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It was coming to the end of another hard working day on the Kira case and everyone was getting very tired. L was sat at his computer still working as hard as he could but Light (Who was sat right beside him and still chained to him) could see that he was starting to get distracted from his work. Matsuda was sat with Aizawa and Mr. Yagami on the couch at the other side of the room watching L's every move. Matsuda started to yawn quite loudly which caught Lights attention. L started to slow his typing down and kept picking at his marshmallows with he received from Watari about an hour before.

Light knew that rest would be perfect for everyone including L. 'For god sake Ryuzaki, why don't you want to go to bed? Why do you want to work on this case so much? 'Light stood and walked closer to L trying to look intimidating but as usual this did not work on L.

"Ryuzaki" L looked up at Light with his dark piercing eyes, Light continued, staring right into L's eyes "I think it's time everyone had a rest, even you. You're working too hard, you need rest"

L turned away from light back to his computer and sighed "I guess you're right but I really do want to get on with this light-kun I may be onto a lead." L started to work on his computer again.


"Light-kun please"

"NO Ryuzaki, everyone needs sleep and you included" Light grabbed hold of L's shirt collar and tried to pull the detective towards him but this seemed to fail. For someone as skinny as L, Light didn't realize how heavy he was. "Listen you haven't slept in 3 days and I do not want to have another sleepless night because of you, I want to catch Kira as well but you are just being a child!"

Light held onto L's shirt tighter but in an instant he knew that was a bad idea, just as he was about to let go he saw L's foot flying towards his face which knocked him back over.

Before L knew it he was being pulled by his wrist towards the floor. After a few seconds of thuds and little cries of pains, L was laying on top of Light, staring right into his eyes. The moment was getting awkward but no one wanted to move from where they were.

"LIGHT" Both Mr Yagami and Matsuda ran over to the two boys and helped them to their feet. Aizawa kept his distance from them all and just watched. L and Light both got to their feet, rubbing their wrist from where the chain had pulled against them.

"Thank you Mr Yagami, thank you Matsuda." L bowed at the two cops and then turned to light. "Sorry Light-kun I hope you're alright I didn't mean to hit you that hard … I mean I didn't mean to hit you I was just really into my work and I really wanted to carry on and you kind of didn't let me finish and …. Mnnh" Before L could finish Light grabbed L's shirt, pulled him in and kissed him. L didn't know what to do at that moment apart from try to get away.

Mr Yagami was about to separate them but just at that moment both Aizawa and Matsuda grabbed his shoulders and dragged him out of the room closing the door behind them.

Just as Light was about to pull away, he felt arms wrap around his neck and pull him closer. Light quickly pulled away and look at L who was smiling like a little kid, trying to hide the fact he was blushing.

"R-Ryuzaki ... erm"

"Yes Light-kun"

"I need to tell you something, something I wanted to tell you for a long time" Light was trying to look at anything but L, Why am I feeling like this? What the hell is going on with me, I've never felt like this before but I really want L with me now.

"Light … What's going on, I don't know what I'm feeling …?"L stopped suddenly when he felt Light's warm hand on his cheek, pulling him in slowly for another kiss.

"Ryuzaki" Just as their lips were about to touch again, the door to the headquarters swung open and a loud deafening scream filled the room.

"RYUZAKI … LIGHT … WHAT ARE YOU DOING … LIGHT'S MINE, NOT YOURS" Both L and Light turn to stare at a horrified Misa. Misa was now stomping towards them like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. Light grabbed L's arm and pulled the older man behind him.

"Misa calm down please. It's not L's fault it's mine, I kissed him first, I was the one who made the first move, I don't think he expected it … I mean I did kind of do it without warning but … " Before he could finish Misa slapped him leaving a small but bright red hand print across Light's face.

"How could you do this to me Light, I love you, but you don't give your love back to me, you give it to … Him! And you Ryuzaki did you want him to kiss you? ... Well answer me"

Light tried to grab Misa's arm in an attempt to make her listen but she quickly stepped back and stared coldly at L.

"Misa please, like I said it wasn't Ryuza …." But just as he was about to finish defending L he felt a hand grab the top of his arm. "Huh"

"It's ok Light-kun, I can defend myself" L pushed Light gently out of the way and walked towards Misa. He stopped about a metre in front of her and spoke again. "Misa Amane, if you want to know, it was light who kissed me first …"

"Yeah but did you want him to kiss you? Did you like it? …" Misa paused and look over at Light and then back at L "Do … Do you like him?"

"Misa Amane … I am sorry but you will not like the answers I will give you" Both Light and Misa looked at L with a confused expression.

L carried on but as he was explaining Light could see he was trying to hide a little smile. "Here is my answer to all your questions Misa Amane … Yes I wanted him to kiss me, I have wanted him to kiss me from the first time he came to my hotel room and introduced himself, Yes I liked it and" he turned to look at Light. "And I don't like him …. I love him"

"RYUZAKI, YOU … YOU BASTARD" Misa was just about to hit him but she stopped. She saw Light, staring at L with a really big smile. "Light are you ok?"

Light grabbed L's hand and held it tightly "Ryuzaki, did you really mean that?"

"Yes Light-kun, I did" L smile grew bigger, something that had never happened before. "I love you Light Yagami" Just as L finished Light grabbed his waist and pulled him in for another kiss, this time L accepted and were both kissing each other very passionately.

Misa was in a state of shock as she watched the two holding on to each other tighter. She then turned and ran from the room crying, which left L and Light on their own again.

L and Light parted for air still tightly clinging on to each other. "Ryuzaki, that's what I wanted to tell you …. I love you too!" For some reason L didn't expect him to say that to his face but all the same he was really happy.

L quickly hugged his young lover tightly, as he did he felt Light kiss him softly on his neck and say "I will always love you Ryuzaki."

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