Beast Boy wasn't necessarily sure why he did it.

Actually, that wasn't exactly the truth. He knew why he started it (because he was a horny teenage boy in the throes of puberty, subject to curiosities of a more carnal nature), but he wasn't exactly sure why he continued doing it. He was older now, he'd gotten his urges under control with a strict diet of porn, masturbation, and the occasional second or third base on a date with a fangirl. Yet, in spite of his boyish charm and good looks, he still hadn't made a full run around the bases yet, but he put that blame on his own reservations.

Or the fact that he was picky about who he wanted to run around the bases with.

Which is why he was in the body of a fly on the ceiling in the small bathroom adjacent to the training room. At the ripe-old age of nineteen, it was embarrassing to admit to himself that he was still being a Peeping Tom, as if he couldn't get half the girls in Jump City to drop their panties for him. But her… she was different.

God, she was different.

He knew, logically, that he should have been more interested in hanging out on the ceiling when Starfire bathed. She had tits for days (which had developed even more over their years together as a team), and legs that looked like they could split a man in half. But no matter what he did, Beast Boy couldn't see her as anything more than a best friend, a big sister, and a teammate. Believe him, he had tried to think of her in other ways… but it never seemed out work out just right.

But Raven…

She was sturdy, but curvy. Small and petite. She was a million different things that made her as sexy as she was to him. There was something so incredibly delicate and understated about her, that he had dreams and fantasies of just holding her. Of course he also had fantasies about ploughing her like a field too.

His mind stilled as he heard movement outside the bathroom door.

The door slid open and she stepped inside, drenched in sweat. That alone was enough to make him moan mentally. It was a rare occasion when she trained alone, and watching her move around the mats exuding power and confidence like it was second nature was enough to make Beast Boy hard. He remembered the first time he had stumbled onto the sight. It was so awe inspiring, that he just stood in the doorway and watched her. It was like looking into a violent thunderstorm, terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

She really had no idea how incredibly sexy she was.

She sighed and leaned over the sink to look in the mirror, examining her face for any cuts or bruises, pulling her hair out of the way and tugging down the neck of her uniform to inspect herself even more. She cursed under her breath and deftly unlatched her cloak, letting it fall to the floor as she reached for the zipper hidden in the back.

Beast Boy took a mental breath and let his mind go blank. He had learned over the years that if he concentrated hard enough, he could let the mind of the animal he was hiding in come to the forefront, letting his own mind function just out of consciousness. Which meant that the Teen Titans' resident empath would have no idea she was being watched. Kind of a creeper move, but he would do anything to get just a glimpse of her body.

She peeled off her uniform and threw it in the same pile as the rest of her clothes, leaving her clad in a pair of black panties and a black bra. Utilitarian, basic, no nonsense… utterly Raven.

He admired her for a moment, wondering what it would be like to lay in bed and watch her wiggle into those panties. He would be propped up on his pillow under the covers, carrying on a conversation about their plans for the day, and she would turn and offer that lopsided, almost nonexistent "Raven Smile" before crawling over the covers the kissing him innocently. He would smile between their kisses and run his fingers through her hair, pulling her closer and into his arms.

God, he was such a sap.

But still… it was kind of a nice fantasy.

And then she pulled off the last remaining barriers, dropping them onto the floor.

Beast Boy now had to concentrate extra hard to not lose his focus.

She opened the glass door and turned on the shower, cursing under her breath as the water came out cold. Her body reacted to the temperature, gooseflesh erupting over her skin as her nipples peaked. Beast Boy imagined taking her into his mouth, suckling on the flesh as her hands buried into his hair, pulling him closer. His fingertips would trail over her body, finding hollows and paths that had never been discovered, and she would whisper his name breathlessly.

The water warmed and Raven stepped under the stream, rinsing the dirt and sweat from her body. Her fingers threaded through hair, rubbing shampoo deep into her scalp as she massaged her head. She let out a little sigh and leaned against the shower enclosure, exhaustion evident on her face.

Beast Boy frowned inside his own mind. He hated seeing her the way she was now, tired and worn out. Lately it seemed like every baddie in the book was on hyper-mode, trying to take over the world, or enslave humankind, or whatever. Needless to say that the Titans had been forced to work themselves to the bone, and it was no surprise that Raven was falling apart like the rest of them.

He wanted to wrap his arms around her and let her know that everything was okay. He wanted to hold her in his arms as they both drifted off to sleep, letting the moonlight spill over them entangled together. He would nuzzle her hair and kiss her neck, and she would make a noise that wasn't quite a chuckle and nudge him away from her, teasing him.

She lathered up a washcloth and ran it over her skin, cleaning all evidence of her training or their fight this morning from her skin. The black cloth trailed over her arms and legs, then her back, and then she washed her torso. Beast Boy couldn't help but stare at the way the foam slid over and around the curves of her body, mentally tracing the path as it traveled down her skin. And then her hand dipped between her legs, and Beast Boy had never been more envious of an inanimate object than he was of that washcloth.

He wanted to know what it would be like to taste her. To dip his mouth to her center and taste the water from the shower mingling with the taste of her own honey. To feel her fingernails bite into his shoulders as he pushed her to the edge of pleasure before sending her careening over the precipice.

She finished washing her skin and rinsed away the rest of the lather with a sigh.

Beast Boy knew the show was over, but he continued to stay still until he was absolutely sure that she was gone from the bathroom. Afterall, he still valued that his head was connected with his shoulders, and hoped it would continue to stay that way.

Her slender hands reached out to turn off the water, but she stopped half-way. There was a look of shame and reservation on her face, as if she was contemplating something and then she reached up to grab the hand held shower head, pulling it out of its mount on the wall. She rinsed off the rest of her body before leaning back against the shower surround, positioning the shower head between her legs, letting the water hit her sensitive flesh.

Sweet Jesus. She was masturbating.

He had never… should he even look?

Oh, hell yes, he should look.

It took the rest of Beast Boy's concentration to not release his animal form, let alone keep his emotions under control. He watched the way her legs trembled, the way her hand slid down the smooth, white tile on the shower surround, the swelling of her lower lip as it was caught between her teeth. He listened to the hitch in her breath, and the soft whimpers and moans that signaled she was close…

And then she made a strangled cry, a breathless name spilling from between her lips, and leaned against the shower surround.

The whole scene only took minutes, but felt like hours to Beast Boy.

Color flooded her face as she righted herself, and she used the shower head to rinse herself off as if nothing had happened in that small, enclosed space. Turning off the water, she stepped onto the bathmat and wrung her hair free of any moisture that still clung to her. She checked her skin again, and any cuts or bruises that had been there previously had disappeared. And then she wrapped herself in a white towel and picked up her clothes, as she made her way to the door.

There was a long pause as her fingertips rested on the lightswitch, as if she was thinking something deep and complex. And then she turned and looked back at the shower, her expression unreadable. Another moment passed before she switched the light off, plunging the small bathroom into darkness.

Long minutes slid by, and when Beast Boy was sure that she had left, he released his animal form and stood in the darkness of the room, smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo and bodywash. He didn't turn on the light, he just stood there, feeling the emotions she had left in the wake of her shameless exploration of her body. It was warm and exciting, and he wanted to stand there and remember the images forever.

He locked the door and stripped himself of his uniform, turning on the water and stepping under the same stream of water she had, wallowing in her scent and the memories of her pleasuring herself. He stayed there until the water turned cold and he sunk against the cool tile of the shower, sliding down to rest on the floor.

It wasn't until days after that he realized the name she had whispered was his.


Because I enjoy making you all uncomfortable with me.
And because I killed a spider in my shower this morning, which spawned this idea.
Also, just to clarify the reference:
I'll Be Watching You, By Sting (and the Police)

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