he is thinking about a business marriage between you and him. Doesn't care what you look like, he just hopes that you are not to unbecoming."

She snorted. "Me, marry? Not likely."

Than Sarah grinned at her little brother. "Got the stop watch ready." He grinned back. "Yup!" They bother started to snicker wickedly slightly scaring Hoggle. "Here now what's this abouz a watch." Sarah and Toby chuckled together. "It was Toby's idea." She said proudly. "We started timing how quickly I can get a date over with."

Toby snickered again. "Her best time is 32 minutes."

Hoggle was shocked. "Don you wanna to settle down and have kidz?"

Sarah sighed and looked down sadly. "Yes I do but I have standards. None of which have been met yet." 'Except once and the rat ruined me for anyone else.' She added mentally. Then she gazed back at Hoggle and sighed. "You better get back. Tell Jareth I said thanks."

Hoggle nodded noting the way her eyes lite up when she said Jareth. 'So that be the way of it. hmmm.' he thought. Hoggle was not stupid. He knew that she would never admit it out loud but his king was the only one her standards would meet. He was no fool. He knew love when he saw it and his girl had it bad. He nodded once again and started for the mirror. Once he was back over to the other side he head for the castle.

'Hmm' he thought. 'I wonder what they'd do if they found out?'

Sarah sighed as she watched the mirror shimmer as her friend left. Looking back at Toby she grimaced. "Well let us get this over with." Toby nodded and they both headed out the door and down to where their father stood next to Alex both to engrossed in their conversation to notice the two's entrance.

She stood there taking stock of the man before her. He was handsome she supposed grudgingly. However there was a cocky air about him that just didn't sit well with her. She cleared her throat and let a pleasant smile grace her face and gave a mental sigh as she watched the man's face light up and lust shimmer in his dark brown eyes. She made a mental connection with the man and swallowed quickly as she fought back a gag. The man was definitely sick in the head. She glanced at Toby and found him growling silently. He looked up at her and made a face of disgust.

She smiled sweetly at the man as he came forward to kiss her hand. "Hello Alex. It's nice to meet you. My father has been singing your praises."

'What a knock out!' The man was stunned to see Richard's daughter. He had been told that she was pretty but the woman before him was a goddess. Her tight dress and curves made him think that his marriage to her wouldn't be so horrid after all. He always got what he wanted and he was going to sample her tonight. All he had to do was turn on his charm and she would be putty in his hands.

Toby snickered silently as he watched his sister's emerald eyes narrow ever so slightly. He could feel her power flare and he watched with silent glee as she directed a small spell toward the arrogant cad. Have her indeed. He smirked as he watched the man before him groan with pain as he doubled over.

Sarah was furious. How dare this creep even think that she would be affected by a little flattery and some smooth moves. Been there done that. This creep needed to go...NOW! She frowned with false concern. "Are you alright. You look kind of pale. Maybe we should cancel tonight. I wouldn't want you to get sick on me."

Alex tried to straighten at her words but he couldn't get over the pain. He felt as if his insides were being twisted and he felt the need to go to the bathroom NOW before he embarrassed himself before the enchantress in front of him. "No, I'm fine, I just have to use the bathroom for a minute." He grimaced as a new wave of urgency hit him like a ton of bricks. "If it's not to much trouble."

Richard looked bewilderingly at the young man before him. The man was fine a moment ago. "That's fine take all the time you need. I'll show you where it is." The two turned to go down the hall. He heard his daughter call out from behind him.

"Please hurry, I'd rather not be late for our reservations."

After he showed the man to the bathroom he headed down to his study shaking his head at the groans echoing down the hall. He stop short as he heard the conversation and laughter coming from behind the doors.

Sarah hung up from canceling the reservations. She grinned at Toby and laughed lightly. "Well what do you think?"

Toby snickered as he shook his head. "That was cruel sis. Even for you. You should have waited till you both got out of the house before giving him the runs. Really, I don't think that you thought that spell through."

Sarah frowned. "What do you mean? I was not going anywhere with that creep. Not a chance! You heard his thoughts! Have me tonight indeed. I wish father would just give up. I don't care to date anyone. Besides you heard what that creep was planning."

Toby grimaced as he shot back "Yeah, but now we're stuck with him! You and I both know that spell lasts for about 6 hours! It is 8 o'clock already. Which means he is going to be stinking up our bathroom until 2 am! You didn't think about what dad is going to think of all this. He is just going to set up another date for you with that creep and then what? The man's already seen you and now he is even more determined to marry you. Face it sis. You messed up. At least if you were at the restaurant and you cast that spell it would give you a reason to leave because he would have not come back to his seat and you could have just told father that he left you there! Now what are you going to do?" He grinned as he watched his sister's face drop comically.

Grinning mischievously at her he added in a sing song voice. "You forgot rule number one, Oh Goblin Queen."

Sarah sighed as she smacked herself on the head for her stupidity. Her little brother was right, damn it. Now what was she supposed to do. There wasn't a spell to undo what she had done and... She looked up into Toby's eyes and growled. "I am not the Goblin Queen."

He snorted and let loose a chuckle. "No your not... Not yet anyway. However you and I both know that it is only a matter of time befo..."

"Not going to happen. Like I would ever marry that arrogant, egocentric, spoiled brat."

Toby grinned slyly as he replied quickly "You forgot charming, sweet, great body, can make you dance, hot voice especially when he sings to you," He sighed dramatically "And we cannot forget about he dreamy eyes that make you want to melt into a pile of mushy goo." He grinned as his sister narrowed her eyes. Nodding to himself he looked up and smiled at her sweetly. "Yup. You know you really should keep your diary in a safer place then under your bed. It is sooo easy to rea..."

He cut himself off at the look in his sister's darkening eyes. He gulped and said in a small voice while he backed up to the door grasping for the handle behind his back as he watched his sister come slowly from around their father's desk."Uhhh..." He stuttered "I loveyousis!" He quickly opened the door to escape only to smack into a hard surface. He felt hard hands go around him and he was pushed back into the room and the door was firmly shut behind him.

Looking up he met the furious eyes of their father. Turning around he looked at his sis only to see her face go white with fear. He jerked out of his fathers hold to run to his sister, who opened her arms and placed her hands on his shoulders with a trembling but firm grip.

Sarah let her breath out slowly to try and calm her nerves as she looked into her father's eyes. Oh boy. He was not happy.

She sighed discouraged. "How much did you hear Papa?"

Richard was furious. He tried to calmly answer. "All of it." Richard looked from his daughter to his son. He should have seen it before. "Sarah... What have you done?" He whispered horrified. His thoughts coming fast and furious everything clicking into place. His eyes narrowed as he waited for her explanation.

Sarah sighed and looked at her father in the eye trying but failing to read his thoughts. She frowned in confusion at the wall that was barring her excess. How could he have a wall there. She gave a mental nudge and gasped when her father snapped at her.

"Stop that and start explaining Sarah." Richard hissed when he felt her trying to excess his mind. "How dare you try to interfere with my thoughts young lady. You WILL start explaining NOW!" He roared furiously as he sent a mental shove back at her making her stagger back into the shelf behind her from the unexpected attack.

Her grip on Toby falling to the way side as she struggled against his power. Finally letting her suppressed magic fly out into the room making Toby crumple to the floor, blacking out from the raw power. Her ebony hair flaring wildly about her face as her pupils dilated until her irises were gone along with the whites of her eyes leaving nothing but pure gleaming black behind. Richard watched with morbid fascination as his daughter floated above the floor her long hair whipping about her as wildly as her magic was.

"Shit" He muttered as he felt his own power being suppressed and forced back into his own body. He energy was tiring fast from the lack of use. It had been almost thirty years since he really had to use his magic and there was no way with this amount of wild magic that he stood a chance of surviving. How was it even possible that his little girl possessed so much magic. Her blood should have been diluted thanks to him mating her mother. Fae magic could be powerful if you were full fae and of noble blood which he was but Sarah was only half. So much power... He struggle to breathe as her magic beat against him. He was forced to his knees as he gasped for breath.

If something didn't happen fast he would lose his daughter forever and possibly himself as well. He didn't even have this much magic back when he was using it. Where did she get so much? He coughed, spiting up blood. His magic tearing through his body using his life force to try to keep him alive. He was going to die. This was it. He would be killed by his baby girl. "Sarah..." He rasped out fighting to stay alive as his body lay crumpled on the floor.

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