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She's Taking Her Time 'Til I Thought I Would Die And I Can't Sit Still

Wade had been after Zoe Hart from the second he had seen her. He knew that, she knew that, hell, he was pretty sure the whole town new that, if not the entire county. That girl, she was they call "something else." And that was putting it lightly.

The two of them had their moments. They had fought. They had laughed. They had flirted. They'd even kissed. Sometimes she'd ruin their "moments" and sometimes it was him. It was a crazy whirlwind with this girl.

But tonight, tonight things changed.

As he stood in front of the mirror getting dressed for George and Lemon's wedding the power went out and it slowly but in the blink of a second at the same time came to him what was going on. After this whole ordeal, he knew what it meant. He knew what Zoe meant.

Wade's hands shook as he gave it a moment to sink in. He knew he could go over there and finally get something he very much wanted. He knew Zoe was inviting him to come take it. And as it always had, but now more than ever, it was scaring the living hell out of him.

With a deep breath, he had left his place and started across the way to hers. His mind was racing, almost as fast as his heart. His legs were like jello as he walked, his hands restless as they continued to shake.

How was one supposed to handle getting something they so badly want? Nerves was the only thing he could see at the moment. But he was going to make damn sure that by the time this walk ended, he would have himself under control.