Everything I'll need is everything you've got
All in your hate and all in your love

Kise truly understands, for the first time, what Kuroko felt when he started to hate basketball. A golden trophy is cold. Basketball championship, top model status, scholarships and topnotch scores, string of girlfriends—it's all the same. For years, for all their lives, both he and Midorima sought the same coldness. And look where it's gotten them.

He wants to come inside, where it's warm.

Tangled on the car seat, they are imploding. "We're seventeen."

One of Kise's hands pull the keys from Midorima's jean pocket, the other gripped tightly behind his neck. "This isn't gonna work."

The custom-fit mattress is soaked, the perfectly done sheets rumpled. He kisses Kise like he can't breathe without him. "I'm going to hate you."

"Maybe I will too," Kise finally answers. "Maybe we'll be the same as we were. Maybe we'll change. I'm tired but I'm not tired with you."

Kise pulls Midorima's shirt over his head. Midorima is too tall, his limbs too long, and the jigsaw puzzle their bodies make is an ugly thing. Minutes pass as they hold each other, their breathing slowing and the white noise of rain filling the dark room. The explosion stops completely, its momentum sputtering out. The aftermath is silence, Midorima's terrified eyes and Kise's hope.

"I don't know."

Which is exactly what Kise wants to hear. Because if Midorima doesn't know where he needs to go, then he can go where he wants to go. If he doesn't know whether he could make it alone, Kise can join him. And if they don't know who they are, those definitions can start with each other's names.

"Let's find out."

A/N: After a long long looooong time...comes another short chapter.
Stephane Richer: Thanks! The time jump happened because I wanted to express how Midorima thought it was all a mistake and he already knows his path in life (which doesn't include Kise) but then he realizes maybe he never really knew. Oh that's bullshit. The time jump happened because I just felt like it. I don't really think when I write. Sorry. My professor actually says I use too much descriptions/metaphors, and not enough narrative. I know it gets incoherent but I want to express how the characters feel and who they are and who they evolve to be and while this will never work in a novel, it could in a fanfic. Yes, I'm talkative. Again, thank you.
Monkey D. Writer: They did a lot more, since chap 2. But yes, whenever I think about my beautiful Kise softly (or hardly, I'm good either way) kissing tsundere!Midorima, OMFG OMFG OMFG! *running around in circles randomly* :))