You tell me you're leaving
I'm here to stay

"I'm going."

Kise's sunshine eyes flash wide open in realization, then slowly dim to Midorima's thunderstorm. His cotton candy smile disintegrates bit by sweet bit.

Because when Kise processes his stone-hard face, clenched fists and slightly trembling mouth, they both know that Midorima's not just skipping out to the nearby combini.

Midorima senses that his walls are about to collapse. He is addicted to a lot of things—order, Oha Asa, lucky items, Effexor, jellybeans. These things fit in the box. Kise is too ballistic and brilliant and beautiful to stay in there. So he's walking out the door.

What Kise knows—and Midorima is yet to—is that fear is as much self-destruction as it is self-preservation. He's confident that with his patent genius, the shooting guard will realize that. So he watches Midorima walk out the door.

The door shuts unceremoniously. For the first time in a very long time, Kise's mind is white noise-silent.


To Pokopen: I think I may be mentally incapable of making the chapters longer. :))
To Stephane Richer: Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure exactly what effect this has, but if you think it's good that makes me happy (considering my sorry state of mind while writing this).
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