Raven blushed profusely as she stared into the camera on her phone, perched precariously near the end of her bed and aimed at her. A wave of fear and reservation rippled through her, and she chewed on her lower lip as she seriously questioned herself right now.

Why in the world was she doing this? Oh, right. Jinx (of all people) suggested it, and at the time it seemed ridiculous. She was not going to degrade herself like that, and certainly not when she had no need to. After all, he was only gone a few weeks. But now, after a few glasses of wine, and an empty apartment on Christmas Eve, it suddenly seemed like the most brilliant idea she could think of.

That was the wine talking, of course.

Raven adjust the straps on her lacy, black negligee and reached around to press the record button on her phone. A little red light blinked on and Raven blew the phone a kiss before standing up and turning around, showing off her lingerie with a little twirl (that certainly was the wine talking). She had bought the lingerie a few weeks ago with the intent on wearing it for Beast Boy for Christmas, but that dream was dashed to pieces when he told her that he was going to be gone for the holidays with no idea on his return.

And now she was drunk.

And horny.

And alone.

On Christmas Eve.

That combination set her up for serious disaster.

She slid one of the straps off her shoulder and then the other one, letting the negligee fall to the floor in a small pile of black lace. One moment ticked by, and then two, and Raven sat back on her white covers, running her hands over her body, exploring herself. She closed her eyes and imagined Beast Boy sitting behind her, her own body tucked in his arms as he ran his fingertips over her body, tracing unknown shapes and patterns on her skin. He found all the hollows she guided him to, touching her with skilled hands and a gentle touch.

"You're beautiful."

She licked her lips, hearing the soft whimper escape her mouth as she ran her thumbs over her nipples. Her body trembled, feeling the electrical shocks start to spark down her spine. But these weren't her hands. Right now, they were his hands circling her nipples with slow, sure strokes, pinching the erect flesh, and tracing all the spots that made her whimper.

"I love the way you look when you're so hot." Stroke. "So ready for me." Pinch. "I'm going to make this memorable for you."

Raven's breath hitched, and her hands trailed down her torso and back up again, making an invisible path with her fingertips. She purred when her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties, and she tugged them down the long line of her legs, throwing them into the pile with her negligee. Swallowing her fear (the wine and her imaginations of Beast Boy had taken full effect now), she smiled into the camera and spread her legs, bending her knees and leaning back against the headboard to offer a full view to the camera.

"That's right… I love seeing you like this."

Her fingers stroked the inside of her thighs, teasing herself with her own touch. His imaginary breath ghosted down her neck as she licked her fingertips and slid them down her body. She jumped a little under the sudden assault of her own fingers stroking herself, but then the wave of pleasure washed over her and she moaned softly. Raven's breath shook in her ears and she could almost feel his hands sliding over her own, guiding her fingers with his own, sure strokes.

"You look amazing like this. Spread out like a feast."

Raven's body quivered as she continued to navigate her core with new, inexperienced touches. It was like she was learning her body for the first time, and it was amazing.

"I want to hear you moan. Can you moan for me, Raven?"

A moan escaped her mouth as Raven's fingertips swirled around her clit with long, languid stroked. She bit her lip as she repeated the gesture, enjoying the pleasure she had been missing for the past week. She hadn't realized how much she would have been missing without him here, but now she fully realized what she needed in her life. Her ministrations became faster as she found the rhythm her body enjoyed. A nice slow build of pleasure, starting deep in the pit of her stomach until it tingled through every part of her body, from her toes to her fingertips.

"You like that, don't you?" Her imaginary Beast Boy forced her legs wider and continued to swirl his fingers around her clit. "You love my fingers on your clit… I want them inside you, Raven. Put them inside."

Raven's fingers slid lower still and pushed inside her moist, ready body. Her back arched as her muscles clenched around the digits. She felt like she was being tossed around in a storm of her own making, lightning and thunder crashing around her as she sought release from the pressure. She moaned again, his name falling from her lips as her fingers pressed deeper and she swirled her thumb over her clit.

"You're so close to coming, aren't you?"


"Do you want to come?"


"Not yet. The show isn't over. Let's give me a good show, I think I deserve it."

Raven withdrew her fingers from her body and slid them back over her clit. Her body trembled and sweat erupted over her skin as her muscles contracted and tightened. She didn't know how much longer she could last like this, every nerve felt over sensitized and heightened by her own ministrations. Colors danced behind her eyes as words and phrases tumbled from her lips, his name among the uttered sounds. Her body was going to shatter any moment.

"You can't hold on, can you?" He clicked his tongue. "That's okay, you've been such a good girl, Raven, I am going to let you come."


"Come hard."

Raven 's fingertips continued to pleasure herself for seconds more until the walls and ceiling seemed to crash in on her. She screamed loudly, her back arching off the bed as her body clenched and unclenched as heat raced through her at top speed. The small electrical shocks that raced across her skin sent her head buzzing, and she cried out again as a second orgasm quickly followed the first. She yelled out his name again and continued to milk the sensations from herself, gasping for breath. Her body floated for a moment, somewhere in a magical place she couldn't quite define, and then she fell back to earth.

Holy hell.

Sitting up, she offered a small, shy smile to the camera and reached over to turn it off. A minute passed as she stared at the screen, wondering if she should actually send it to him. It seemed like such a waste to throw it away, and the wine hadn't quite worn off yet either, so she could technically blame it on that… Raven swallowed her fear and built resolve into her action. A blush erupted over her cheeks as she finally hit the "send" button on her phone, only sending "Merry Christmas" with the attachment.

Placing the phone on silent, and next to her bed, she went and cleaned herself up and crawled under the covers. Her body felt deliciously satiated and she curled around Beast Boy's pillow, hearing Peg-Leg start to wander into her room. A few minutes passed and she drifted off to sleep, letting herself be lulled by the low purr of her cat.

When Raven woke up the next morning, she was greeted with eighteen text messages.

What is this… oh.



Jesus christ.

Did you just say my name? Hot.

Oh my God, Raven. I don't even know what to say.

You're lucky I'm not sharing a room with anyone.

It's been two hours now. I'm going to watch it again and masturbate… again.

Jesus. I can't sleep.

I just want to fuck you so bad now.

You're going to get payback for this.

This is not a merry christmas. You are a fucking tease.

It's barely midnight and I've already watched this sex times.

*Six. Freudian slip.

Fuck you. I haven't had wet dreams since I was 13.

Are you asleep? Because if you are, I hope you're dreaming about me.

And how hard I'm going to fuck you when I get home.

Payback is a bitch.

Raven smirked and put her phone away. Well, that had the desired effect. She pushed the covers off of her legs and moved out to the living room, determined to make non-burned breakfast for herself this morning. As she was pulling on her sweatpants, her phone vibrated again. Without really wondering who it was, she opened their text conversation with a smile.

Oh no.

He had sent a video attachment.

That's a thing. You're welcome…?