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'It seemed like a simple mission. Just investigate the woods for any signs of suspicious behavior...now how did we get stuck fighting powerful dark mages?!' Lucy thought as she dodged a punch from one the mages. She thought back to when she had seen the request on the guild board.


Lucy was scanning the request board for a simple, but high paying mission to pay off her rent. She had stood there for a good five minutes, but hadn't found anything yet.

Soon, Mira called her over. "Ah, Lucy! I have a mission just for you~"

"Really?" Lucy asked as she took the paper handed to her. She scanned the paper carefully.


Suspicious activity in surrounding woods. Please come and investigate.

Reward: 200,000J

"This is perfect!" Lucy exclaimed. "The reward is enough for my rent! I'll go ask the others now."

She headed over to the rest of her teammates. "Minna! I found us a mission to do~" she chirped.

Erza took the request from her hands and read it. "Good job Lucy. This seems like an interesting mission."

She turned to Gray and Natsu and said, "Let's go on it tomorrow morning. We'll catch the train and then we'll arrive at the town. Meet at the train station at 10 o'clock sharp."

Soon, the members of Team Natsu departed to their homes to pack up.

Flashback End

They had arrived at the town and sought out the mayor. The mayor informed them of the dark mages. 30 minutes later, they were now fighting them. The fight had moved from the woods to the edge of the woods, near a beautiful lake.

Suddenly, ripples appeared on the lake. No one noticed, as they were too busy fighting. Lucy had just dodged a ball of shadows aimed at her. She was now closer than ever to the lake. 'Water...? That's it!' she thought. She pulled out a gold key, ready to summon Aqaurius.

Before she could summon her spirit, the water in the lake erupted, like a geyser. All mages stopped fighting and turned their attention to the lake. The water seemed to be swirling around something. It seemed like a portal of some sorts.

The mage Lucy was fighting took his chance and fired another ball of shadows at his opponent. Taken by surprise, the attack caused her to fly off her feet...and into the portal like circle in the lake. She yelped in surprise. The last thing Lucy saw were her friends running towards her, before she disappeared into the lake. Before she lost consciousness, she heard, "LUCYYYY!"

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