The young man buried his nose under his scarf to keep it warm. His hands were balled into fists inside his pockets of his coat. He hunched up his shoulders trying to keep his body heat. He walked quickly, wanting to get to his apartment, and out of the cold.

The sun slowly dipped down closer to the horizon. The young man decided to take a short cut and turned into the park. No many people were in the park just some brave souls embracing the chilly air. The man continued his way home as the sun continued to sink into the horizon.

"Meow." The young man stopped short. He looked around. "Meow." The bush rustled. He jumped, landing his eyes on the bush. He squatted down watching the moving bush. A pair of green eyes met his man's warm brown eyes. The young man took his hands out of his pockets to help the cat to get out of the bush. He picked up the cat and stood up. He looked around the park. No one was near. Who would leave a cat in the cold? "Meow."

"I can't leave you here in the cold." The young man unzipped his coat a little and placed the cat inside his coat. He zipped up again. He continued his journey home. The sun disappeared below the horizon.

The young man unzipped his coat to let the kitty out. He hung up his coat and scarf up. "Meow." His new roommate sat in the kitchen.

The man chuckled as he walked to the kitchen. "You must be hungry. What do cats eat?" He thought for a moment looking at the kitty. "Milk!" The cat tilted his head. How the man pronounced milk, it was clear that he wasn't Korean. "Cats eat milk." He opened the refrigerator. He placed the milk carton on the counter. He opened the cupboard and took a bowl. The man poured the milk in the bowl, and then took a swig from the carton. He put the milk away. The man turned to find the kitty had already jumped up on the counter and was happily lapping up the milk.

"Guess you were hungry." His warm brown eyes watched the Russian blue cat drink the milk. "Where's your family? They must be worried about you. Tomorrow, we'll go see if we can find your family. Guess, in the meantime, I should get some cat food for you. I'll be back in a few minutes." The man got ready to leave his apartment again.

Once the door closed, the kitty stopped drinking the milk. He has to find a way out of here. But he didn't know when the man would be back, and plus, how suspicious would it be if the man brought a cat home and then the cat was gone. This kitty was in a real pickle. This was no ordinary cat. This cat had a secret.