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Lucy's POV

It's been 5 years since I got here. In those 5 years, I've learned many things. Some of the things I have learned here was creatures called Pokemon existed here. They were creatures that could use special attacks and stuff. Some of them are just so adorable! *O* I also discovered that I can't use my magic here…well, no. I can call upon my spirits here, but it's different than back in Earthland...


It had been a week since I've been teleported here. I had went into a meadow with beautiful sweet smelling flowers. Here, I decided to call on one of my spirits. I pulled out a golden key from my silver key ring.

"Open! Gate of the lion! Loke!" I chanted, swiping the key. The key glowed a bit but...nothing happened, as I had expected.

'Hmm...at least it glowed...' I thought, studying Loke's key. 'Maybe I should pour more magic into the key. Yeah! Maybe that would work!'

I concentrated my magic into the key. At first, the key glowed a bit, but not so much. As more magic was being poured into the key, it began glowing brighter and brighter. I stopped concentrating my magic into the key when it was glowing very brightly. Right when I stopped, the key began changing shape. Soon, it turned into what I had learned was a pokeball, but it looked a bit different. Scratch that. It looked totally different than the standard pokeball! The whole pokeball was gold. A red band replaced the normal black band. There was a white center in the middle, like the rest of the pokeballs. Above the white center, the sign of Leo was engraved in red.

"What should I do with it?...Oh! Ash said that trainers normally threw these and a pokemon would appear. He also said that you could just press the center button," I said to myself. "I'll just click it then."

I hesitantly pressed the center. The pokeball popped open and a golden light came out of the pokeball. A creature seemed to materialize from the light. When the creature materialized, it left a trail of stardust from where it had first popped out from the ball. I examined the pokemon.

It resembled a lion. It had an orange mane and a yellow body. There were yellow rings on the back of its legs. This pokemon also had a long tail that had a 4 pointed yellow star at the tip. It somehow reminded me of Loke...

"Loke...?" I asked carefully.

"Lucy?! Where are we? Why are you a little girl? Why am I like this?!" the creature, now named Loke, asked.

"Calm down Loke! I was blasted into a portal when Team Natsu took a mission. The portal took me here to this world. Here, there are creatures called pokemon. You are currently a pokemon right now. I guess that explains your current appearance..." I explained.

Loke took a moment to let this sink in. "Well then...let's see if i could still use my magic though."

Loke took a stance and shouted, "Regulas Beam!" A beam of light shoot out of his mouth and hit done if the nearby brush, effectively burning them to a crisp. "Well, that's a good thing."

"Ash also mentioned that Pokemon had their own special powers and abilities. Why not try some of these powers out?" I suggested.

Loke nodded and began concentrating. Soon, sparks began to crackle around him. He soon launched a powerful bolt of lightning towards a poor tree that happened to be standing in the way.

"Well, looks like I can use lightning," Loke muttered as he examined his work.

"Cool! I think we should keep your magic a secret for now," I suggested. "I would be annoying having to explain why you have special powers."

"I agree. Let's call out the others now, shall we?" Loke said.

=End of Flashback-

My other celestial friends were turned into Pokemon as well. Aquarius is such a beautiful Pokemon! She still is same old Aquarius though….Life after that event has been pretty good. Ash and Delia are awesome people! Professor Oak and his grandson Gary are great people too! I had asked Professor Oak what kind of Pokemon Loke was. He said that it was called Luxray. They were found in the Sinnoh region. Since then, I have studied all the pokemon available at his ranch. So cute! w

Tomorrow is the day where I can start my adventure with Ash! I can't wait to see what starter Pokemon I can get. I just hope I won't be late in getting my Pokemon….I'm not a morning person after all….

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