"Listen well, brother—" Thor stressed, about to begin a lecture that was sure to shake Loki to his core, or so he hoped, though the back of his mind was suitably dubious. Unfortunately for him, he was knocked away by a flying mass of high-level technology and genius billionaire playboy.

They landed, and Thor stumbled to his feet and glared at the metal creature that had slammed into him, even as the yellow mask slid up and revealed the face of a man. "Do not touch me again."

"Then don't take my—"

"Yosh!" A strange green… thing slammed down next to the man known as Tony Stark, shaking his hand with unbridled enthusiasm. "That was a most youthful dynamic entry! You have truly—"

Iron Man and Thor, two men who were well-versed in the strange and quite willing to play around with whatever came their way, could only blink at Maito Gai, Konoha's Green Beast, as he rambled on.

Their thoughts were worded differently, but amounted to the same thing:

What the f***?


A/N: Half of my crack-fic oneshot ideas just happen via "What would happen if Character X was just… Character X? Just in a different universe?" And about half of THOSE involve Gai.

This particular one happened after watching The Avengers and mentally shouting "DYNAMIC ENTRY!" as Iron Man crashed into Thor.

Ja ne,