The young man sat at the dining table eating his breakfast. His roommate sat on the table next to his cat food watching the man eat. "I think I should introduce myself. My name is Hangeng." He took another bite and then continued. "I thought about giving you a name, but you most likely have a name and a very worried family." Hangeng finished his breakfast and started to pick up. "So you and me are going to find your family today." Hangeng hand washed the dishes. "I've thought it through were we are going to look." Hangeng turned to smile at the kitty.

The cat just sat on the table looking at Hangeng, knowing that Hangeng's efforts would fail.

Hangeng collapsed onto his couch exhausted from his fail search of finding the cat's family. He looked to the cat that was now sitting next to him on the couch. "I guess you're a stray. I guess you'll be living here with me now. How does that sound? Let's give you a name." Hangeng thought about it while petting the cat. "Qui."

The cat tilted his head at the name.

"It's Chinese for autumn. Because that's when we met in the autumn." He smiled at his roommate.

After dinner Hangeng took a shower and then relax in his bed reading a book with Qui curled up in his lap. In some way Hangeng was glad that Qui didn't have a family. He was happy that he had a little friend living him to give him company.

Hangeng's book slowly slipped out of his sleeping hand. It landed on the floor with thud. Qui had been waiting for his new "owner" to fall asleep. Qui's green eyes began to change color into a dark brown. Qui was going to risk everything.

The next morning Hangeng woke up with the sunlight spilling into his bedroom. "Good morning, Qui." Hangeng greeted his little kitty in Chinese. Hangeng reached over to pet Qui, but his hand could find Qui. "He must of went to explore the apartment some more."

Hangeng got out of bed only to stumble over his book. "Great. Now I lost my place." He mumbled. He picked up his book and placed it on his bed.

Hangeng went to put on fresh clothes when he noticed a t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants were missing. He didn't think much of it. He most likely wore the clothes and just didn't remember it. Hangeng left his room and stood in the doorway of the living room. He was shock to see someone sitting on the couch.

The person stood and approached Hangeng. His dark brown eyes met Hangeng's warm brown eyes. This was a beautiful person. His black hair framed his face. He wore Hangeng's missing t-shirt and cargo pants. He had one hand on the waistband of the cargo pants to hold them up on his smaller body frame.

"My name isn't Qui." The man mispronounced the name. "My name is Kim Heechul."