Starfox Resurrection

Part 3: Indestructible

Prologue: What you call home...

Starfox Audio Log; 18 ALW, 18 February Entry 1: Fox McCloud

'Fox here. We just got back from our honeymoon, Krystal and I. We have traveled throughout the Lylat system. We have discovered the great secrets of Sauria, laid on the beaches of Zoness… Yes, some parts are clean. For the rest, well, let's just say it was my best decision I've ever made. Asking her of course. I feel, yeah, I feel… wow; I have no idea what I actually feel. Happiness of course, but also a feeling that no one can describe: *sigh* love.

Oh yeah, I also became more spiritual. You know, Krystal got an 'upgrade' after she worked with the TTT to get me in and out of Andross. She's in contact with the dead for some reason. Also, she set Kursed free. She couldn't live with her MPD, she just didn't accept her. So, she let her go. Syxx and I get along, but we're bothered by someone else. A third persona. The both of us have no idea who it is or where he comes from… But, no too much detail. Everyone got a surprise for us. I'm pretty eager to see what it is. Fox out.

Entry 2: Krystal

'Krystal here. As Fox already said, we just came back from our magical honeymoon. It was the greatest trip I ever had. I really got to know Fox. I never knew his voice was so sweet. We went to a karaoke bar on Zoness, and he decided to sing for me. I was pretty ashamed and honored at the same time, but he surprised everyone. He sang Two Tickets to Paradise for me. Beautiful. Finally got the dress I saw during my encounter with Spectre in the Orbital Ring. Fox gave it to me, like he didn't gave me enough already. He spoils me with too many big things. We also met Fay on Zoness. She seemed sorrowful about Bill's death, but she got a message from 'someone that wants to marry her'.

But those were not the only 'big things'. *winks* The bedroom stories, whew, *leans back in her chair, remembering those moments* what we did… oh my, oh my. And that, almost every night. *whispering* I lost my virginity to him. I faked the one with Panther. *normal voice* But, no more details into that.

I helped Fox with becoming more spiritual. The latest encounter with the TTT gave me the ability to talk to the death. It... it takes a lot of energy and I get angry. Fox understood this, but really wanted to be on the same line with me. So I helped him with that.

He also helped me with getting Kursed out of me. Someone else has taken her place. I call her Forgiven; she is the part of me that forgave the fact that I couldn't accept Kursed in my live. Fox is already off the big surprise everyone has for us. *turns away* Fox, wait for me.'

*Of course*

Entry 3: Phantom

'Phantom here. It's been a long time, but I'm back. And a member of Starfox. Yes! It seems that Krystal's encounter with the TTT didn't only give her an upgrade, but the machine as well. It is now, well, it was able to resurrect the dead. I'm back with the living! But also, uhm, Spectre. Yeah, my little brother is here as well. Still got his scope and is less of a psycho because, well, I'm back. Still has an urge for cannibalism. *sigh* Well, he's become best friends with Falco.'

'Kursed is also here. I especially like that. *looks dreamy but snaps out of it* What!? What are you looking at? Wait, no, you seriously don't think that… Kursed and I!? HAHAHAHAHA, that's crazy… right? I mean, yeah, she's gorgeous, dangerous and has a *swallows* great character.'

*Thanks Phantom* says Kursed (interested) walking by, stroking the back of the chair.

*Heavy blush* 'Yeah, uhm, geh…. *Kursed is gone* Fuck!'

*sigh* 'Okay, I'm nervous around her, that's it! Nothing else! Something different to tell? Oh yeah, a surprise for Fox's alter guy Syxx. We resurrected Kyla! And that's where the problem set in, the TTT malfunctioned. She's in a state of Re-Appear. Otherwise known as appearing and disappearing at random. Sucks, but at least she's here.'

*They're coming!* is heard from behind him.

'Oh shit! Everyone, in position. Ready everything for the happy couple! End of log!'

*Mumbling* *shoving* *glass breaks + cursing* *mess*

'Krystal, you really need to turn on that camera?' asks Fox while walking over to the bridge.

'Sure, I want to see and record whatever surprise they have.' she responds.

Fox looks at the camera. 'Krystal, it's probably nothing special. A surprise party? Puh… I've been there already.' he says cocky while continuing his walk.

'Come on Fox, you never know… maybe I got a few tricks up my sleeve myself…'

He turns around while still walking. 'Just came back and already you want more? Tsk, tsk…' jokes Fox.

He approaches the bridge door but Krystal already stopped filming. As soon as he tries to open the door, his paw stops. His back is pushed against the doorpost as Krystal starts kissing him furiously. The shock running through his back doesn't stop him from returning the favor. She stops the kissing, but has the expression on her face, wanting more. Fox is happy to see it, but he does something dumb; trying to find support when Krystal kissed him, he activated the timed fingerprint scanner. As Krystal hooks her index finger in Fox's scarf, dragging him with her, the door behind Fox opens. The entire team says the slightly paralyzed Fox fixated on Krystal, as she slowly pulls him away from the team's eye-range.

'Yo lovebirds!' yells Falco.

A brief silence follows, until Fox looks somewhat ashamed into the room, tilting his head sideways.

*Fuck… they saw it all?*

'Who saw what Fox?' says Krystal now standing in the middle of the doorpost. Fox simply points into the room. 'I think they saw it all…' he whispers. Krystal looks into the room too and quickly turning her head away, laughing awkwardly.

'Ooooh shit…' she says.

'SURPRISE!' yells everyone. Even ROB is on time.

While Fox and Krystal are greeted by everyone, the party begins. Presents are given and music is turned up loud. However, the situation below them, on Fortuna is grimmy.

Drifted away, far from the other planets, it's close to the region known as Outer Lylat, close to the star. Scientists have no idea how the planet's orbit has changed, to more ecliptic like, but Oikonny's involvement during the Aparoid Invasion isn't unthinkable. Climatic changes to the planet caused many to move to nearby planets. Coming close to Solar every year, the climate becomes desert like. But as it moves away, it gets colder. Many plant and other species didn't adopt in time.

Few cities remain. One of them is called Sargasso, named ever the region in the Asteroid Belt. Because of the horrible rocky situation and wasteland-like appearance. Dirt storms ravage through the streets as criminals gangs take over what's left of the population. Scarvers, is what they call themselves. 97% of property still standing in Sargasso, is theirs. The other 3%, is a bar complex in the center. And someone, doesn't want that bar to be taken. Call it home, call it property, but you can't take a man's life away, not a human's anyway...

Finally, I started on Part 3, the last part of the Resurrection trilogy. The celebrations in the Great Fox tarnish when looking at Fortuna's situation. What human doesn't want his property (bar complex) to be taken? A human on Fortuna?